CyberTrade NFT Game

How’s everyone doing? There’s a new play to earn blockchain game that I think has a big potential.

And good news is, it has a FREE to play option.

In this blog, I’ll introduce to you the game play, lore, and ways to earn on this upcoming blockchain game – CYBERTRADE

I will also discuss the pre-registration where you can get a FREE skin and $50 prize.

Note that this is just a quick overview about the game, the detailed deep dive will be for another blog.

CyberTrade is a play to earn, blockchain game where players can earn CyberCash Token through racing and fighting. Yes, that’ right! Fist fight.

There’s fighting in game where you duel against other players in the city of Metropolit.

CyberTrade Fighting

Just a quick overview on the lore:

The City of Metropolit is a futuristic city in the year 2101 that has been largely taken over and under control by rich people and big corporations.

It happened after a technological revolution. They control the tech industries like weapons, robotics, pharmaceuticals, and communications.

We players, will be the good guys who will form gangs to fight against those corrupt corporations.

CyberTrade Syndicate


There are three ways to earn in this game:

First, by holding tokens. Next, by collecting NFT’s and last by playing against other players – where you can earn CyberCash.

CyberCash is their reward token. It’s like SLP on Axie Infinity.


There will also be a Free to Play option in this game for players. But of course, don’t expect a big return if you choose to play for FREE.

Like Axie Infinity and other NFT games your earning depends on your investment.


First of all, you just need to register online with your e-mail.

And speaking of register online, there’s an ongoing Cyber Trade pre-registration event where you have the chance to win $50. More on that later.


This game is like Axie Infinity. You’ll need 3 NFT fighters to start playing the game.

You can buy the fighters or bosses which are mintable NFTs on the store. Or, you can get fighters for Free to Play. But we still don’t have much info about that this time.

We have 5 Fighter Classes – Assasin, Defender, Medic, Warrior and Tank.

CyberTrade Fighter Attributes

We can equip them with items and weapons to boost their attributes. And in game items also have their own rarities.

From very common to legendary and mythical. There is an exact finite number on these rarity.

CyberTrade Item Rarity

Regarding racing, there are 3 types of cars – Speed Car, Motorbike and Truck.

Each car has 4 attributes that we need to understand on racing – speed, acceleration, handling and traction.

Cyber Trade Vehicles

This is really different from their other game – Trade Race Manager.

Trade Race Manager is more about trading. 

For more detailed info about Cyber Trade, you could read more on their official whitepaper.

Or you could also watch out for my upcoming blog where I discuss in detail – characters, syndicates, bosses, racing and more.


From the website alone, we could see how high the quality of their project is.

CyberTrade Website

We can also see the overview about the details game, game lore and setting, syndicates, NFT fighters and bosses, story background, how to play and how to earn.

This game really has deep lore and gameplay and if I discuss them one by one, this won’t be quick overview anymore.

This is one of the best games coming.


Now let’s discuss what everybody has been waiting for: FREE Pre-Registration Event

All who can pre-register will have an early access on the game. Aside from that, we will also get FREE skin once the game is launched.

Also, those who will register today until October 17 will have the chance to win $50 prize, on top of the FREE skin and early access in game.

Cyber Trade will randomly choose 10 registered emails. We’ll never know, you can be one of the lucky winners.

So how to register?

Just go to their website, click ‘Pre-register’
Then input your email, date of birth and check the terms and condition then click ‘Accept’

Once you see the ‘Thank You’ message, check your email for the confirmation. It’s that simple. CyberTrade isn’t asking for anything else but that.

There is nothing to lose on this Free to Play blockchain game – so you can share this to people that you think are interested.

And that’s the end of this blog.

What do you think of this game?

I actually had a good experience with their other game, trade race manager – which is the same company that developed cyber trade. But I know that Trade Race is not for everyone since it involves trading.

I trust in this project, I think it’s a hidden gem and it has a huge potential to be one of the biggest NFT games on 2022.

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Thanks for reading and until next time!

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