Cyber City is a play-to-earn game with tokenized assets, virtual lands,  and NFT characters set in a futuristic cyberpunk megapolis. 

In the not-so-distant future, Cyber City dominates the planet, and corporations run the world. 

Cyber City

A wild mix between RPG, Strategy, and Turn-based Combat with some cool minigame mechanics – that’s what  Cyber City is. 

The theme of the game is a dystopian cyberpunk neo-Tokyo-styled future in the year 2088. 

The game itself is a battle for resources. Here, cyberians control and fight for territories to farm resources, assets, and CYBR Token that will be made tradable within the game and on external platform partners as well.

Haze Cyber City

Aside from fighting in the arena, you could also race and wager in companions races. Form bands, guilds, and alliances to dominate the land which you’ll build and develop or forge epic relics and gear. 

There are 10 characters in-game. And each character will have 4 main characteristics namely:  character type or body, companion, weapon, and clan.  

Cyber City NFT GAme

But aside from the characters, an important resource in this game are the City Blocks (NFT Assets) –  used as a Player’s Home Base that can be upgraded and developed.  

City Blocks are more than just your property, they generate CYBR Tokens to build your empire.  Owning city blocks gives you passive income. 

City Block Cyber City

NFT Boxes 

Cyber City has partnered with 10 NFT and DeFi platforms  that will showcase its first series of NFTs called The Genesis Wave.  

Each partner clan have 600 NFT boxes to drop on their respective communities  

which includes 1,000 NFT characters, city block virtual land assets, and gears. 

Here’s what’s inside each box:

Cyber City NFT Box

The Genesis Wave clan drops have already started last October in Liquidifty, Hyper Jump, and Ulti Arena and there’s more to come. 

When you buy a box from their partner you’ll be assigned to their clan.  e.g. buying from a Polygon gets you into a Polygon clan. The in-game clans’ competition is a major mechanic in Cyber City Inc.  

You can check out their website for the clan drop schedule.  


Cyber City is heavily dependent on two currencies: 

ALM Token which is the CORE currency that is already on the market –  central currency in the Alium Finance Ecosystem 

Cyber City Token

Next is the CYBR token – the game resource token earned by in-game activities and earning land 

CYBR has a total supply of 300,000,000.

Hopefully, we can have more information about the tokenomics of the game once it’s set. 


Cyber City is a product of a partnership between a Professional Game Development Studio  and Alium MultiChain DeFi and NFT Ecosystem with an Experienced Marketing team,  led by ex-Head of Marketing of 

Details about the Founders, team members and partners of Cyber City are included in their whitepaper linked below.

Although there’s no link to their personal accounts, I have searched for their linked-in accounts and they seem legit. 

Cyber City Team

Cyber City Roadmap

As mentioned earlier, the launch of the Genesis Wave Nfts has already started last October and is still ongoing now. So you still have a chance to get one! 

And as per their website, IDO is planned for February-March.  

Cyber City will launch the public sale of its token, CYBR on March 2022,  which will eventually lead to DEX and CEX listings. 

And the official release of the Cyber City beta version will be in July 2022.  

Cyber City Roadmap

Is it worth it? 

I must say, the art, character & story setting looks good! 

Plus they have strong Partnerships with 10 projects, including NFTb, Liquidifty, BlindBoxes, HyperJump, BitcoinCash and Polygon. 

But we still have to wait and see what the final outcome will be.  We can only hope that the gameplay lives up to its promise and that the tokenomics and growth model would truly be sustainable.  

Hoping we can hear more about detailed plans about it soon.  

For now, we just have to follow them on all of their social media accounts so can be updated about the game and it’s progress. 

What do you think about Cyber City? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Would you invest in an NFT box too? 

But note what we always say, TAYOR and DYOR. 

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