Old enough to remember this cool magnetic fishing game? Well, I am.  

And this is what I’m reminded of when I first saw the NFT Game we’ll be featuring today called CAT ISLAND.  

And unlike the magnetic fishing game where you play just for fun, here you are monetarily rewarded for all the fishes you can catch.   

Curious about this project? Then let’s get started. 

Cat Island

Cat Island is a play-to-earn metaverse built on the Binance Smart Chain which we know is amongst the best ones for gaming thanks to their fast and cheap transactions.    

Cat Island is actually a  browser game set on a relaxing island full of NFT Cats. In this world, Cats are hard workers and great adventurers, fishing along the sea,  exploring wild islands and building their own crypto society. 

Cat Island


To get started on Cat Island, there are several things you need:   

First is of course, the NFT cats. And there are two types available.   

– The ORIGIN CATS – limited edition priced with BNB available for presale now.

– The REGULAR CATS will be acquired in the game with the game’s token. 

When a player acquires a cat, he gets a valuable asset that will allow him to grow on the island. Cats are able to fish, explore, farm and craft while building their own piece of land.    

Origin cats are special because they can work in a variety of roles, unlike regular cats that are born with a predefined profession. The first of which is being a fisher cat since fishing is the heart of Cat Island’s economy.  

Every day, cats set sail in search of the ocean’s rarest fishes. 


tropical cat

Players manage their cats, taking care of and upgrading them, earning rewards through different activities and events.    

All Cats are generated with 100 basic energy when minted. Energy is needed in order for cats to make actions like fishing, exploring, and hunting. And to generate that energy, cats need to eat fish. 

Here’s a look at how much energy a fish can give depending on their rarity. 

SpiritCore NFT A

Aside from acquiring a cat, licenses are also an essential NFT on the cat island world.  Players must get a Fishing License in order to fish using their NFT assets. 

Fishing Licenses allows players to redeem their fish for $FCAT and unlocks daily quests. The higher level of fishing license you have, the more daily quests you will have access to. Fishing Licenses can be bought in the market at a fixed BNB price.   

Another thing you need is of course a boat to bring you to the different locations for fishing. And here in Cat Island there are 3 types of locations to fish on: Tropical, Swamp and Glacial. 

Each location is divided into 5 areas that define which fishes can be fished and your success probability. Note that Each Area has a Cat, License and Boat level requirement. 

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

As with other games, you can enhance your character – here your cat’s attributes by equipping them with rods that you can also acquire.    

Fishing Rods will play a key role by giving you extra stats and success chances when fishing,  so it’s highly recommended you get matching ones for your Cats to progress faster.   

When fishing, Cats will have to work hard in order to catch the rarest creatures of the ocean.  Every fish has their own stats, and Cats will need to improve their skills if they want to be successful at catching them!   

There is a fish market on the island where players can exchange the fishes they caught for tokens. 

Cat Island ROd


$FCAT is Cat Island’s native token, needed to buy Cats, Fishing Rods, and Boats, as well as to level up Cats, repair Fishing Rods, and merge Boats.    

This token is also needed to level up the Fishing License, which is crucial to gain access to better locations where players are more likely to catch rarer fishes. 

DOM Token GOLD Token

It can be generated as a reward for fishing  (players can exchange their fish for $FCAT on the fish markets or sell them on the marketplace to other players),  as well as through other ways to come such as rewards for exploring, farming, hunting.  

As of this time, this token has just been listed on PinkSale. The official link is posted in the description below. 

FCAT Token


There are several things happening on Cat Island this month,  one of which is the token presale I mentioned that is happening now. 

Marketplace will be opened shortly after the token listing and by March 22, players will be able to start trading their cats, fishing rods, and boats.   

And as they mentioned in their discord, they are at the final stages of development and are glad to announce game release is going to take place 1 week after their marketplace launch, on March 29th. 

Ancient Kingdom NFT

As per their team, they said they’ve made up of game industry professionals with many years of experience behind them.  

Unfortunately, the team has voted to remain anonymous to the public in order to guarantee the safety of the team and the impartiality of the project. 

But hopefully, they would provide us with more info about them or their backers in the coming weeks to put investors at ease. And hoping to have a glimpse as well of the actual gameplay soon.   

For now, if you want to know more details about the project,  make sure to follow Cat Island on all of their social media channels linked below.