Are you a big anime fan? And do you love play-2-earn games just like us? Then our blockchain game for today might just pique your curiosity.  

Imagine your favorite Shonen that you grew up with. And imagine Kame Hame Ha. Then add in some Beat ’em Up with MMORPG elements. 

 If you’ve just done that, then this game is probably close to what you’re picturing. So now, let’s talk about Animverse.


Game Overview 

Animverse is a new Free-to-Play NFT Game that revolves around the idea of Create-to-Earn, NFT Skins and Special Items, and Boxes. 

The devs tells us that their game is a new style of MMORPG, although upon playing, you will immediately feel like you’re playing a classic Beat ’em Up genre. 

The game will consist of different game modes such as Story, World Boss, Metawar, and Dungeons for PvE.  And for PvP we’ll have Arena, Tournaments, World Boss again, and the Guild System. 

Ancient Kingdom

There will also be some minigames, DAO Voting, and their own style of Create-to-Earn. (Frist time I heard about that!) 

And if you just take a look at the characters here you can definitely tell that they really are inspired by famous anime shows.  And more particularly Dragon Ball Z. I can see some resemblance from Naruto and One Piece, but I don’t know with you. 


Army of Chaos Apeiron

How to Earn with Animverse NFTs 

Understanding how to earn with Animverse NFTs is kinda simple and straightforward. Every main character has 5 NFT equipments. And these can be any of these items like these ones. 

 Each of these NFT Items can have a rarity of 1 up to 5 stars. And each NFT item has a special skill randomized from layer 1 to layer 5. 

Whenever players gain more NFTs, they have the choice to “re-invest” them, instead of simply taking profit. And it can be done with the system called “Evolve.” Players will have the chance to get even better and more valuable NFTs in the process. 

Staking tokens is also going to be a thing for Animverse as part of the Guild Rewards. This has more than 100 planets and each Guild member can randomly farm and get special NFT Items and Skills for other game activities. 

SpiritCore NFT A

Play-2-Earn is doable in all these game modes and leaderboards:

  • Game Guild and Planet War
  • Story Mode
  • Dungeons
  • Missions
  • Achievements
  • World Boss
  • Arena
  • Tournament
  • Metawar
Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

The cryptocurrency that will be used within the economy of Animverse is tickered as $ANM. Let’s just call it Anim Tokens for short. 

$ANM Token is the currency that is used for purchasing Boxes, Evolving NFT Items, and for Auctions. 

All $ANM Tokens that are going to be spent are burned -meaning it can help with balancing a healthy game economy. 

 So in summary, here’s a diagram that explains the whole Tokenomics of the game. 

chinese ancient kingdom nft game

As you can see here, investors of NFTs and $ANM Tokens initially fund the game with the Animverse’s system of Create-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn.  

Everything about trading happens in the marketplace, and all players will have opportunities to earn $ANM Tokens by farming. Even for free-to-play gamers! 

Players can spend $ANM Tokens however they like, if they don’t want to take profit from it. It can be used to purchase Boxes or upgrade NFTs, and then it all comes back into circulation within Animverse. 

DOM Token GOLD Token

Development Team & Roadmap  

Here’s the Development Team of Animverse from Vietnam.  

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics

So what do you think about Animverse? Are you planning on investing on a game like this? 

I just want to be honest and simply ask you guys, have you already forgotten about what happened to Drakeball? 
All I can say is, if other developers create a new game with assets that resemble too much the Intellectual Properties of other production companies, especially the big companies, then there’s always a risk of it getting sued for copyright.  

And it can lead to loss of investment. But of course, your investments are always your decision. So, do you still think that the fun you’ll have is worth the risk?  

Tell us in the comments below.