Hi guys! Just an update about Chainmonsters.


For those who don’t know about this game yet, Chainmonsters is a Monster Breeding MMORPG on the FLOW Blockchain




Here on this blog, I’ll just walk you through some updates we need to look out for on the upcoming closed beta. 


And I will also discuss, how you can join that even if you weren’t able to avail the Genesis Bundle or the Alpha.


Before we begin, if you haven’t read my blog about Chainmonsters you can check it out here.


If you were able to get the Genesis Drop for the First Beta Season Pass and exclusive NFT’s last month.


Good news! It will be distributed early next week.


Chainmonsters Genesis Drop


But first, let’s talk about the big update on the game itself.


One of the big updates is the graphics.


If you were able to play the older version of this game , you could agree that it has come so far.



Actually, on my previous Chainmonster youtube video I shared with you the 3D Game World. But the monsters themselves are still 2D.


CHainmonsters 2D

Well on this upcoming update, it will be FULL 3D – including the skills and abilities of the monsters.

Chainmonster 3D


They also added Stamina Dynamics for the battles so that it will be more fun and engaging. But it is still not clear as of now. They said, they will release more info about it and how it will impact the battles soon.



They also mentioned that they will remove the loading screens in the game for a seamless experience and for players to fully experience the open world aspect of the game.


Their aim is to make massive level islands that you could explore with your friends.


GEnesis Drop Recap


The Genesis Drop was successful and was sold out fast that’s why they said they could expand the team to further improve the game.


So if you are interested to be a part of their team, message them here.


On the other hand, bad news for those that are anticipating to play the game for FREE. They will move the Free Public Open Beta – instead of October it will be moved to February. Yeah I know, it will take some time.


But if you were able to avail the Alpha Access before or Genesis Bundle last month – then good news for us. We are invited on the closed beta on November.


Chainmonster Svania


Closed Beta will only be played on PC and MAC coz’ the devs want to focus first on World Building before optimizing mobile platforms.


Now if you are not a part of the categories I mentioned – if you weren’t able to get Alpha or Beta Access then don’t worry you still have a chance to get it at the FlowFest 2021.


Flowfest 2021


There you can get mystery packs for FREE that may contain closed beta access.


As per the devs, they will distribute 30,000 closed beta access so there’s a big chance to have it.



Now for you to join, click this link and once you’re on the site click this ‘Join Discord’ button to join the Flowverse Discord.



Once you’re in discord just wait for the timer to end. Then once it’s done, click the door icon below the post. There, the discord channels has already been unlocked.



Watch out for their posts on discord and participate on their quests and livestreams. Here you could see that they are giving away mystery packs on their live streams.



So don’t miss out on this chance to get a mystery pack if you have extra time.


Just a note, aside from the Chain Monsters Beta Access, you could also win prizes from their other partners.


Actually, Chainmonsters is one of the games I am really looking forward to and I included it in my blog about Blockchain Games that I think can last for a long time (Part 1).



That’s it for now. Thanks for reading this blog!


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