Coming this September, is a new RPG on the Flow Blockchain, that will surely CATCH your attention. and it’s free to play! Introducing Chainmonsters!

Speaking of Catching, it’s time we bring back the good old days.

Chainmonsters is a massive multiplayer monster tamer RPG that utilizes Flow Blockchain technology to enforce scarcity and encourages the player driven economy through resource-based gameplay elements.

Chainmonsters Gameplay

There will be random encounters for every battle and will be turn based. Kinda like the RPG games you’ve known and loved in the past. 

Or you can battle it out with your friends or other players around the world.

Players will be able to venture out in a beautiful stylized 3D world together with thousands of other players catching monsters, completing quests, competing in battles, and crafting rare resources.

Players will be able to craft NFTs which can be minted on-chain.

What is Flow Blockchain?

Flow blockchain is designed for the new paradigm of digital ownership and scarcity

In Chainmonsters, players are onboarded into their systems and onto Flow in the background.

When they start the game on their device, they are immediately pulled into action.

This happens through an anonymous process and only if they want to play the game on more than one device – let’s say, gamers play on Steam, and now they want to log into their iPhone – then they should just simply connect their email address to their account and are ready to benefit from our cross-platform availability.

Everything in the game is represented by a digital asset, including all your items and chainmons you’ve caught.

And you guessed it, they are created and synced in the background with the smart contracts on Flow.

Without them being aware that there is a blockchain layer in the first place!

And thanks to Flow’s low transaction fees, subsidizing the initial on-boarding phase for users leads to comparable mainstream CAC levels.

Due to Flow’s native integration right into the game servers, this allows players to not only play the game completely free of charge – but also benefit from mechanics that would not otherwise be possible

including a native in-game marketplace exclusive to the game.

This provides the best possible experience for traditional players who need a safe and sound native experience.

But even our more experienced blockchain-savvy users are able to benefit from a completely new audience that otherwise would have never participated in on-chain marketplaces and trades any way!

True Digital Ownership

If you are familiar with “smart contracts” in the traditional sense,

then you’re probably aware of how it works, like in Ethereum, the contracts hold all your NFTs in them and the user just sends and receives references to those NFTs.

On Flow it is actually the other way around: The user actually holds all of their assets directly in their account and the contract is only handling the references.

This means the user has full control of their actual assets all the time

This not only improves security but also refrains from pushing responsibility to a potentially flawed or malicious contract.

And the results?

The mixing of traditional AAA technology and the state of the art Flow Blockchain creates an immersive and extremely scalable experience yet to be seen in the crypto space.

Now, a customizable player avatar enables other games and projects to be implemented and establishes the metaverse inside the huge open world of Chainmonsters.

What’s the Difference?

So what makes Chainmonsters a completely unique and fresh game, you might ask?

Chainmonsters is soon going to launch as a free-to-play blockchain game.

This means everyone can start their own adventure in the world of Chainmonsters.

Players are not required to hold any tokens or NFTs to start playing the game.

Every Season, there will be free NFTs that players can unlock over time, enabling everyone to participate in the player-driven economy if they invest their time.

The economy of Chain Monsters won’t be based on just a single token or item but instead will be utilizing multiple interconnected gameplay systems that require various resources.

To start getting on board into the game, it would be as simple as downloading the game from either Google Play, the App Store, or Steam.

Players will have accounts created in the background silently, without disturbing any flow.

Then, whenever they are ready to dive into the world of blockchain, all they have to do is connect an external wallet.

The player’s wallet and the game will be connected to Flow Blockchain at all times.

Signing a trade or consuming resources are all triggered directly in-game.

The non-custodial in-game marketplace enables anyone to easily trade and sell NFTs without having to leave the immersive game experience.

By utilizing AAA game server scaling technology, the game can handle millions of players simultaneously.

Status of the Game & Play-to-Earn

For the past 3 months, Chain Monsters has been doubling its registered users every month

and we’re now closing in on 35,000 registered players waiting for the open beta.

During their previous alpha launches, the game has accumulated over 230 concurrent players with the game having 7,000 registered players at that time.

After the game’s alpha access sold out, the floor price of the very first 5 out of 25 alpha NFTs went to $110 combined – which is especially important to note when taking into consideration that the Alpha access sold for only $25,

And by the way, I was able to purchase one of these a few months ago.

And now, the prices of these alpha access keys has sky rocketed for upto $500 each!

Just by this simple info, you and i already know that these NFTs can be profitable in the future

Players are getting used to the new game mechanics and game economy. And are now accumulating NFTs they deem worth it.


Be sure to stay tuned for more updates where we will dive deeper into and take a closer look at the game world and gameplay of this upcoming game.

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