Hey guys! I’m back with another article for CropbytesIt has been 6 months since my last Cropbytes feature here.

So today I’m excited to share with you recent changes to the game and my journey so far in Cropbytes.  

If you’re a cropbytes farmer like me, or you are just curious and looking for a play-to-earn game, then read on!


For those unfamiliar with Crobytes, it is a Farmville kind of game on the blockchain that has actually been around since 2018. Long before the metaverse trend caught on. And one of the good things about is that you only need a few minutes a day to play. Unlike other games that would require much attention and effort.  

A short summary of the game. 

Here you grow a variety of crops & fruits..  harvest them to make food for your animals.  Collect their produce like milk, eggs, feathers, and more and make returns by trading them.   

It’s NOT actually FREE TO PLAY yet but if you want to try the game first before investing well, the good news is there’s a 7 Day Free Trial Pack for you to get started.   

Cropbytes 7 Day Free Trial Pack

Create an account by clicking this link so you could get up to 500TRX worth of assets in-game if you complete the task. You could get an apple tree, an animal, or cropland that could help your farm.    

I won’t dwell much on how to get started here since I have already made several guides about it. If you want to know more about it, you can just check out our previous articles about it.

Cropbytes Feed Animals and Get Produce


If you’ve been our follower, then you’d know how I personally love farming games –  Cropbytes in particular especially because it’s the very first blockchain game that I reviewed here.   

It’s about this time last year to be exact when I actually started playing this game. If you’re curious about what I bought to get started,  well after the expiration of the FREE Trial Assets.   I started investing in the Large Pack first, then the medium, weeks after then the small pack last. Since that’s the advice of most of the farmers on the telegram group when I joined. 

And I’m happy with that decision because from there, I just worked my way through to grow my farm.  

Now I have:

15 apple trees
14 small cropland 
7 small wells
24 p1 cows
51 hens
34 goats

Thanks to all those who signed up through my link. 

SpiritCore NFT A

But to those cropbytes farmers, you know that many animals are both good news and bad. Imagine my joy when health was disabled months ago. I was able to gather crops to turn into feeds and water until the health is returned.   

As per extracts, well I have converted all my previous extracts when the difficulty went below 1.  And now I have thousands waiting that still needs to be converted when the right time comes again.  

I’m hoping to be able to add more croplands, wells, and trees to be able to sustain the farm better and balance it.  

If you’re curious how I made it grow by just investing one of each pack, well aside from the sign-ups,  much of my assets are rewards from participating in the Cropbytes trivia games, joining Cropbytes ARMY, and just participating in their community events.

I’ve mentioned it before and will say it, Cropbytes is very generous in giving away assets to those that are actively participating in their events. 

CBX Cropbytes Token

But take note, I have seen far bigger and better farms than mine.  Hoping to secure more assets like a lake maybe, bigger croplands, a windmill, and superheroes if I can. 

Especially because Cropbytes is continually finding ways to improve its game economy. There have been many improvements in Cropbytes. Will share it on my next article. 

Create your Cropbytes account here to get up to 500 TRX worth of assets: https://bit.ly/CropbytesGainze

Code: 0B9B45

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