Ever thought of joining the army when you’re still a kid?

Ever thought of getting enlisted in the midst of war?

And maybe, just maybe, someday you get to be a general or a commander?

And be able to send off your own army of Tanks

Well then, you get to experience it now in this new blockchain game, Age of Tanks, -before it ever happens in real-life? Hopefully?


DefiNation brings us a new NFT game, called Age of Tanks.

DEFINATION is a GameFi-studio based in Singapore with a team who are passionate on providing the ultimate gaming experience while merging traditional gaming values with new and exciting possibilities available through decentralized blockchain technology. 

And Age of Tanks is their flagship project.

It’s a turn-based strategy game with an in-game auto-battle option.

They have been working really hard on it for many months and they are currently at the final stages of development!

Age of Tanks

Game Overview

Age of Tanks is similar to the famous Axie Infinity in many ways.

The game is played by assembling a team of tanks to fight in turn-based strategy battles.

And just like Axies, these NFT tanks will be built and minted, and should consist of many different unique parts.

Just as axies can either be of pure breed or a hybrid of many different types with many different parts and abilities, so can the tanks that you’d like to build.

All tank parts have their own strengths and weakness

And this system means they can make every battle a different experience.

The goal is to mix and assemble your tank parts and your custom teams in order to develop infinite strategic possibilities.

Lore, Plot & Game Setting

The game plot is set on Planet Earth Zero, in the year 23,100

It’s the same as our Earth, but in a time that’s been devastated by both natural and man made causes.

There is no longer an ozone layer that protects this Earth, and all of the destruction can be traced down to a single point in history where it all started to go down hill from there.

They call it, the 2nd Impact. This event also brought in Brodium -which is a precious new element that’s fused into the earth where people can scavenge as rare raw material for building supreme tanks.

Age of Tank Lore

Why only tanks? Well…

It’s post apocalyptic age where oceans are no more, so there’s no more ships and submarines.

It’s an age where the the skies are filled with turbulent winds and storms, that no helis or planes can ever fly thru anymore.

In order to survive, scavenging and building tanks is the lifestyle norm.

Thus -the Age of Tanks. 

Age of Tanks NFT Game Logo

So you can imagine, it’s like a world that’s all dried up. A world filled with sands and broken land structures with little to no more vegetation -with only a few other lifeforms other than humans, struggling to exist.

Such is the harsh life of the few people fighting each other for survival and supremacy.

I’ve gotta admit, it’s not a bad story to start with.

It’s a pretty neat and witty writing, don’t you agree?

How to Start Playing and Earning?

And now, you may ask… How do we start playing?

Good question! And Good news! The game is actually free-to-play friendly!

All players get to have a champion and a free basic tank so that we can start scavenging for Brodium.

It’s the life blood resource in-game that’s needed in order to build and upgrade your tanks.

For players who are willing to invest in the game: you can purchase a tank or a number of tanks, or maybe even the parts that you need in order to build your own tanks.

All of these tanks are NFTs, so they are all going to be tradable in the marketplace. -and so does the 4 types of parts that are needed to build them!

These would be the Engines, Hulls, Guns, and Hatches

-more about all of those later 

And what the devs are really proud about by implementing their game into the blockchain is that,

Players, US, get to have TURE OWNERSHIP of our TANKS -well this is the very essence of blockchain network, so I suppose that’s that!

How to Earn?

Gamers can choose to sell parts they have obtained or assemble 4 separate parts into a super tank for conquest and conquer.

There are different skills available for every part, with some having special bonus attributes that can be unleashed on the battlefield -or in the marketplace -if you think about it HAHA

Newly assembled Tanks will be minted to actual NFTs and can be traded in the NFT marketplace.


The game will have it’s own in-game Cryptocurrency token called AOT Tokens and this is also the currency that will be used for trading NFTs in the marketplace.

The network choice for this game, is the Binance Smart Chain Network.

Good news! It means playing this game will come with the benefit of knowing that gas fees will be fairly inexpensive.

I’m guessing a lot of us already has a good amoung of Binance Coins in our wallets, so that’s… also that!


Age of Tanks has a dynamic campaign progression and leveling system that rewards players as they progress through the game.

Players can keep earning more XP to increase their CHAMPION Level in advancing through the different stages of the campaign.

Here’s a detailed diagram explaining how it works:

Age of Tanks Gameplay

From here, we can see that each new player will enter the game with a CHAMPION and Basic Tank to start scavenging for Brodium thru Campaigns, Brodium Arena and PVP battles.

Once you have accumulated enough Brodium, you can use them to redeem and open mystery Warchests of different rarities

We have Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mystic

Each Warchest contains a random part. It can either be one of the Four Major Tank Parts: a Hatch, a Gun, a Hull or an Engine of random rarity

In a nutshell,

The Hatch part provides the tank with Critical Damage Rates

The Gun part determines the base attack of the tank

The Hull gives the Defensive armor stats and HP stats

And the Engine part, which is the most important of all, determines the Class of the Tank you’re gonna build with it. 

There are 3 classes of tanks in the gameL Speed Class, Damage Class, and Defense Class

I know we’re all gamers here, and these stats are pretty much self explanatory.

These four prats can be used to assemble a Tank, or can be collected in order to forge parts with even higher rarity.

This particular process in game is called Forging. And yes, you can choose to play to keep collecting the parts that you need until you get enough to forge the rarest of parts for building the rarest of NFT Tanks!

Aside from forging, building a tank with these parts is the most common thing a player can think of doing

But do take note: When these parts are used to build a tank, these parts are going to be burned and the tank you just built with them is minted as a new NFT.

Both Forging and Building consumes a certain amount of AOT Tokens as well -so keep that in mind.

You can then trade these NFTs in the marketplace or use them as tanks of your own that you can battle out in both PvE and PvP. 

There are currently 3 types of PvP game modes in the game:

We got the 1v1 Bordium Arena where players can battle it out with their basic tanks and NFT tanks for Bordium rewards.

We got the 1v1 AOT Arena where only NFT tanks are allowed to participate. Makes great sense, since the rewards here are crypto tokens after all.

And lastly, we got the  7 vs 7 AOT Arena

Here, players can send 1 up to 6 of their own tanks to randomly matchmake and form a team with other tank owners.

There’s even a lot more into the gameplay than what we have just discussed.

And, If you want to know more about what DefiNation is currently developing further down the line, you can check out their whitepaper for yourself.

Soon to be implemented, things like the Turn-based card battle system, different abilities, The Champion System, NFT Marketplace, BROBOTS Companion System, Iron Forge, Brodium Mine, AOT Refinery, and the pretty cool Buddy System and ability to from Guilds with your friends.

Many of these updates are going live in Quarter 2 of 2022.

Current Status, Further Development, Roadmap

These are the current Development Progress of the game, and soon, these Updates are going live:

Based on their Roadmap, we can see that all game functions are currently already fully functional

They are still in the Midst of further optimizing graphics and improve skills effect

The Private whitelisting for token sale is still ongoing

Their game’s Launchpad is still to be announced soon

Public Token Sales are scheduled before mid November -which is coming soon

And along with that, NFT Sales (for Tanks and Lands) will happen right after the Public Token Sales.


If you are actually interested in trying out the game itself -just to get to see how the game feels like

there is actually an alpha version that just came out!

The Age of Tanks Alpha Demo is already playable at: game.ageoftanks.io

Some of the tanks here are actually going to be the actual tanks we can use when the game goes live soon.

Just take note, that all the stats and gameplay elements in this demo are still subject to change.

And this very demo itself is being edited and updated live everyday in these aspects:

…just so you know, it can possibly be glitchy during your tests.

And that’s all we have for today’s blog!

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