Hey guys! I’m back with another upcoming play-to-earn game under the binance Smart chain. 

Today, we’ll be talking about Crypto Bee  – a yield farming type of game set to launch next month.  

Wanna know more about it? Then keep on reading.  


In CryptoBee, your goal is to build a productive bee park to earn honey. Support your bees by providing them with the best hive and by becoming the best beekeeper in the region!   

To better understand its gameplay, let’s talk about the NFT characters here in the game first. The creatures and the hives.  


Here in Crypto Bee there are different creatures that plays an important part in the game. 

Ancient Kingdom

First are the bees that are essential in the production of Honey. The bees have 2 characteristics: 

The honey production dictates how much raw honey your hive produces per hour. This production varies from 0.5 to 3 per hour depending on the rarity of your bee.  

And next is their health which lets you know if your bee can farm or fight. A bee with a health count of 0 will not be able to produce honey. 

Army of Chaos Apeiron

Of course, a bee colony cannot exist without its queen. The queen bee boosts your production and like any bees, they take a space in your hive. Queen bee is not only helpful for honey production but also during the battle mode.    

And last but not least is the bears – wild animals that are real honey lovers.  The bear has a great impact on the life of the hive. 

It allows you to reduce the tax when claiming your Honey Token. And they are very useful for the Battle Mode.  During your attacks, having a bear allows you to steal more raw honey from your opponents.   

All creatures you own can work together to earn Honey Tokens.  You can have as many bees or queen bees working together as the hive allows. 

SpiritCore NFT A

Now, let’s talk about the hive which provides the bees with a rich environment. Having a hive will allow you to host bees to create your honey.   

And just like bees, hives have two distinct characteristics:

Storage Capacity – that represents the number of bees that the hive can accommodate. And production boost – varying from 1 to 15% depending on the rarity of your hive.   


There are 2 game modes in CryptoBee:
The Farm Mode and The Battle Mode.  

The Farm mode is essential if you want to create your own honey.  This is where the bees work night and day to offer you the best production. 

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

To play in the Farm mode you need to: first, get your hive. Then get your first bees and make them work.   

As I’ve mentioned earlier, each hive has a limited number of spaces for your bees. These number of spaces varies according to the rarity of your hive.   

Once your bees are activated, they create raw honey that you can harvest at least every hour.  This honey can be used for the evolution of your hives.   

Aside from farming, there is also a battle mode here in Cryptobee – where your hives fight against hives from the outside world. 

This mode allows you to steal raw honey from your opponent (those that have not yet been harvested by your opponent) or if you are lucky enough steal an opponent’s bee.  

chinese ancient kingdom nft game

To avoid losing your bees in battle, you can heal your bees but it would cost you 10 raw honey.  This will allow your bee to recover 10 health points.    

Now if you want to shield all enemies’ attacks, you can buy a shield on CyrptoBee’s Marketplace. This will prevent all enemies from stealing your raw honey and hurting your bees.    

But the question is, how do you get all these NFTs to get started? Well, a limited number of packs will be available for sale at the price of 1 BNB for those that are whitelisted for the Premium Pack. 

DOM Token GOLD Token

The advantages of having these packs are getting the ONLY indestructible bees and queen bees in Crypto Bee. It also guarantees that you’d get very rare NFTs with strong characteristics.   

This premium pack will contain one legendary bee, queen bee, and hive.  But again, those will be for those whitelisted only.   

Don’t worry, there will be a genesis pack that will be available for everybody,  and it will be priced at 0.95 BNB 

This genesis pack contains one epic bee, queen bee and hive. If you are interested, this will be available at the beginning of June.  

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics


$Honey is the main token of CryptoBee. It can be earned through bee farming in the hive and also through fighting opposing hives.   

Its uses will be for the development of your park, for acquiring new hives and bees, and also to heal your bees once their energy is depleted.    

As per the supply, it has a total supply of 150,000,000.

89% will be reserved for the game, while marketing and event-airdrop have 5% each. Private Sale gets 1% of the total supply.    

As per the team, well they said, they decided not to hold any Honey Token because it does not want to influence the course and development of the game. The token address is yet to be announced.  

Ancient Kingdom NFT


Their roadmap shows that the development of the project started at the end of 2021. And this year, so far, they have been focused on developing the game rather than building their social media just yet.  

The website has just been launched recently along with the beta testnet game.   

What we can expect in the coming weeks and months are the launch of their Genesis  Pack Sale, the Official Launch of the CryptoBee Gen 1, the Listing of their coin, battle modes, and more.    

Now, talking about the team, unfortunately, they are not doxxed. We can only see their names and position on their document.   

We’re hoping to see more information about them to boost the project’s credibility. 

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap

Again, this is a fairly new project yet to be released in mid-June of 2022.  Although it’s good that we can see that there’s a game already available for testing – to fix all bugs and improve the game, still I hope they could release more vital information about the project to put future investors at ease.   

I’m looking forward to the release of their official social media channels so we could get the latest updates about the game.   

A word of caution before investing in the game as we always say, trade at your own risk and invest only in what you can afford to lose.   

So what are your thoughts about Crypto Bee? Let us know in the comments below.