On my previous blog, I introduced you to DIGINATION – a Web3 Metaverse Portal.  

A cool project where you can transform NFTs like CryptoPunk and pudgy penguin into 3D playable character in this world.

And to present the innovative experience in DigiNation as a true Web3 metaverse, they will run their Alpha Test this month.  


Last time, I discussed the 4 components of DigiNation’s Metaverse:

  • Digiavatar –  which is the player’s identity required to enter the metaverse 
  • the NFT live program  that aims to empower other NFT projects to join the DigiNation metaverse as well.  
  • Digimaker a studio for players to Create 3D models to fit into the metaverse 
  • And the game: Crypto Survivor  a multi-player online tournament   

where can earn exclusive NFT gifts and DigiNation Token Allocations.  

For more info about those things – watch our previous Digination video.

DigiNation NFT Game Review

Not much dates were revealed there but now DigiNation is thrilled to announce that they will launch their Alpha Test on December 22. Mark your calendar guys! December 22 it is 

And the good news is, it’s not limited to DigiAvatar owners only! 

Holders of Pudgy Penguins and Cryptopunks could participate in the alpha test.  

Yeap, you read that right! Pudgy Penguins as well. All you have to do is register and stake your NFT then you will have an account with a playable character in Digination. 

Pudgy Penguin on Metaverse

DigiNation is the first metaverse that supports a wide array of crypto-native NFTs as playable characters.  

Exciting isn’t it? A metaverse that is built on the premises of multi-chain and interoperable NFTs and they can’t wait to have everyone participate in this experience.  


What’s in and what’s not in the Alpha Test? 

Different genres of games will be available in Digination’s Alpha Test 

this includes adventure, obby, role-playing, simulation and more.  

Although the gameplays are still in an early stage, you can already PLAY and EARN.

And they say the experience in the process will be more interesting than most of Gamefi in the market. 

Also, there’s a chance for you to get rare NFTs  when you join the alpha test – it can be sets of costumes  or a piece of furniture to decorate your home. 


When you own an NFT in DigiNation, not only can you trade it,  but you can also make a license copy for other players and earn tokens. 

Sadly, the DIGIMAKER is not yet open to the public during the Alpha Test. 

But there’s an embedded SPACE DIY features in some of the games that requires NO Coding and easy to use that players can try.  


How to join the Alpha Test?

First, you need a native or collab NFT to join their alpha test. 

DigiAvatar is the native identity system for Digination but as I’ve said earlier, owners of Cryptopunks and Pudgy Penguins can also join.  But more pending collabs on the way they say.  

If you have those NFT in your wallet, then you can enter the metaverse with the visualized 3D image of the NFTS. 

Note that Digination does not request any private information such as email or phone number to create an account. 

So if you don’t have an account yet, make sure to check out Digination’s social media links below to join this metaverse. 

Pudgy Penguin


As mentioned in the previous blog, Digination has not yet distributed its govenance token. But they will initiate an ERC 20 Test Token in this Alpha Test named #ALPHA.  

These tokens will only be used as a test token to reward early supporters, and do not have any token sale event.

Once DigiNation’s governance token is officially generated,  there will be no more ALPHA released, though it can still be traded or used for minting. 

DigiNation Alpha Tokens

The total amount of ALPHA token is 10,240,000.  

  • 512,000 ALPHA has already been airdropped to DigiAvatar holders. 
  • 500 ALPHA were given to each Digiavatar NFT last Dec 10. 

While about 4,608,000 ALPHA will be allocated as reward for the alpha test.

ALPHA will be distributed to users after the Test is over. 

And the rest of the ALPHA Tokens will be reserved for subsequent marketing campaigns and events. 


What’s the usage of Alpha? 

It will be used to mint exclusive Costumes and Rare Furniture NFT and also it will be used for future campaigns to grow DigiAvatar Attributes. 

Again, ALPHA Test will happen on Dec 22 at 2PM (UTC) and it will last for around 20 days. 

Note that all native and collab NFT holders get an equal chance to earn ALPHA Tokens through playing in the alpha test.  

And DigiAVATAR NFT Holders will have the bonus to get ATTRIBUTES GROWTH.


Remember in Digination’s tokenomics design, a treasury pool will reward tokens to DigiAvatars holders regularly based on DigiAvatars Attributes Weight in which way it’s called LIVE TO EARN. 

For more details about it, make sure to follow DIgination in all their social media linked below.  

So if you are a holder of Cryptopunk, DigiAvatar or Pudgy Penguin, you surely don’t want to miss this out! 

Be the first to step in to this 3D virtual world where you can interact with other NFTS in the metaverse! 

Digination Social Media Link:

Website: https://digination.io/

NFT Live: https://nftlive.digination.io/#/index

Digiavatar: https://digiavatar.digination.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Digi_metaverse

Discord: https://discord.gg/Jdbww6f6J7

Medium: https://medium.com/@digination

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTYU9lR4WPJ9CYS8luaSZvw

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