Hey guys!  I’m back with another Cropbytes article.


I personally love farming games – Cropbytes in particular especially because it’s the very first blockchain game that I reviewed here and I’ve done a couple of articles about it after – but it’s been months.  


So today, I’m excited to share with you all the exciting changes and updates that have happened on this farming game since then -  including the CBX token, the all new 3d Terrain, health bar reset, and more.  


If you are new here and you have NO idea about what this game is then I’d suggest you check out our previous articles for reference. 




Cropbytes started long before the metaverse trend caught on. It’s actually been around since 2018. 


For those unfamiliar with the game, Cropbytes is a Farmville kind of game on the blockchain that needs only a few minutes a day to play. 


Here you grow a variety of crops & fruits..  harvest them to make food for your animals, collect their produce like milk, eggs, feathers, and more and make returns by trading them. 




It’s NOT actually FREE TO PLAY but if you want to try the game first before investing.


Well, the good news is there’s a 7 Day Free Trial Pack for you to get started.  



Cropbytes Free Trial

Create an account here so you could get up to 500TRX worth of assets in-game  

if you complete the task. You could get an apple tree, an animal, or cropland that could help your farm. 


Now, it’s time to finally see the Cropbytes: All-New 3D Terrain 



Along with the 3D terrain, they also launched their NEW LOGO 


The mascot in the logo represents a cow from the game wearing a crown and chewing barley.  


The cow gives the idea of farming in a fun and playful manner.  The crown represents economics and the crypto universe inside the game.  And the barley represents the Crop in the business name and is also a suggestion to the farming aspect of the game. 


Cropbytes New LOGO



When I started on Cropbytes, the main token used in the game is TRX or TRON. It’s the currency you use for buying animals, feeds, and in their trading platform. 


But at the end of 2021, they have released their own Cropbytes Token or CBX which I have mentioned in my previous article about the BYBIT Launchpad



The utility of CBX is huge in the CropBytes metaverse.  


You can purchase packs and seeds, and can trade utilities and assets with them on the in-game exchange. 


CBX holders also get access to exclusive events. CBX token is available for trade on top-tier exchanges and the in-game exchange.  As CBX integrates with more projects and games, the utility of CBX will grow.  


CBX Cropbytes Token

Animal Health Bars 


Last update that I am personally thankful for is the ANIMAL HEALTH RESET 

I was happy when I heard that animal health bars are paused till the tokenization of assets.  


You see, in this game, each animal has a health bar,  if you forget to feed them within a day it loses 5% of their health and 10% on Sundays.  


Animals will not give any extracts if their health is below 80%. Meaning NO Earnings. 


Cropbytes Animal Health Reset

Well, that’s the challenge of the game. And I’m ALL for it. 


Although, it’s quite hard on my part especially having SO many animals.  


So when the health bars were paused, I focused on planting, harvesting and collecting feeds. 


And now that the health bars are back to 100%. I’m quite ready – I HOPE. 


Any Cropbytes farmer reading this that can relate?



So if you’ve played cropbytes before and stopped playing because it’s hard to reach 100% health again.  Now is your time to go back and play the game again. 


As per the team, after tokenization of assets, the animal health logic will be different, more user-friendly. 


Well, those are the updates I could share with you for now but note that it’s just the beginning of 2022.  There’s a lot more to look forward to in the coming months for this game, Cropbytes .



Create your Cropbytes account here to get up to 500 TRX worth of assets: https://bit.ly/CropbytesGainze Code: 0B9B45


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