The game economy has to generate wealth that can then be utilized by players to earn a sustained income through gameplay.  

One change that has happened is animal grazing. You can now send your animals for grazing to pause their health check and feeding. But during grazing, animals will not produce extracts.   

Honestly, it’s one feature I am now actively using.  

chinese ancient kingdom nft game

To send your animals for grazing, just head to the barn and click graze.  Grazing applies to all animals of the same type.  Feeding for that day needs to be complete before the animals can be sent for grazing. Once animals are sent for grazing, a 7-day wait time is required for them to return.  

However, a fee is required for sending the animals for grazing. Note that once animals are back, they can’t be sent back for grazing for the next 7 days.   

Animal grazing is actually a feature that’s built with input from the community. I can still remember when this was still being decided on and now it’s implemented.  


Another thing that I love is the increased use of CBX in-game. Aside from trading using CBX, the grinding fee now is in CBX Token. No more need to deposit TRX just to grind extracts into feeds.    

Now let’s talk about power. I know many have been disappointed with the need to purchase power just to collect water from our wells. But I’m glad the team behind the project listened to the community and has airdropped power to current well holders to make the adjustment easier.  

To collect water from lakes and wells, users will need to store power in their barn.  It will get deducted from a collection of water. 0.01* Power will be used for 1 Water collected.  

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics

Power will also be now required to run the feed mills. Which I personally don’t have yet. Power will be deducted automatically from the barn of the mill owner. Mill owners will need to store power in their barn to run their services without interruption.    

If mill owners do not have power reserves then they cannot claim the grinding fee. In that case, the mills will continue to operate and the grinding fee will be collected and stored by CropBytes for any future uses.   

Another change that is recently released is Asset Mining. Asset mining enables players to generate a new supply of game assets.  Assets can be mined by burning CBX & Pro Mix.  

Ancient Kingdom NFT

How does it work?  

The formula to mine your Asset is Burn (CBX + Pro Mix) + Time. Just visit the CBX station and choose the asset you wish to mine, burn your CBX & Pro Mix to start mining. Once started, the mining process requires some time to complete.   

Pro Mix can be crafted by combining Pro Extracts and Fruit Feed.  

The objectives behind the mining of assets are: 

Farmers can now mine a new supply of valuable game assets. They can build their business for the launch of the service economy. Farmers can use the output of their farm to grow their assets inventory (More use cases for extracts) Also, for tokenization of assets (Assets will be minted on-chain in a later version). This brings transparency and true ownership. 

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap

CropBytes has a sustainable economy made possible through high liquidity assets which are easy to trade and have in-game utility. Every asset in the game is interlinked economically with other assets. Therefore there are many layers to the gameplay regarding asset mining. 


Now let’s talk about the updated Roadmap for Quarter 3 – Quarter 4 of 2022.  

The first, is asset mining, which I have mentioned just a while ago.   

Assets deprecation: Some old assets like GC Island, Tropical Island, Gold Coins, Bytes Balance, and more will be removed from the economy. Assets will be swapped for active assets in the game.  Users holding these assets will receive assets worth an equivalent value during the swap.   

CBX Mining V2: A new method of CBX mining will be introduced with new logic. With the new method, users will also have a chance to receive a bonus for mining. The changes planned here will result in a higher rate of burn for extracts and utilities.  

Farmers will be able to craft various items using their extracts which will be used to mine CBX. Power will also have extra utilities for CBX mining.  

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap

Tokenization of assets: V1 of asset mining feature will include taking all minable assets on-chain. Farmers will be able to track live mining data from the blockchain. More details on the chain will be announced.  

More info on Service Economy V1 and PVP Fishing Minigame will be released soon.  

 Web3 gaming is about building self-sustaining virtual economies that community members can trust, collectively operate, own, and eventually build on top of.  

The aim is to create a world where players can gain real value, and ownership and can have defined jobs & responsibilities. To achieve this, it is important to make sure that the core economic loops in a game are resilient and built for the long term.   

Great vision from developers and some time is required for us to see the rise of these sustainable games.  All participants in the economy will need to trust the vision of the developers to make the economy a success.  And a strong economy will take its due time.  

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap

Crypto gaming is a fast-moving space. The key to making the right investments in this space is to get into a project that’s built for the long term. If you like a casual simulation genre game,  CropBytes is perfect. The team has been building CropBytes for over 4 years.  

The economy has seen multiple market cycles. Even through the current bear, the in-game markets are stable and highly liquid.  

And I am personally looking forward, to where time, vision, and the community will bring Cropbytes in the coming years.   

If you are interested in it, make sure to follow Cropbytes in all of their social media channels. We have an awesome community on Telegram and Discord.  

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