Blockmonsters is an upcoming blockchain game, that is aiming to bring the pokemon experience into the world of blockchain.

Catch and train cute NFT Block monsters, and use them to battle and trade with trainers, all over the world.

The Pokemon of Blockchain

Just like what I said in the intro. The aim of Block monsters is to be the Pokemon for blockchain. I mean, it’s in their video!

So you can expect a fun adventure, an engaging combat. and of course, a wide variety of block monsters to catch and collect.

Explore forests, dungeons, grassfields, and other lands, and enjoy the colorful and classic artstyle of the gameworld.

Level up and collect 150 Blockmons and evolve them to their final form.

Then Battle them with wild Blockmons on the field, other Blockmon trainers, gym leaders and claim the title of the best Blockmon master in the world.

Ways to Earn

Being a blockchain game, of course, the main way to earn will be bay playing it.

Train your Blockmons to reach higher levels and catch rare ones. Higher level and rare blockmons can sell for much higher prices in the marketplace. There is also a rewards contract in the tokenomics that will give players free Monster tokens for milestones they can achieve in the game.

However, direct play to earn feature to farm tokens is still yet to be announced, and may come in a later update.


Blockmonsters is currently in stage 2 of their current roadmap with the private token sale happening at August 18, presale on August 24 and will 

We can also look forward to the first glimpse of the fight engine in this stage.

To join the whitelist of the private sale. Select the private sale button, enter your details then do the tasks to earn points and increase your chances of being included.

Being in the private sale will give you the chance to get Verani. A blockmon exclusive to the private sale. You will only be able to get him by buying from other players in the future.

If you miss the private sale then

Some of the most exciting things will happen on Stage 3 and Stage 4 where the core game will take to form.

It’s going to be available on Android and iOS mobile applications as well, so you will be able to take it with you wherever you go.

For more info visit the website and whitepaper linked in the description below.


So what do you think about the game?

Do you think it has the chance the capture the Pokemon magic and will be effective with a play to earn model?  

Let me know in the comments below.