Have you played Populous? or Black and White before?  Are you familiar with god games? 

Well, the play-to-earn game we’ll be discussing today is of that same genre. 

The world’s first Goodgame with NFTs is coming this 2022 and it’s called Apeiron. 

 Good news is – it’s FREE TO PLAY! 


To better understand Apeiron,  first, let’s talk about what a god game is. 

A god game is an artificial life game that casts the player in the position of controlling the game on a large scale,  as an entity with divine and supernatural powers and places them in charge of a game setting containing autonomous characters to guard and influence.

Army of Chaos Apeiron

Inspired by classic games such as Populous, Black and White, and Spore.

In Apeiron – the player becomes a Godling in a mystical and variegated universe.  It’s a game that lets you play god! 

– wield the power of creation and destruction in the palm of your hands 

-shape your own planet and guide  the rise and fall of civilizations 

– weave the fabric of spacetime and bear witness to entire life cycles of the stars 

Army of Chaos Apeiron


Apeiron’s gameplay is built upon three pillars:  

– god-game simulation,  

– action roleplaying game,  

– and NFT Ownership. 

Here in the game, players are called godlings.  

When you create an account in Apeiron, you will manifest your godly self in the form of a spiritcore!  Just like this here: 

SpiritCore NFT A

To manifest your godly existence and project your power in Apeiron’s Godiverse,  you will need your very own Planet NFT to begin to play – at least one to get started. 

Players who want to try the game first  can subscribe in order to get a FREE TO PLAY “Seed Planet.” But also, planets can be purchased from the marketplace. 

Every Planet NFT, actually functions like a unique giant puzzle.  

By utilizing and combining the 4 elements:  Earth, Fire, Wind and Water ,players can shape and change the environments to help grow the settlements and the planet itself! 

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

Each planet comes with its own Doods –  cute and chubby little guys who get themselves into trouble more often than not.  

As a Wandering God,  it’s your divine duty to help the Doods build their society.  

-You will be using water miracles to cast Rain to grow trees and fruits.  This will provide wood and food for the settlements to grow 

-You can use Fire to destroy things or to throw fireballs at doods to keep them in line.

-You can use Air to cast gusts of mini-tornadoes to blow things around and change landscapes.

-And lastly, you can use Earth to compress matter, to create rocks, sand, and lava! 

By using the 4 elements in tandem,  players will be able to answer the prayers of their Doods.  

Apeiron Doods

Actions in Apeiron can affect a player’s good or evil alignment,  affecting the player’s planet and avatar appearance and skills,  along with the attitude and behavior of Doods towards you. 

Once a player has garnered enough Dood followers,  they can upgrade their Planets and summon their planetary avatar,  where the game opens up its roleplaying action-adventure experience.  

Apeiron Good Gameplay

The Avatar is the battle part of Apeiron ⚔ 

You will be controlling your Avatar in battle,  and you will be followed by 4 heroic Apostle Doods  (NFTs themselves).

The Apeiron Battle system is a merge of action, real-time strategy, and card-based battle!

You can imagine it as a cross between clash royale, battleheart and dynasty warriors! 

Apeiron Battle

In order to promote perpetual play,  players can actually trigger Raptures or Armageddons to RESET player progress! 

By resetting and sacrificing your progress,  you will earn Apierons Play 2 Earn tokens and level up your Spiritcore!  

By increasing your power with each cycle,  you will be able to venture deeper into endless dungeons,  higher in the arena ranks and further develop your planets! 

During a reset,  you will be given the opportunity to convert some amount of your game objects into NFTs.  

However, you will need to spend tokens to do so. But of course, it can also be sold in the marketplace as well! 

Apeiron Battle

Players will start the game with one Planet, but having more means, you’ll be able to perform a  Celestial Conjunction –creating unique Planet NFTs or in other words BREEDING 

Just like a pet in Axie Infinity or in Chumbi Valley, planets here in Apeiron have a unique set of traits, randomly generated in the beginning and inherited and mixed in the later generations. 

Planet NFT Apeiron


First, there’s the Galactic Arena or the Pvp Tournaments – the typical ladders the players will compete in to earn Governance Tokens.  

Then, the procedurally generated dungeons,  spread across different areas of the godiverse that feature PURE PVE content so players will be trying to fight their way through to recruit the most powerful Apostle Doods!  

Farming, combining and minting them into Relic NFTs of course.


Now, all the dungeons and gameplay of Apeiron takes place in Godiverse,  a living sprawling game map that is actually.. a living Universe!

Its made up of multiple galaxies, and the largest galaxies are actually all centered around different creation myths from various cultures in our world. 

Players must overcome Corrupted Old Gods,  Boods (Tainted Doods), and Chaos Avatars to seize the final victory in the ultimate struggle between Cosmos and Chaos! 



There will be three main kinds of NFTs in Apeiron:  

Planets, Stars, and Relics. 

These NFTs are unique, non-fungible ERC 721 Tokens that can be bought and sold.  They can be transferred to the sidechain in later phases. 

Planets,  as I’ve discussed earlier are where the main gameplay loop happens and are necessary to play Apeiron. 

Stars, are similar to the “Lands” in other NFT Games.  Ownership of a Star provides passive bonuses to all Planets orbiting it. Like Planets, Stars are NFTs that may be bought and exchanged.    

Stars will also have their own passive traits  which will provide either cosmetic or gameplay bonuses. 

Star NFTs (Land)

Relics: Throughout a player’s Planetary cycle they will come across various items and objects that can be forged into Relics.  

Relics may be Apostles, Equipment, Skill Cards, Cosmetics, and even rare Planetary Wonders that might otherwise be lost during reset.  

These Relics may be installed into a Planet’s Relic Slot and activated in the next Planetary cycle. 

Relics are unique NFT of NFTs that can be openly traded with others. 

Relic Apeiron


Apeiron has a TRI-TOKEN System.  And users, will have numerous ways to earn tokens to enhance their gameplay.  

– Apeiros or APRS serves as Apeiron’s governance tokens,  it’s like AXS to Axie Infinity. It has a limited supply of 1 billion. They can be acquired mainly from the exchanges or in the arenas as rewards in the higher tiers. 

In game, Apeiros must be used in Celestial Conjunctions or to forge Avatar equipment and skill cards, Apostles and Environment Objects into Relics.

Apeiron Tokens

– ANIMA is the play 2 earn currency, like axie’s SLP. It is unlimited  and minted by players themselves,  and created mainly by players “resetting”  and sacrificing their progress.(much like tap tap games if you have played any.)  

They will be used mainly for Chrono merging and Celestial Conjunction,  – that’s planet aging and planet breeding.  

ANIMA token

– Ringularity or RNGU functions like a premium team 2 earn token,  it is also unlimited and minted by player actions. 

The things you can purchase with RNGU in the marketplace  are unique, limited, and powerful. 

All Tokens shall be tradeable in various CEX and DEX,  they can also be staked via unique yield farming mechanisms offered in their Marketplace.   

For more details about their tokenomics – token issuance, vesting period, and more,  you may check their website linked in the description below. 

RNGU Token


Apeiron’s production actually began 6 years ago.  It was originally intended to be a mobile game. But the size and scope of Apeiron are just too large and the free-to-play model doesn’t fit very well. That’s why when the token-driven model was introduced by Axie Infinity they decided to remodel it for the blockchain last year.  

Phase 2 is the Quarter 1 of this year 2022. Here’s the detailed look for the roadmap this year 

RNGU Token

February- Community boost campaign,  social media events and competitions, NFT and Crypto giveaways 

March- Planet Presale and  Game Alpha  

April- Marketplace + APRS Token Generation Event 

May- Staking + Celestial Conjunction (Planet Breeding) 

June- Star Presale (Land) 

July- Spirit Core Presale + Closed Beta (Tester Whitelisting) 

Aug- Prelaunch Event Gauntlet  

And this is all leading up to their full game launch in October 2022! 

But of course, more improvements with Phase 6-8 to come on 2023. 


On Apeiron’s whitepaper, we’ll see Aither Entertainment –  a digital entertainment platform focusing on mobile games development and IP licensing. 

Founded in Hong Kong in 2016,  the company pools together global talents to grow fledgling brands into unique international IP franchises. 

Their most famous IP is Acid Rain World,  which includes toys, an online novel, and mobile game. 


Aither Entertainment

Then on their Website, we’ll see Foonie Magus – a team of veteran developers brought together by passion, enthusiasm, and experience to take on the ultimate Blockchain Game. 

They are the ones responsible for this epic game coming.  

And although it’s only drawings we see on Apeiron’s website –  more information about the team,  their company and their linked accounts can be searched online. 

Foonie Magus


Their 34 pages whitepaper shows how carefully they thought out of all the details of the game – the godiverse, game features, game economy, and more. 

Not to mention the great stories behind it and the appealing artwork.   

And with the game’s launch happening in October,  we can see that the team is not trying to rush the game out because of their desire to develop a truly epic game that real gamers would appreciate.  

Foonie Magus

They said they want to do it properly for the Web3 community  and proper for the gaming industry 

They want to show that Blockchain is more than hype and quick money. It is the best grounds on which great games should be built!   

And we definitely agree!  So I’d say Apeiron is a project worth following.  After all, it’s FREE to Play and Play to Earn. 

 Do you agree with me? What are your thoughts about Apeiron? Let us know in the comments below.   

Foonie Magus

Apeiron has actually been running 12 weekly airdrops from Jan to Mar  – The 12 Origin Apostle NFTs.  

These Apostles are playable Dood heroes that you can bring along to combat when the game launches.   

They are unique,  and will give you a great headstart towards your ascension to blockchain godhood! 

To join the giveaway, click this link and join their social media quests. 

And don’t forget to share it with your friends too.    

Make sure to join their community for updates about Apeiron, weekly announcements and giveaways.