A few weeks ago, I introduced you to Spain’s largest crypto company called Bit2Me.

They hosted the GREAT B2M Airdop on Coin MarketCap – giving away appoximately 400,000$ worth of Bit2Me Tokens – which I hope you were able to join.     

Today, we’ll get to know them better. I’ll share with you the services they offer like their FREE Blockchain Academy,  also their recent NFT collaborations and partnerships with  Axie infinity and more.

If you want to know about this continually growing global platform, then read on! 


Bit2Me is a company founded way back in 2014 and specializes in financial technology. With a deep knowledge of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, they help individuals, exchanges, mining pools, token issuers, investment funds, governments, and institutions to access, trade, and manage cryptocurrencies and digital assets optimally.   

As I’ve said in my previous Bit2Me article, they have become the leading platform in Spain for the purchase/sale of crypto assets and has been growing and expanding their services across the world.   

With over 700K users across 100+countries, 3M alumni, and an average daily volume of $50M on the exchange – — Bit2Me has enabled millions of people to Discover, Access, and Operate with cryptocurrency in their day to day lives through the product suite’s 20+ products and services.  


Products and Services

Bit2Me is a simple, secure, and fast place to buy, sell and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.  But it does not stop there, they offer much more.    

Bit2Me offers a comprehensive set of more than 20 solutions covering B2B or business to business payments, B2C Business to Consumer and B2B2C or business to business to consumer verticals, making it an excellent platform for developing a vertically integrated digital investment proposal. 

They’re an ALL IN ONE platform that offers a lot of unique and helpful services but we don’t have the time to talk about it one by one so I’ll share with you some of them. 

Army of Chaos Apeiron

Multi Crypto Wallet  

Bit2Me Wallet is their main product. It is a multi-currency cloud solution that serves as a legal tender (Fiat) on/off-ramp and gives users instant access to buy, sell and trade.   

It’s is focused on providing a seamless experience for its users to manage their crypto-assets. 

  • Crypto Wallet: to receive, send and transfer crypto-assets.
  • Fiat Wallet: for depositing, withdrawing, sending, and transferring legal tender.
  • Cryptocurrency broker: for buying, selling, and exchanging crypto-assets.

Bit2Me’s main goal is to support the most transactional digital assets that users want to access. And because of it, they are rapidly expanding the criteria for adding and supporting new currencies in the platform.   

Bit2Me Trade 

Bit2Me is a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) platform of digital assets based on blockchain technology.    

Its main feature is to be an easy- to-use professional solution for cryptocurrency trading, with high liquidity and volume.   

Users can easily transfer funds from their Wallet to Bit2Me Trade and vice versa and set conditions for complex execution strategies. 

SpiritCore NFT A

Bit2Me Pay 

Bit2Me Pay allows you to make and receive payments in cryptocurrencies and euros for free, instantly, and including micropayments (from €0.25).    

You can make a payment to anyone around the world just by knowing their email address or mobile phone number. Bit2Me Pay supports all the currencies and cryptocurrencies supported by Bit2Me.   

They also have a Bit2Me Card that connects real-time cryptocurrency payments through the traditional card infrastructure. This serves as a bridge between the new economy and traditional daily payments.   

Bit2Me Earn

This one was launched this year. Bit2Me Earn is where you can add and withdraw your cryptocurrencies whenever you want and get extra benefits for logging your B2M Token – making your idle digital assets work for you.   

This new service is where you can generate rewards with your cryptocurrencies without DOING ANYTHING and with more advantages like! 👇️   

✅ (Free with )no fees 

✅ Daily rewards with B2M and weekly rewards with other cryptos. 

✅ +2.5% extra if you are a B2M holder 

✅ Simple and fast one-click service. 

✅ 100% flexible with no time block 


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Bit2Me Academy

In addition, it is worth mentioning their Bit2Me Academy, where people from anywhere in the world have access to a wide range of educational content on digital assets.   

They offer a FREE online learning platform for cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology training and providing all the knowledge about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, trading, and much more, both in text and video.   

In 2020 alone, Bit2Me Academy has provided content to more than 1.7 million unique users.   

Bit2Me Launchpad

And lastly, Bit2Me Launchpad – where you have the ability to participate in new cryptocurrency launches before anyone else does. Get priority access in the ICOs selected by the Bit2Me team with exclusive advantages for B2M holders. This will bring advantages to both users and projects.   

I only shared seven, but as I’ve said they offer so much more. More than 20+ products and services. To check out what more can they offer simply visit bit2me.com 

Bit2Me Academy

Recent Activities 

As I mentioned last time, Bit2Me launched its own token in 2021 and has achieved the largest ICO in the history of Spain.   

The Bit2Me Token (B2M) is designed to give users access to new features, rewards,  governance, and a powerful set of solutions that you can find in their Bit2Me Suite.    

And just a few weeks ago they gave away approximately $400,000 worth of Bit2Me Tokens through the  Great Bit2Me Airdrop that closed with a turnout of more than 6M participants in CoinMarketCap. Winners will be announced on April 3 through social media channels and links available on the CoinMarket Cap Bit2Me Airdrop Section.   

So if you were able to join that, make sure to follow those channels.  

DOM Token GOLD Token

The giveaway was actually to celebrate recent partnerships with Asian giants such as Polygon, Huobi Ventures, and Axie Infinity.   

Yeap, just last month Bit2Me announced their exciting alliance with one of the blockchain games in the industry:  Axie Infinity! 

Bit2Me will be their exchange partner in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Making it easier for players to buy and sell the AXS token.    

In their recent Youtube Live, they mentioned that will have an interview with the CEO of Axie Infinity on March 17 to talk about this partnership. So make sure to subscribe to their youtube channel for that.  

With this key alliance, Bit2Me will promote and sponsor the events organized by the Axie Infinity community in Spain and Portugal to add thousands of new users to this worldwide phenomenon.   

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics

And speaking of worldwide, did you know that Bit2Me is the world’s first cryptocurrency platform recognized by the Bank of Spain?   

Yes! Bit2Me is the first Spanish company to be registered by Spain’s central bank as a provider of virtual currency exchange services for fiat currency and electronic wallet custody services.   

According to BitMe, With its approval, the Bank of Spain recognized that the company complies with “the requirements of commercial and professional honorability established for credit institutions  and with the regulations for the prevention of money laundering,” 

Bit2Me nEws

Quite big right? Well their team of more than 170 people 

have been working relentlessly around all-time phases and around the world to improve their platform day by day, creating solutions that help democratize the use of cryptocurrencies. They aim to provide financial freedom so that people can save, send and receive money without complications.   

If you are interested in what Bit2Me can offer, then make sure to check their social media links below. You can also download their app available in both google play store and the app store.  

Bit2me Links:

Website: https://bit2me.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bit2me

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bit2me/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bit2me/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL7pJebvcEUGOALXOh0pJCw

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bit2me_global/

Telegram: https://t.me/Bit2Me_ES

Disclaimer: The B2M TOKEN is a utility token intended to be used to benefit from discounts, promotions and services on the Bit2Me website. It is therefore not a financial instrument or a negotiable security”.

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