Hey guys! In today’s blog, we’ll be talking about a METAVERSE project called DigiNation.  


I’m sure you’ve heard about metaverse especially with Mark Zuckerberg’s  announcement and interview about Meta weeks ago.  

Metaverse Mark Zuckerberg Meta


DigiNation is a Web3 Metaverse featuring NFT-based innovation. And speaking of NFT  – the very first NFT product of DigiNation, was sold out in just 8 minutes. 


There are a lot of cool things that we can do here, and one of them is bringing your NFT to life.  For example, if you own a crypto punk NFT you could transform it into a 3D playable character in this world.  More about those later. 


To better understand what DigiNation is all about, we’ll be discussing 4 components of this metaverse: 


-NFT live 


And the game: Crypto Survivor 


Digination NFT Logo


Digination’s mission is to bring the world together through play.


Here you  can Socialize with your virtual friends, Organize or join any mini-games or events inside, Create or trade your NFTs in interactive 3D formats and  Participate in DAO and shape the future of the metaverse.


It’s a 3D virtual world, in which each player is represented by a DigiAvatar.  


DigiNation DigiAvatar


Digiavatar act as the player’s digital identity and is required to enter the Digination Metaverse. In other words, DigiAvatars are the humans of Digination, it is YOU, in an NFT. 


At this time it is on Ethereum but will be extended to other blockchains in the future. 


Each DigiAvatar will have a set of unique and native Appearance attributes, but players are free to decorate and costume their avatars in the metavese as well. Costumes are designed as NFTs in DigiNation. 


DigiAvatar Attribute


Those NFTs will evolve over time as the player progresses in the metaverse. It has on chain attributes like experience,level, contribution, fame and fertility that can grow depending on the players activities. 


DigiAvatar will also receive rewards based on their contribution in the metaverse’s creator economy. What you do in the metaverse affects your rewards 



There’s a total of 1024 Genesis avatar NFTs created and 950 were sold last week. 


Floor price is currently 5x of  the minting price – the other 74 NFT will be for  community members who helped in the development of Digination.


DigiNation Pudgy Penguin


As I’ve said earlier, what’s unique about Digination is their ability to bring 3D visualization to NFT.


DigiNation said they don’t seek to be an NFT manufacturer, but a platform enabling the integration of existing NFTS from other marketplaces into its metaverse.


So far NFTLive has just exhibited the classic CryptoPunks. Other collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pudgy Penguins are on the way.


Bored Ape



Here a user’s favorite 2D CryptoPunk NFT could be imported to DigiNation’s avatar creator, where it will be transformed into a 3D playable character in the virtual world.


The NFT Live program aims to empower other NFT projects to join the DigiNation metaverse.


Imagine seeing the popular 2D NFTs like cryptopunks and bayc as a 3d playable character in one space interacting with other digiavatars in the metaverse.

To better understand NFTLive check out this link.


NFT Live



The virtual world also comes equipped with a 3D creator studio called DigiMaker – a platform for everyone to compose by drag-and-drop – which is still to be released by the first quarter of 2022.


It is a no-coding development toolbox for everyone .


DigiMaker is a studio for players to:

-Create 3D models to fit into the metaverse directly;
-Create professional game scenes and levels by drag-and-drop;
-Utilize various messaging, logic, and payment plugins; and more.




This tool enables you to build original and playable multiplayer games in the DigiNation metaverse, and all the elements and final products are stored in the form of ERC721 NFT tokens.

Definitely, something to look forward to!




In early December, DigiNation plans to launch a multi-player online tournament called “Crypto Survivor”.


This tournament will mix gameplays from the reality show “Survivors” and the recently trending Korean TV drama “Squid Game”, but this will only be exclusive for whitelisted NFT holders to participate.


Crypto Survivor


They will create an island to allow participants(mostly DigiAvatars) to play and win, and the interesting thing is they  also invited Crypto punks to join the game, and lead the DigiAvatars to win the game.


All DigiAvatar holders can team up with CryptoPunk holders to compete in the tournament and earn exclusive NFT gifts and DigiNation Token Allocations.




The project team comprises of more than 20 people from Singapore, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam and China, mostly game developers and designers. The team has been working on virtual world/metaverse games for over 10 years.


However, the team aren’t fully doxed yet. But here’s a list off their investors:


DigiNation Partners


We have not issued any token for the project yet and the only product available now is the Genesis DigiAvatar on Ethereum.




DigiNation is a metaverse portal, which aims to build a borderless creation system as infrastructure to empower metaverse.


It’s s vision is the Metacreation of metaverse, by metaverse, for metaverse. And if you’re asking it is play to earn?


Well the teams prefers to call DigiNation’s tokenomics as ‘Live to Earn’. Play, Create, or Socialize with people, all behaviors are considered as ‘Live in Metaverse’ and those behaviors will be counted in the CONTRIBUTION attribute in the smart contract of DigiAvatars.


So, with DigiAvatar, they say you’re born to earn.


Digination Metaverse


In case you’ve missed MANA or SAND, you can be a part of this project. Surely something to follow and look out for.  And they’re just getting started so many things to look forward to.




In case you’ve missed MANA or SAND, you can be a part of this project. Surely something to follow and look out for.  And they’re just getting started so many things to look forward to.


Digination Social media link:

Website: https://digination.io/

NFT Live: https://nftlive.digination.io/#/index

Digiavatar: https://digiavatar.digination.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Digi_metaverse

Discord: https://discord.gg/Jdbww6f6J7

Medium: https://medium.com/@digination

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTYU9lR4WPJ9CYS8luaSZvw


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