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Would you believe me if I tell you that there’s an NFT Game where you not only PLAY to EARN, but you also play to donate to a charity? Yes, you heard me right!

The game we’ll feature in today’s video is the first ever platform that combined a play-to-earn game system with community-based charitable donations.

And that game is no other than ADAMANT Mine the official NFT game for Adamant Coin:


Adamant Mine Logo

Adamant Mine is a game that allows the players to EARN, DONATE, and BURN.

– Earn real Tokens by mining as many $ADMC blocks as possible and claiming them at any time.

– Donate $ADMC Tokens to the charity wallet.

– Drive up the value of those tokens by burning 5% of each transaction.


The game employs 2D pixelated/block type graphics.

The goal is to be able to mine as many $ADMC blocks as possible with simple left, down, right movements.

Once you go below the depth of a block, you’re unable to go up to a higher depth.

The game have two game modes, Normal mode and Survival Mode.

Adamant Mine Normal Mode

NORMAL MODE is the Main Play to Earn game mode.

Here, the players use up energy to mine a block.

Players will receive 10 energy per hour and one energy is used to mine one block.

Each player can have a maximum stored energy of 100.

There will be 4 types of blocks that can be mined:

1. Soil (empty) block – which gives no rewards – 76% spawn chance

2. $ADMC block – which employs the earn, donate, and burn – 2% spawn chance

. a. 60% tokens burned

. b. 20% tokens earned

. c. 20% tokens donated to the charity wallet

Which at the end of every quarter, all tax collected by the charity wallet will be donated to the community charity of choice, which the Adamant community voted for throughout the quarter.

Adamant Mine Charity

3. Diamond (energy) block – which gives 3 extra energy to the player – 7% spawn chance

4. Bomb block – which causes the player to die and lose 20 energy – 15% spawn chance

The contents of each block will be visible. Player rewards are endlessly accumulated and are claimable at any time.

The death of a player will cause the user to start from the top again with a new map but not loseany unclaimed $ADMC blocks mined, it will only cause the player to lose 20 Energy on Normal mod.

Now let’s talk about the Survival Mode.

Adamant Mine Survival Mode

In survival mode, players don’t use up energy. Upon starting the game, the players automatically drop down and the players can only move left or right. The player’s character will start to drop down faster and faster as the player reaches a lower depth.

In this game mode, there will be no diamond blocks as there is unlimited energy.

The goal of this mode is to mine as many adamant blocks as possible while trying their best to avoid the bombs as the game goes faster. Once a player hits a bomb, the game is over.

How to Get Started

Right now the game is at Beta Phase 1. And it is accessible through

To start you need to connect a Metamask or Trust Wallet. If you don’t have that yet, you may check out our Metamask Tutorial.

Your wallet must contain at least 1M $ADMC tokens to access the Beta.

Don’t worry that may sound like a lot but it’s only equivalent to 3 or 4 dollars =)

For more info, regarding buying ADMC tokens and it’s contract you may check out their website.

How to Buy ADMC

As I’ve said earlier, the game is still at Beta and it will have 3 phases.

Right now, Phase 1 enables players to play the game at its bare minimum functions including mining different kinds of blocks, accumulating rewards, and energy replenishment.

By the way, for those of you who’s holding ADAMANT Coins – did you know that staking is now possible? Yeap! You can now stake your ADMC through empire dex? Click this link for more information about that.

Staking ADMC

Moving on, second phase involves connecting smart contract #1 in order to enable the players to claim their unclaimed rewards.

This will be done through a game maintenance after the 1st phase is deemed successful/corrected by the game developers.

And the last phase is the addition of leaderboards, account levels and account types, in-game purchasing of extra energy, NFT integration, NFT Marketplace, and the smart contracts that control these functions.

Adamant Mine NFT

Is it worth it?

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward game that requires little investment and few minutes of your time per day while receiving rewards – then this game is definitely worth a try!

And what I love about it is their goal to create a sustainable play-to-earn game that can give consistent revenue for its players while being able to help and participate in charity work in the long run.

I think that ‘s what sets them apart from other play to earn games – it’s not just about profiting but being a part of a meaningful cause.

Now, if you’re worried about security, well here are five important security features in the Adamant smart contract:

  • Locked Pancake Swap Liquidity.
  • Fully Public and Doxxed Team member
  • Public Dev wallets
  • Game Rewards Lock
  • Audit

Adamant Audit

If you don’t believe me, then you could check it out for yourself by visiting their website at

And see how transparent they are about the game, the coin and how rug pull proof the entire project is.

Adamant Roadmap

Again, this NFT game is just getting started. There is still so much MORE  to look forward to for Adamant.

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