Hey guys! So for today’s blog, I will be introducing you to Bybit.


A Singapore based crypto-derivative exchange platform like Binance.


We’ll be talking about how to create an account here, how to buy tokens in this exchange and how you can have the soon to be released CBX – Cropbytes‘ token.


Cropbytes CBX


For those cropbytes farmer like me, I’m sure you know by now that GC will now be CBX.


So if you want to be first to get a hold of this token then make sure to watch this video until the end because I’ll be discussing how you can have tokens by Nov 5 even if you already sold all your game coins by this time..



Cropbytes Game Coins to CBX


Established in March 2018, Bybit is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges, with more than 3 million registered users.


Built on customer-centric values, they endeavor to provide an intuitive and innovative online trading and DeFi mining experience for retail and institutional clients around the world.


Bybit Logo

How to create a Bybit Account


First, click this link and you’ll be directed to Bybit’s official website.


Just input the needed information like email and password then read and agree on Bybit’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Then click ‘CONTINUE’



Click ‘NO’ if you are not a resident of the following restricted counties or regions.


BYBIT Banned Countries


Next step is just to verify your email. And that’s it.



For now let’s go to ‘HOME’


Here , you will be toured around the exchange.



Buying Tokens in Bybit


I’m going to transfer USDT from Binance to Bybit.


If you don’t have a Binance account yet then watch our video linked here.


Binance for Beginners


So to transfer USDT from Binance to Bybit – you need to select deposit USDTt in your Bybit account and select the TRC20 option.

Now I choose this simply for the lower fees.



Select acknowledge and copy the USDT wallet address.


Now paste that wallet address to Binance  and select TRC20 as the network as well. put the amount you want to transfer then select withdraw.



Get your verification codes in your email and mobile the select submit.


After that, you just need to wait for it to process. It may take quite a while so just check back on your Bybit account again later to see if it appears in your spot wallet.



Alright, It was received successfully now we can buy BIT tokens so we can stake it for CBX.


Buying BIT tokens is easy. Just go to Spot. Search BIT in the token search bar.


Enter the amount you want  to buy or move the slider up to how much percentage of your holding you want to buy.


Then your done!

Bybit Exchange

How to get CBX Token


Now to be able to stake your BIT token to get CBX you will need to to finish verification.


This is a quick process, just upload any one of the documents required, and get a selfie!



Wait just a bit then you’re now ready to get CBX tokens.



Snapshot Period has actually started on October 31 but will end on Nov 4.

Just make sure to buy and hold BIT Token until the 4th of this month.


Note that  minimum amount of BIT you can commit is 50.



Daily average BIT balance in your Spot Account and ByFi Account will determine the maximum amount of BIT you can commit towards the CropBytes (CBX) project.


On Nov 5,2021 from 3:30AM UTC to 10:59 AM UTC you must go to your Bybit account and click on the ‘Commit NOW’ Button on the launchpad landing page to commit a certain amount of BIT towards the new project.


Bybit Launchpad CBX

Distibution will be from Nov 5 11:00AM to 11:59AM and by 12:00 PM the new spot pair CBX/USDT will be live for trades.


So if you want to be one of the first to get this token, sign up on Bybit now.

And good news is for the first 25 to sign up using this link, deposit and open a spot trade will receive 20$ each.


So TOP up BIT Now!



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Create your Cropbytes account here to get up to 500 TRX worth of assets: https://bit.ly/CropbytesGainze
Code: 0B9B45


Sign up on BYBIT here and get 3.5% deposit bonus – https://bit.ly/TBG-Bybit


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