In our last article about Ark Rivals, we talked a lot about the gameplay, their play-2-earn system, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, the Characters, the Battleships, and many more things.  

And we’ve seen just how similar it is to the famous Clash of Clans, and somehow kinda resembles my childhood favorite Red Alert 2.  

This time, we’re gonna put everything to the test and try to actually play the game and see if it’s actually fun. But more importantly, we’re gonna see exactly how play-2-earn works and just how efficient it is right here in Ark Rivals. 

ARK- BASE Ark Rival

Open Beta Installation for Registered Testers

So first of all, those who have pre-registered their e-mail for the Open Beta will have received an email from Ark Rivals, sending them download links to the Testnet version of the game. 

And it’s the very version of the game that I got and will be showing you guys today. But first, I’ll show you how to buy an NFT Box so I can get my hands on an Arkana Miner.  

I’ve also provided the steps in the description below.  

Step 1, download the game.  
Step 2 is to add Kardiachain Testnet into your Metamask wallet. 

Step 3, get yourself some free KAI from faucet. This is important for the gas fees.  

Step 4, register and connect your wallet on  

Step 5, by now you should link your Mobile account to your PC account in the browser -the email you used to pre-register should be the same e-mail.  

Step 6, put your email, send the code, copy the code from your inbox, and login.  

And then you should see your ID, Wallet Address, and e-mail all connected! And your resources in-game will be reflected right here as well. 

Ark Riva NFT

About the earning potential, as of now, the Open Beta is more focused on ARKN Miners. The idea is very simple. It’s basically staking NFTs for crypto profits.  

We invest by buying ARKN Tokens to purchase Boxes that contain ARKN Miners -and we plant and activate those miners for them to mine ARKN Tokens. 

I’ve gotten the Epic one which gives .63 $ARKN Tokens an hour or 15.12 tokens a day. But always take into account that you will get attacked at some point and mining will cease if the miner gets destroyed.  

And there’s always a 20% Charging Fee for every withdrawal, so taking all those things into account… It’s safe and realistic to assume that my Epic 3-star ARKN Miner can give me 7 $ARKN every day.  

That means it would take me around 114 days to get back the 800 $ARKN Tokens I invested in buying the NFT Box. And then after the 114th-day mark, I’ll only be counting profits. 

ARK- BASE Ark Rival

My other legendary 4-star ARKN miner can produce 1.25… and doing the same math, it can realistically yield me about 20 $ARKN Tokens per day. ROI is faster there coz I also got it from a box of the same rarity.  

And for those who have 5-star ARKN Miners, they can yield 100 Tokens a day. 1-star can get 1 token, and 2-star can get 2 tokens per day -as I’ve already explained in my first video.  

And here’s a little secret, if you’re able to upgrade your Ark to level 4, then you can actually even have 2 ARKN Miners mining at once. 

SpiritCore NFT A


There are a lot of events that are being hosted by Ark Rivals and you should really join their Telegram so you can always be updated. They are very generous with the rewards, too! 

Just last March 16 they had Bug Bounty, Top Leaderboard, and Top Highlights. 

And it’s updated for April 7 as well! This is the latest one so make sure not to miss it! 

Gameplay Tutorial Walkthrough 

 So right now we’ve finished the tutorial and we’ve already gotten an Epic ARKN Miner in our Inventory. But before we can use it, we need to keep playing and upgrade the ARK first. 

Watch our video for the complete Play through of the Ark Rivals.


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