Today we’ll be talking about another POLYGON Based Play to Earn 

Game and it’s called Dragon Master. 

A game that combines real-time strategy, MOBA,  

Collection and Play to earn gameplay.  

Dragon Master Logo

As I’ve said in the intro Dragon Master is a play to earn game built on Polygon. 

For those unfamiliar with it, Polygon is a solution for  

Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, enabling fast, inexpensive and secure payment transactions with smart contracts.  

Polygon Logo

So what is DragonMaster? 

It’s a metaverse game with different super-powered ‘Dragons’  that you can capture and collect.  

The game’s story takes place in Lemuria – a dragon-dominated world.  

And there’s an island there called dragonstone where dragons battle for status and honor.

Many totem stones were recently discovered there- a vital raw ingredient in manufacturing dragon crystals.

And now major dragon tribes are fighting in that island for totem stones. 

DragonMaster NFT


First, let’s talk about the characters in this game – the dragons.  

There are different sizes of dragons ranging from S to XL. 

The bigger the size, the heavier the weight, the weaker the attacking power.  

Basic Attributes are Attack, Weight, Speed and Durability while skills depends on the dragon type such as critical hit, acceleration, lifesteal, shield, freeze, blast and etc…, and some of them are extremely rare and limited. 

DragonMAster NFT

Here you have to collect dragons to form your own dragon lineup and lead them into fierce 1V1 battles with online players. 

The dragons will compete on the battlefield of 5 tracks.  

Based on their strategies, both players can choose the tracks to send out the dragons.  

When in battle, the larger weight dragons can push the lighter ones to the end of the track and cause damage to the pushed player’s HP.  

But of course it’s not just about the sizes but also the dragons skills and superpowers. 

When one player’s HP hits zero, the winner will be announced. 

Dragon MAster NFT

Dragon Master is a strategy battle game where you earn $TOTEM tokens by winning battles against players and by completing daily tasks of the game.  

And aside from ARENA matches, they say there will also be monthly tournaments where top players get Dragon Master Token Rewards. 

And as with many other NFT Games, you can breed dragons in game. 

Dragon Master Breeding

Players will have their chance to get their dragons in genesis dragon egg drop or future breeds. 

The First Presale Whitelist is over but don’t worry, there’s still a second one happening now until Dec 13. If you want to participate then you can head on to their website or discord channel linked below for more information. 

Dragon Master White Listing


There are 2 Tokens in Dragon Master – TOTEM and DMT. 

In Dragon Master’s battles, the winner will receive the game reward $TOTEM.

$TOTEM is a decentralized asset, and players are free to choose where it goes and what to do with it such as buy game props, upgrade talent system and more or trade it in the trading market.  

Dragon Master NFT

While DMT or Dragon Master Token is an ERC-20 governance token for the Dragon Metaverse.

With a Total Max Supply of 1 Billion –  DMT holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes. 

For in depth details about the token allocations and unlock schedule, you could check it on their whitepaper linked here.  

Dragon Master Token


Dragon Master is a pretty new game that has started only this year. 

Currently it is on the internal pre-testing stage. And as I’ve said awhile ago pre-sale is happening now and Public Beta Test will start on the 30th of December but only player who minted the Genesis Dragon Egg can join.  

Upcoming events this 2022 is their token public sale, tournaments, ring match, multiplayer match and so much more! 

Dragon Master Roadmap


Again, Dragon Master is fairly NEW. We only have their website and whitepaper to review. But with what we have now, the game shows potential especially with their partnership with Polygon that will make Dragon Master players benefit from super fast and affordable transactions. 

However, we have not much info about the TEAM yet except their called Magic Hat – a technology-focused gaming studio founded early 2021 which consists of 36 FULL time employess with the Genesis Team based in thje UK and the rest of the members coming from all over the world.  

I know, hopefully, we can hear more about them in the coming months. 

Dragon Master Team

As they said in their medium article, Dragon Master’s NFT will play more roles in metaverse in the future, and participation in the game is only the first stage.

In the future, more gameplay will be added to NFT, while Dragon Master NFT holders will also receive more rights and rewards.  

I’m excited to see how their vision for  to grow from a blockchain-based Play To Earn game to a Dragon Metaverse featuring virtual characters, residences, even careers will turn out. 

Dragon MAster NFT

What do you think about Dragon Master? Would you try it out? 

Let me know in the comments below.  

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