A new play-to-earn game powered by the Binance Smart Chain  is launching very soon.  

And what sets this apart  from many up and rising play to earn games  is that it’s the first ancient martial arts game on the blockchain platform. 

Are you ready to meet one of the hottest Metaverse NFT Games in 2022? Then let’s go play and discover the enigmatic Ancient Kingdom. 


Ancient Kingdom is an NFT Metaverse where you can play with your own warrior and one-of-a-kind digital items (NFTs) within their respective ecosystems. 

They chose the Three Kingdoms with the battle of the Zhongshan tribe and the half-beast as the game concept. 

Ancient Kingdom is a unique blend of battle royale,  survival RPG, and turn-based strategy game in which you play as one of the myth warriors and compete to become the hero who will save the ancient kingdom only through the glory of combats. 

The game’s storyline is described in detail on their whitepaper.  

Ancient Kingdom


There are 2 versions of the game. 

In the first version, there will be three different maps for players:   

World Map 

This one is for all participants. There’s a low drop rate of rare and precious NTF items here. To collect items,  join the world map, and destroy monsters, mini-bosses, and bosses.  

Here, A “Game card” has a very low chance of being dropped. 

Game cards can be exchanged for Gold to continue leveling up your character, or they can be sold on the market to earn DOM tokens.  

Army of Chaos Apeiron

NFT Map 

 The drop rate of rare items and NFTs on this individual map will be higher than on the world map.   

Players will use Dom tokens to purchase NFT Characters from the Marketplace and then enter a dedicated map for the individual map.    

VIP Map: 

In comparison to the other two maps,  the VIP map has the highest drop rate of rare items.  The higher the VIP level, the higher the profit.  There are a total of 12 VIP levels.  

When players reach the VIP Level,  they will be given a rare NFT weapon that they can use to train, level up, and fight monsters to earn money. 

IN VIP Maps, players will have a better time finding rare NFT weapons,  luxury chests, and stronger weapons.   

SpiritCore NFT A

In Version 1, players will have to use DOM tokens to enter the Ancient Kingdom.   

In the next update, they’ll upgrade new modes like Siege wars, world bosses, guild fights, and more Boss NFT reward updates and Battle PK Mode   

Characters in the game are divided into 3 occupations  – Warrior, Mage, or Taoist each with 7 skills 

And there are also different levels of equipment that characters can wear when they reach a certain level to help players spawn monsters and PK more efficiently.  

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

Every Ancient Kingdom item is an NFT recorded on the blockchain.  NFTs can be purchased within the game using GOLD or on secondary marketplaces using other supported currencies.   

At the moment, only the APK test version is finished and launched.  But the official game will be coming this April. 

If you want to try out the testnet version, you may access it through their official website acdom.io 

chinese ancient kingdom nft game


There are 3 types of tokens in the Ancient Kingdom.   

The first is the DOM Token which is the governance token of the game under the Binance Smart Chain.  It has a total supply of 2 billion. 

Dom tokens will be used for staking, farming, paying fees, swapping to GOLD, buying items and lands, payment unit on the marketplace, and will be the rewards in their events.  

DOM Token GOLD Token

This token is already listed on the exchanges.   

GOLD will serve as the in-game currency within the Ancient Kingdom.  It will be used to facilitate in-game purchases and upgrades.  GOLD can only be earned through in-game activity or sales by other players. 

And the KING token stands out as a reward currency when fighting bosses. This can be directly exchanged for the governing DOM token.   

More information about their tokenomics can be found on their website. 

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics


The leading core team of the Ancient kingdom is in Vietnam. They are a group of experienced professionals in their own respective fields. 

And although they are only represented by drawings on the website, we can see some of their faces on the AMA Livestream on their official youtube channel. 

The project is Backed and Partnered with DaoMaker, Infinity pad, EnjinStarter, MEXC global, Magnus Capital, and many more.

Ancient Kingdom NFT

The development of the game started Quarter 4 last year and yet since then, they have already accomplished a lot for the game, including the test net version that’s already available now.   

The English game version has already been completed week 4 of February and this month of March they hosted a mystery box sale. 

April 1 will be the official game launch. 

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap

INO Event (Mystery Box) 

As I mentioned earlier, apart from heroes, equipment plays a significant role in enhancing the overall strength of a squad’s combat capabilities.  

With simple improvements, the equipment can assist you in increasing your strength when you don’t have a lot of resources.   

And this month you have a chance to win an NFT Equipment by participating in the INO Event’s Mystery Box. 

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box Sale

There are 3 mystery boxes available:   

Standard –  priced at 64 USDT  where you could have a 65% chance to own NFT items worth 200$, 20% rate to win up to $40,  10% Chance to win NFT items worth $600 and 4% rate to win NFTs worth $1,600 

Medium Mystery Box is priced at 224 USDT. Same lucky rate percentages but more expensive NFT items  

And of course, you have the chance to get much more rare and pricier items with the Exclusive Box priced at 384 USDT.  

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box

If you want to know more about it and is interested in purchasing these NFT boxes, visit marketplace.acdom.io 

But as we always say,  trade at your own risk and invest ONLY  what you can afford to lose. 

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