Today, we’re excited to share with you a partnership with Spain’s largest crypto company Bit2mewith partners & investors from Coinbase, Mastercard, Amazon, and Binance to name a few.

The good news, is they are now hosting an airdrop to celebrate its partnership with Polygon.  

Yeap! Few more days left to participate in the Great B2M Airdrop where approximately 400,000$ worth of Bit2Me Tokens will be airdropped. 



Bit2Me focuses on encouraging cryptocurrency adoption around the world and, in doing so, enables users to easily save, send and receive value. 

Founded in 2014, Bit2Me specializes in providing services related to Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets. Its founders have extensive experience in the sector as technical and commercial founders of their own startups, and in 2014 they both decided to build a joint project with a shared vision of a space for a more transparent and open financial system. 

Since then, Bit2Me has become the leading platform in Spain for the purchase/sale of crypto-assets and it is number 1 in the segment, in one of the fastest-growing sectors, with 1,200% annual growth. 

With over 450K verified active users, 3M alumni and an average daily volume of $50M on the exchange — Bit2Me has enabled  millions of people to Discover, Access, and Operate with cryptocurrency in their day to day lives through the product suite’s 20+ products and services. 

The company offers a simple, fast, reliable, and secure app and wallet for managing digital assets. 

Bit2Me Token 

Just last year, Bit2Me launched their own token and has achieved the largest ICO in the history of Spain, a major milestone in the Spanish, Hispanic, and European Crypto Ecosystem.  

Being the native token of the Bit2Me platform, Bit2Me Token (B2M) is designed to give you access to new features, rewards, governance and a powerful set of solutions that you can find in their Bit2Me Suite. 

The main objective of its creation is to promote a series of unique benefits to the users of this trading platform. These benefits include the construction of staking tools, cryptographic loans and rewards for the use of the different services found in the Bit2Me Suite. 

Bit2Me Academy

Token holders also have access to content in the Bit2Me Academy (the largest academy on blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Spanish) and receive advantages in terms of access to services in Bit2Me. 

B2M Tokens can be bought on Bit2Me, BITTREX, Uniswap, MEXC, Pancake Swap and Quick Swap.

For more details about their token, how to buy it,  it’s uses and more, you may visit their official website here.

Bit2Me Academy

Partners and Backers 


Bit2me is backed by Asian crypto giants such as Huobi Ventures, ICON Foundation, TKX Capital, and Valhalla Capital and has partnerships with Asian Crypto funds such as DFG.  

In addition, Bit2Me is also backed by founders, executives and former executives from these reputable companies and has several partners from top industry players such as GSR, NEXO, Fireblocks, Mastercard and many more. 

B2M Partners

The Great B2M Airdrop 

As part of Bit2Me’s global expansion campaign and in collaboration with CoinMarketCap, Bit2Me is celebrating its new Launchpad and Polygon (Matic) partnership with an 8,000,000 B2M Airdrop. 

It has actually started last February 10 and will end this March 2. And the prizes are divided into categories. 

Let’s start with the bronze where there will be 13,000 winners of 400 B2M Tokens each around 17 dollars in today’s price. To participate you simply have to  do the following:

B2M Partners

Every CoinMarketCap user that participates in the Airdrop and completes all the mandatory requirements will be eligible for the Bronze prize. No need to have B2M Tokens.

Other category prizes will only reward DeFi Wallet B2M holders (ex, Metamask), who must also complete all mandatory requirements to be eligible. Different holding amounts will make participants eligible for different prize categories. 

B2M Partners

Now, if you have 2 or more tickets, you’ll be in the diamond category where 940,000 B2M Tokens will be distributed among 235 winners who’ll win 4,000 B2M Tokens each.    

And in a show of support to the Asian community, the Airdrop’s 20-day participation period coincides with the Lunar new year — wherein all qualified B2M holders with 8,888 B2Ms are guaranteed an airdrop from a 1.76M B2M prize pool. The Golden 8 Prize will be distributed equally among all eligible partipants. 

You must keep your B2M tokens in your defi wallet until March 6 in order to quality.  

B2M Partners

Winners will be announced no later than 3 days after the Airdrop participation period ends through official social media channels such as telegram. Links to these will be available on the CoinMarketCap Bit2Me Airdrop section which is provided in the description below.  

Again, this AIRDROP is only until March 2 so make sure to head on to the link NOW and participate if you want to be one of the lucky winners and share it with your friends too.  

For more information about the airdrop, the Bit2Me platform, tokens, and more follow their social media channels linked below. 


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Disclaimer: The B2M TOKEN is a utility token intended to be used to benefit from discounts, promotions and services on the Bit2Me website. It is therefore not a financial instrument or a negotiable security”.

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