Most of today’s NFT crypto Play-to-Earn games consist of a few basic elements, comprised of repetitive gameplay loops, and some other mechanics to make the game more appealing. But the game we’ll feature today is here to change that and take it up a few levels. A futuristic dog racing game built on Binance Smart Chain with a compelling Play-to-Earn component. 

Here, players will be able to train, breed, exchange, and race their virtual dogs, which will come in the form of smart NFTs.  

Introducing, Dorac (Race for Victory) 


DoRac is a metaverse space crypto Play-to-Earn game with MMORPG elements, running on WebGL. Powered by the Unity game engine, participants will be able to take part in greyhound racing as well as take on quests and other adventures within the DoRac metaverse.  


The ultimate kings at DoRac are, naturally, dogs. These digital beauties (or shall we say beasts) can not only be your NFT collectibles but also make you a sweet profit. So let’s get to know them better! 

Each dog in DoRac carries unique traits, personality, and stats. Stats in the game that will affect your dog’s performance on the race track are strength, health, weight, agility, stamina, endurance, power, and luck. 

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Each dog will also have two informative indexes: toughness and swiftness. Even though the higher-ranking dogs come with better stats by default, all tier breeds can be trained, which will improve stats.   

There are 6 different dog breeds here in Dorac and each breed comes with its specific characteristics and some visual key elements. In addition to the main stats, dogs will vary by sex and cosmetic features such as color and patterns, which will allow them to stand out during the races.   

Nothing lasts forever and neither does dog’s lifespan. Each dog can race for 240 days in total  (starting from the first race or training session).  After that, it can only breed for up to 125 days.  After the racing and breeding period, the dog will not be able to participate in races or breed and will be “retired”.  This mechanism is implemented to prevent overpopulation within the game.  

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Dogs whose life span has come to an end are retired automatically. Retired dogs can’t be raced or bred. Dogs can go on early retirement if the right conditions are met. Retired dogs are subject to “MERGE” and “Soul extraction”. 

Dogs can go on early retirement for superior bloodline merge if it has taken part in 70% [6720 runs] of their life span run limits. It can go on early retirement for soul extraction if it has taken part in at least 4 breeding procedures or has reached 60% [5760 runs] of its life span run limits. 

 And lastly, dogs can go on early retirement for “Elder” merging if it has taken part in at least 5 breeding procedures or have taken part in 80% [7680 runs] of their life span run limits.    

Early retirement will cost a set amount of DRT [DoRac Reward Token]. 


SpiritCore NFT A

DoRac is innovating the use of NFTs in gameplay by incorporating ‘Smart NFTs,’ which will allow each dog’s attributes to be altered based on training and racing without having to be re-minted. This will help players save on gas fees, and simplify the ownership, breeding, and training of each dog.   

Dorac offers several ways that you as a player will be able to interact within their metaverse.  One way will be by getting your hands on Doracian ID and another way will be as a visitor. 

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Player ID plays a big role in Dorac — having one means full access to the metaverse, the ability to buy land, construct buildings one can rent or sell, breed doges more often, and also discounts on services depending on your earned REP (Reputation). This will play a big role in how you interact with the game and how many things you can do within it. All ID NFTs will be unique with different cosmetic traits and will be held in a personal wallet, including metamask and others, that will also eventually connect to their platform. These IDs will be tradable on NFT markets on the BSC chain or later on Dorac’s own marketplace.    

But as I’ve said earlier, even if you don’t have one, as a visitor you can still have basic use of the platform, allowing you to partake in races, breed, train, and heal their dogs, but not experience the entire DoRac metaverse. 

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Here in Dorac, there will be different race and competition mechanics:  

First, there are Daily Races which require 8-12 Dogs per race.  On the daily $DRT Race Modes, there is a breed race only dogs of the same breed can join, and an untrained dog’s race. While on the $DORC race modes, aside from the two mentioned earlier, there’s also a regular race where all dogs can join and a dog tier race where only dogs from the same tier can join. Both races require 15 Stamina per race.  

DOM Token GOLD Token

Aside from that, there will also be tournaments that will be held every 15th day and last for 10 hours. Racer’s scores will be tracked by an active/live leaderboard. To qualify for a tournament a Player ID/wallet address needs to get a racer tier. 

The participant needs to be a  Tier 1 or Bronze racer or higher tier in order to qualify. Tournaments will also require Tickets which will cost a set amount of BUSD or $DORC token equivalent.    

And lastly, there will be Championship which will come with a varying prize pool ranging from DORC tokens, in-game consumables, land lots, and facilities. Only racers who have at least 50 points on the tournament leaderboard can enter. The championship will be held once every 91st day, players will have a 2 hours window in which they can register for the championship.  Like the tournament, the registration fee can be paid in BUSD or DORC token equivalent. 

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Once you decide you’re ready to grow your dog family, you enroll the dog in a breeding house where it will go on a “date”.  Your dog NFT combined with another dog NFT of the opposite gender will create a new third dog NFT.  

Both the parent dog NFTs are sent to the Genetic Algorithm (GA) via Binance smart chain contract, and a newborn puppy can enter the world along with its parents. 

There are 3 levels of breeding houses, each determines the duration of the breeding process and the price. Dog NFTs are locked and unable to race nor replenish stamina while undertaking the breeding process. In case you have just one dog, you can partake in collaborative breeding. A female dog owner pays a fee to a male dog owner and keeps the offspring. The fee is agreed upon between the two players beforehand. 

Important note — breeding can only occur if both parents’ stamina is at 100. In addition, of course, there will be breeding costs applied depending on the sequence. Both $DORC and $DRT are needed to pay for the breeding. 

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Of course, there will be facilities in this metaverse. – structures that players will interact with. Initially, players will only have access to three basic facilities: Training Grounds, Breeding Houses, and Health Centers.  In addition to basic buildings, there will be a marketplace, utility shops, renting stations, and arenas.  More buildings will be introduced gradually.   

Quite a lot right? But this offers players a way to earn DORC while enjoying their time in our ecosystem. 

By winning races, tournaments, and championships. 

  • Breeding. 
  • Selling doge NFTs or player ID’s. 
  • Renting buildings or land lots.
  • Renting doges and ID’s. 
  • Trade in-game items. 
  • Rent in-game services to other players. 
Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap


DoRac will have a two-token $DORC DoRac token and $DRT system. 

Their Native Token $DORC is DEFLATIONARY and built on Binance Smart Chain, you can use it to participate in races, train and feed your dogs, and more. The maximum supply is 1.2 Billion. 

While $DRT is their utility token that will serve as a free race or daily $DRT race reward and will be mostly used in combination with $DORC token to cover breeding fees, and will also be used to partly pay for other services and consumables in the DoRac metaverse. And here is how it will be distributed.    

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All transactions on the platform will be made in combination with DoRac’s native token $DORC with $DRT to ensure constant demand.  Every service cost in the metaverse will be displayed in $DORC, $DRT, or fiat currencies.  

The price volatility of $DORC or $DRT won’t affect service costs, what is set to cost 10$ worth of tokens will remain 10$ regardless of how many tokens it equals. 

Note that the token contract is already deployed and is audited by Solidity Finance.  For more in-depth information about their tokens and tokenomics, you may check out their official whitepaper at their website. 

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It has now been 10 months since this wild ride of bringing the racing game DoRac to life started.  In between the noise, the ups and downs of the market, and all of the other turmoil that is so typical to Web3, that team has not stopped building.

As per their website, there are still ongoing campaigns to ensure the success of the project. From community growth from Phase 1 to Fundraising and Marketing in Phase 2 to Smart Contract Development and Community Test of the Game.  

What we’ll expect this Phase 4 is of course the Public Sale and Token Generation Event, NFT Minting, and finally,  the Launch of the game.  But of course, it won’t stop there, game expansion will continue to happen after the release of the game. 

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The founders of the game have thoroughly contemplated the gaming loop in order to avoid a boring,  repetitive gaming experience.  And I’m happy to say that this project has a fully doxxed Team. You may check the core team and their Twitter and linked-in profile on their website 

By partnering with gaming guilds such as Triple Crown, BreedFi, and AxB guild, the DoRac metaverse is all but guaranteed a steady player base on release which will bolster their economy and competition in races.  

And the good thing is they are constantly giving updates on the project through all their social media platforms.  

If you are interested in more up-to-date info, you are always welcome to hop on their Discord and ask questions  — diligent teammates and admins of DoRac are always there for support, questions, or just a good laugh. 

There’s always something brewing in DoRacLand, for you not to miss any announcements make sure to check all their social media channels linked below.    

That’s it for now! Let us now your thought about Dorac on the comment below.