We’ve got a new Sci-Fi action strategy game that’s going to invade us in the blockchain space.  

Imagine Clash of Clans and the classic that everybody loves: Red Alert 2 but more Sci-Fi. And most especially, Play 2 Earn with NFTs! 
Not many Play2Earn Games have NFTs that are integrated into many ways in many things in their gameplay. 

And trust me when I say that this is one of those games that have many exciting NFTs you can use or trade in the market for potential earnings. 

It’s gonna take a while to cover all these things so you’d better buckle up your seatbelts and join me in my awesome Millenial Falcon. 

We’re in for a wild ride! HAHA! Introducing, Ark Rivals. 



Game Overview 

Ark Rivals is a Sci-Fi Action Strategy Game that’s entirely based on User-Generated Content or UCG. 

What does that mean? It means that most things, if not everything, that is in the game, all depend on what the player-base is going to do. 

Gaming systems like this keep the game feel more decentralized. Rather than a game that feels like everything is under control by a developer god. 

Ark Rivals is a Play-2-Earn Game that involves both crypto, and NFTs. And even more NFTs on top of more NFTs. Sounds like a lot of NFTs? That’s because it is!

Ark Riva NFT

We already know that there are a lot of different sorts of units and buildings and recruits that are involved in war games and strategy games that are under your command.  

Starting off with Ark. The concept is similar to Clash of Clans’ Town Hall.  

The goal of every defense is to protect and keep your Ark alive. Which is why the game is called Ark Rivals. Ohhh, get it now, right? 

ARK- BASE Ark Rival

You build your own base and set up defenses, with structures such as Gold Mine, Hyper Fuel Pump, Turrets, Cannons, Shield Generators, Mines, and strategic placement of walls. 

And when you attack, you strategize and utilize your NFTs.

So it’s just natural to expect plenty of content, but it’s a real huge plus to know that many of these are going to be NFTs. Now let’s take a look at each of them:  

 We have ships, commanders, Arkadium -which are like rune stones, faction lands, and miners! 

 The only difference with the miners is that… instead of war miners and Chrono miners mining ore, we mine real crypto money in the form of $ARKN Tokens. 

SpiritCore NFT A

Ark Rival NFTs

NFTs: Ships 

So now let’s start off with the spaceships of Ark Rivals. 
Each NFT ship is built differently. They have different rarities, different stats, and different sets of 5 unique skills that you can utilize during combat. 
Currently, we have 2 rarities for these ships: Legendary 4 stars & Arcana 5 stars. 

We have the Wyvern, Nighthawk, Aurora, Devastator, Argonaut, Drake, Octopus, & Leviathan. 

Ark Rival Ship

NFTs: Commanders 

Next are the commanders. They are like our very own war heroes that pilot the ships and could really dictate the wins in battles. 

Ships are important, yes, but more so are the pilots that operate them. The commanders are meant to pilot the ship properly to avoid getting damaged as much as possible. 

And of course, each commander has their own unique skills as well. These NFTs can either be Legendary 4 star, or Arcana 5 star as well. 

We have commanders like Hel, Garon, Tosh, Frederick, Kartas, Layla, Valkyrie, and Salda. 

Commander Ark Rival

NFTs: Arkadiums 

Then we have the Arkadiums -which are basically Ark Rivals’ version of NFT runestones. 

These are magical galactic stones which helps improve the power of your NFT commanders by triggering bonus buffs. 

Arkadium Ark Rival

NFTs: Faction Land 

Now, what are action strategy games without lands to build your bases right?

And what are wars without sides and factions going against each other? 
So I guess it makes perfect sense to actually have NFT plot lands here, too. Ark Rivals offers Faction Lands for players and investors. And these NFT plot lands have quite a number of uses. 

All factions have limited lands. And there will regularly be Official Faction Wars in Ark Rivals. 

gameplay_building ark rival

Only the holders of NFT Faction Lands can participate in the wars though.  

Each land location will have different bonus buffs either for the attack, defense, energy, or other things. There will be multiple Factions that will wage war with each other. But since there are limited lands available, not all players can join the war. This is why it’s a real first come first serve system. Once again, the early bird will get the worm.   

But here’s some good news. After every Faction War, the winning faction receives additional number of lands. 

And more players without a faction and a land will have another opportunity to get theirs and join that winning faction. So you can imagine that the faction that wins most wars will be the biggest and strongest factions in time. 

gameplay_buildin ark rival

NFTs: ARKN Miner 

Now this NFT is a special one. Quite similar to the idea of both mining and staking actually. 

The ARKN Miner is an NFT that allows the holders to mine $ARKN Tokens. 

When the open beta version comes out, players can start earning already with these NFT buildings. So they deserve some more explaining to do, now let’s talk a little more about them. 

Arkana Miner

Ways to Earn 

There are 3 main ways to earn in Ark Rivals. First is by mining tokens and farming in-game NFT items by playing and selling items. 

In the Open Beta Version, you can already use your ARKN Miner and put it in your base to start mining $ARKN Tokens. Just take note, that even if you have multiple NFT Miners, you can only put one in your base at a time. 

ARKN Miner NFTs have 5 levels of rarity: Rare 1 star, Elite 2 stars, Epic 3 stars, Legendary 4 stars, & Immortal 5 stars. 


A 1-star ARKN Miners can mine 1 ARKN a day. A 2 star can mine 2 ARKN a day. 3 star 7, 4 stars 20 plenty, and 5 stars… an astounding 100 ARKN Tokens per day.  

Miners have 4 different stats: Level, HP, Capacity or Storage, and Production Rate which I have just previously said.  

It’s very important to know, that this building can be destroyed when your base gets attacked, so be reminded that you should really check your base from time to time and make sure to repair your miner -coz it’s not going to mine $ARKN Tokens if it’s destroyed. 

The normal way to get one is you need to purchase an NFT Box using $ARKN Tokens, and open the box that you get. 

You can either get a Rare Box, Elite Box, Epic Box, or Legendary Box. Depending on your luck of course. 


Opening a Rare box can give you a 1 star or 2-star miner, Elite can give you a 1 to 3-star miner, Epic 2 to 5, and Legendary a 3 to 5 star Miner. 

But, here’s something special, in the Beta Version, each account will be gifted with 2 boxes to open and get NFT Miners for the Testnet Version.  

You can now pre-register for the Open Beta on March 16. Link in the description below.  

The second main way to earn is by simply holding $ARKN Tokens for passive income.

The 3rd main way is by winning huge rewards in Faction Wars. This does require you to first become a Faction Landowner though. 

Star NFTs (Land)

Governance Token 

The $ARKN Tokens is the very lifeblood of Ark Rivals. It’s the main and most important resource that’s used in almost everything. May it be for making repairs, building, improvements, and leveling up your stuff. 

It’s also the very Governance Token and the very cryptocurrency that we earn when playing. It’s a BEP-20 Token in the Binance Smart Chain Network.

 Ark Rivals uses the decentralized interoperable blockchain infrastructure of KardiaChain -which is the first of its kind. 

So they kinda belong together with Thetan Arena and My Defi Pets in regards to KardiaChain. You can learn more about their tokenomics in their whitepaper. 

Relic Apeiron

Development Team and Roadmap 

Here’s a little look at the Development Team from Vietnam.

And here are their partners.  

Based on their Roadmap, we’re still very early on, but we can expect the Beta Version to come out anytime in the first quarter of 2022.  Along with the farm and the ranking system. 

For Quarter 2 we’ll be having the official release on both iOS and Android. 

Roadmap Ark Rival

Along with the features of the Faction War, the Launching of Land NFTs which is of course tied to the Faction War, plus Factions Booster System, and the NFT Ships.  

So these will be the first NFTs we can utilize early on in the near future. And there’s a lot more we can expect soon. 

You can check their website and blog posts for announcements and upcoming events. Their devs are quite active in their promotions and publicity.  

It won’t hurt to check it out coz they keep giving decent rewards on their events. 

ANIMA token


And that’s it for this video. So what do you think about Ark Rivals? Do you believe that it can potentially be huge like Clash of Clans back in the year 2012? 

Tell us in the comments below.  

Ark Rivals Links:

Website: https://arkrivals.com/ 

Official Telegram Chat: https://t.me/ArkRivals_Official 

News channel: https://t.me/Arkrivals_News 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ark_Rivals 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/topebox.arkr… 

Discord: https://discord.gg/C9ZzxZMdeF

Blogs (Medium): https://medium.com/@Ark_Rivals 

Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.arkrivals.com/Intr… 

Pre-register for the Open Beta on March 16: https://bit.ly/3vvaVIp


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