Hey guys! Here’s another update for Adamant Mine, personally one of my favorite NFT games as of the moment. Will explain later why. 


But for those that are new here and are unfamiliar with it. Adamant Mine  is a single-player arcade-style game in which players must hunt for Adamant! Each Adamant mined allows each player to EARN, DONATE, and BURN! 


Adamant Mine Logo


In this article, we’ll talk about some of the recent updates about the game including adjustments on the minimum to play, block reward, coin split per block, and changes that will happen with the NFT Marketplace release happening VERY soon. 


Just a quick summary for those that doesn’t know much about Adamant Mine.  

It’s a 2-D Mining game with block type graphics that has two game modes –  

normal mode with limited energy which is currently the PLAY TO EARN mode of the game and survival mode.  


Adamant Mine Normal Mode


Your goal here is to collect as many ADMC blocks as possible with a simple left, down, right movements.  


And each adamant mined is equivalent to a block reward divided into 3, a percentage is burned,  of course, you earn from it but also a percentage of it is sent to the charity wallet.


That’s why in Adamant mine you PLAY, EARN, DONATE and BURN. 


Adamant Mine Charity


Unique right?


For specifics about the gameplay, tokenomics, and the team behind it, you can just check out the previous Adamant Mine article I created here.  


Now let’s talk about the updates and why it is important to get started now before the NFT marketplace release. 




The first change that has happened on Adamant Mine since my last article in December is the increase in the Cost to play. or the minimum ADMC holdings to access the game. 




Before, you can already start just by having 10,000,000 ADMC but not it has doubled. 


You now need 20,000,000 ADMC to get started.  If we check its price now that’s equivalent to about $150. Still, low investment if we’re gonna compare with other play-to-earn games. 


Well, this change shouldn’t be a shock if you’ve been following the game closely  

because they have said it several times and I even mentioned it on my previous video when it was still at 10M that the minimum to play may go higher or lower. 



Actually before, they have said that the MAX minimum ever needed will be 30M ADMC holdings. 


But recently they have announced that the FINAL minimum will be 20 M ADMC.

Why? Will get back to that later 


Another update is a change on the block reward ( reward per Adamant Coin mined in the game ). It is now at 30,000 Adamant Coins, I know it’s quite low compared to before but the next adjustment is happening on Feb 15.  Let’s hope it goes higher. 


ADMC Reward Adjustment


But don’t fret because rewards will be increased proportionally – also with the increase of minimum cost to play.


And that’s the next change we’re here to talk about.  


Remember before, the distribution of rewards is :

  • 60% is burned 
  • 20% is earned 
  • and 20% donated 


Well now they have changed it so that you earn 40% – yep they doubled the earnings,  so now:

  • 40% is EARNED,
  • burning is now down to 40%  
  • and the percentage for donation remains at 20%.


So that evens out recent changes that have happened. 



If you’re curious about ROI if you’ll start now, let’s compute daily earnings with the new reward distribution: 


With having 100 energy on normal mode, depending on your luck and strategy you may get an average of 20 adamant per game then if you play twice a day since another 100 will replenish after 10 hrs.  


Let’s say you get 40 ADMC a day.  Now if we multiply that to the current block reward which is 30,000  – we get 1.2 Million per day of which you EARN 40% of it that’s 480,000 ADMC with the current ADMC price that’s around 4 dollars.


But note that the value of ADMC is low right now if you hold it and save it by the time you claim it may double or even triple on value depending on the market changes. 


Not bad for playing like 5 minutes per day right? 


So with 20,000,000 starting, you’ll ROI in just a little more than a month or less – if you start now that the ADMC is low and claim when ADMC flies to the moon.


And good thing is, you can open as many accounts as you like. 



NFT Marketplace 


Now back to the question – what’s with the minimum adjustment.  

Well as I’ve said, 20,000000 is the FINAL minimum, it will NO LONGER Change.  


Why? In preparation for the NFT Marketplace release. 


Because that will be the final price of Adamant Mine’s Cheapest NFT to access the game upon NFT Marketplace release. 


Adamant NFT


Once their NFT is released, everyone will be required to buy an NFT to play the game instead of tokens. 


So that’s why if you are interested in the game and haven’t joined yet, the time is now while tokens are what’s required to play.  


After the NFT marketplace release, you then have to buy an NFT to get started. And the cheapest Adamant Mine NFT is BETA SHIBA ( a regular Shiba) which will be priced at 20,000,000 ADMC at marketplace release with 8,000 initial supply. 


And that may go higher. So again, if you’re convinced about the project, get started now. 


Adamant Mine NFT



As I’ve said, I personally love Adamant Mine, and here’s why 


First, because it’s a very simple game that ANYONE can play. It’s a stress-free type of game and is not taxing.  Just takes like 5 minutes per day to play. 


Next, because of the transparency of the game. The game is designed to be secure: 

  • Locked Pancake Swap liquidity
  • Public Dev Wallets,
  • Game rewards lock and Audit that you can check on their website 
  • FULLY Public and KYC’d Team Members which are Filipinos by the way and are aiming to change how the world sees Filipino Developers by their accomplishments and having lasted 10 months by now and still going strong. 


Adamant Team


And of course, because of their mission to create a sustainable play-to-earn game that can give consistent revenue for its players while being able to help and participate in charity work in the long run. 


By the way, here’s proof that they have already donated with the charity wallet to the recent devastation in our region caused by Typhoon “Odette” 


So what more can I say, it’s worth definitely worth a try.

But of course, TAYOR and DYOR. 


Adamant Charity


It’s just the beginning of 2022 and there are a lot more exciting updates happening on Adamant Mine this year including first the NFT marketplace, scholarships – yes they said that’s gonna happen and more partnerships. 


And for those anticipating the app – well, on their AMA the CEO said they are first working on migrating from  Metamask Connect to logging in via email and password and then from there have an app but it is still in the works. 


Adamant Mine Review


What can you say about these updates? Is anyone playing Adamant Mine here or someone interested in joining? 


Share your thought in the comment section.


Thank you so much for reading our article.




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