Hi everyone!

Three weeks have passed since I reviewed Blockchain Ragnarok Online.

At that time, I based most of the information with just their whitepaper.

But after playing it a few weeks, I’m gonna give an update regarding my experience with the game, and if I earn by playing during that time.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been playing this game with my friends – leveling at the Training Ground, Payon Cave, Einbroch, etc.

You can visit my Facebook channel because I streamed it in the first week.

It’s quite hard at first, but it’s fun since we’re back in Ragnarok again, and there are some active players.

One major change in the game is the Inflation feature – where item prices fluctuate in price both when buying or selling to NPC’s. That will depend on what players sell in bulk throughout the game.

This means that it’s not that good to continue to farm loots in a specific place since the loot can be cheaper in price.

I think it’s ok since it will push players to adjust their strategy to get rich in the game.

Honestly though, it can be quite harsh especially for the newbies because it also affects the supplies that you can buy, and loots that you can sell, even in the lower levels.

What’s good about it is that players will get encouraged to party up to progress faster in the game.

For example, you can’t buy pots to grind levels? Then party up with an acolyte or tank, or other job class to advance.

Again, it’s still very possible to thrive in the game even for free to play gamers. But if you want to level your character faster so you can start earning right away, then there’s a way to do that, which I’ll discuss later.

In my last video, I’ve only read about the ways you can earn in the game from the whitepaper.

But after playing it, I’m gonna list “how I personally earned” from playing this game

Just want to get this out of the way right now.

The in-game Zeny that you get in the game is different from the $Zeny Tokens that you can buy in exchanges. A lot of players get confused about this, especially those just starting out.


They expect that if they buy 100M $Zeny tokens at pancake swap, they will also have 100 million Zeny in-game. But that’s not how it works.

And because the rates are only 1x it’s not that easy to grind Zeny in-game.

That’s why there are a lot of players who buy Zeny to buy supplies and equipment – to help them in leveling up.

So if you’re a grinder and you know some good loot farming spots or if you’re good at buying & selling to earn Zeny’s – then you have an opportunity to earn by selling in-game Zeny by selling it on the BCRO marketplace

We can check the marketplace for in game Zeny’s that are on sale.

So their coins represent in-game Zeny’s that players are selling in exchange for $Zeny tokens.

Now this is self-explanatory as well.

You can sell any loots you farmed or crafted in the game.

For example, you got rare equips (with added stats. unique to this game) or cards. You can sell it by vending in exchange for in-game Zeny.
Or you can sell it for $Zeny tokens in the BCRO marketplace.

This is also the way I’ve mentioned earlier to make your character stronger even faster.

You can buy supplies, Zeny, or equipment from other players.

Then when your character gets strong enough to farm, you can then sell the items that you get to other players.

Selling items is really easy here. Just talk to the Blockchain Market NPC where you can set the price of the item you want to sell, and list in the marketplace for other players to buy using $Zeny Tokens.

Actually, this is where I made a lot of my earnings at the start.

So what I did is I sold a lot of items & equipment in the marketplace – Like Gakkung, Arc Wand, and other equipment – to other players in the first 2 weeks
(supply & demand baby!)

But it’s just the 3rd (or 4th*) week &; there’s still a lot of cards and good equipment that hasn’t been found yet.

# 3 By killing other players

BCRO is a PK server, and almost every place is a PK map beside the city areas and people can PVP in their heart’s content.

In the beginning even the high level characters can PK super low-level characters.

But with the recent update, you can now only PK players who are close to your level.

Another one, according to the whitepaper, players can also earn with WOE (War of Emperium).

But for now, as I said. The game server is still young. There are still few strong players.

And there are very few guilds established in the game as well.

Maybe in the coming weeks or months, we can have WOE.

If ever you decide to start playing the game, let me know in the comments below if you want to join our guild

We need dancers & forgers lol

If you watched my last video, I mentioned that the rates are 1x like the Classic Ragnarok.

And to those who haven’t experienced that and have only played high rate servers, it can be really tough at the start

But like I said, investing your money is not necessary.

I have friends who didn’t need to put in any money to start earning in the game. And honestly, I’ve also earned quite a good amount from playing this game.

I’m one of the earliest players and aimed to progress quickly and got to earn in-game Zeny’s and items that I sold to other players in exchange for $Zeny Tokens.

Overall, the game is really fun!

But if you are aiming to earn BIG in this game, you need to have deep knowledge about the game and have the time to grind for the rewards.

Actually, if you look at the token price right now, it’s really low. But would you believe that the game is still going as it is.

And there aren’t that many players thinking about it. Earnings are still ongoing as well.

That’s because players are enjoying their time inside the game.

You won’t even see players mentioning the token price that much in their Discord.

Honestly, I got really addicted to the game on the first two weeks. I spent more time than I planned to and I kinda neglected my other games and channel quite a bit.

Well, that’s because it’s really fun to play.

I know a lot of people will say that it’s very risky to invest in this game since it’s prone to copyright strikes from Gravity.

And you’re right!

The risks I’ve mentioned in my first video still stands.

But there are two things I need to point out for you to think about.

You may have seen the recent news regarding Ragnarok MSP

They’ve announced that they will be closing down the server this November.

So just think, if you are a player of that server and you heard it’s gonna close down
Take note. This Ragnarok MSP is Official.

But in the end, it’s the same. So all the time & effort that you put into the game Will be gone and wasted and you won’t have any assets you got from it.

Number two, I’m sure you’ve been seeing a lot of play to Earn games coming out nowadays.

Yeah, some are original titles, but the gameplay is sh*t.

And those games lifespans are short – they are lucky to survive a few days or weeks. There are more people who lost money than those who actually earned.

So you see, I much rather go for games that I can enjoy while earning.

Now I’m not saying this is one of the best play to earn game out there. It’s not, since the copyright issue will never go away and there are much safer projects to invest in.

But if you truly want to have fun in a blockchain game, interact with players around the world in-game and earn at the same time. Then definitely Blockchain Ragnarok Online is one you can consider.

And that’s the end of this blog.

I hope you liked it and help make things clearer about the game.


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