Ember Sword MMORPG

Are you one of those kids, years ago, who loved playing MMORPGs, like RAN Online and Ragnarok?

If you are a big fan of games like Runescape and World of Warcraft, then I’m sure you’re gonna love Ember Sword.

So before we start, I just want to let you know that everything we will discuss is purely based on the currently available materials that we have researched during the time of writing.

Gameplay Mechanics and Game Progression

Ember Sword Foraging

Ember Sword is an upcoming MMORPG that’s designed to be fully immersive.

The game universe will become player-driven (more on that later), and the combat system is going to be fast-paced and largely mechanically skill-based.

If you are familiar with the game style of Monster Hunter, I’d say it’s kinda similar to it.

In order to become competitive and powerful in the world of Ember Sword, you must become mechanically skilled with the game’s battle mechanics and maneuvers.

Unlike most famous RPGs where grinding exp and leveling up is a thing in order to become stronger and gain the upper hand in battles, there will be no such thing as stat growth for strength, speed, vitality, and such.

Just think of Minecraft and Monster Hunter, wherein those games, you don’t actually get stronger as the game progresses, you just become better at the game mechanically -minus the part where you get more powerful gear as you keep playing.

However, leveling up your character’s skills is still going to be a major part of progressing through the game.

Even though your character doesn’t level up, each of your skills does!

There will be a bunch of separate skills that you can grind from level 0 to 100. Its relevance would be about weapons and crafting.

Ember Sword Weapons

There are three types of weapons in-game: melee, ranged, and energy.

And within each of those 3 types are many subtypes, like 1-handed swords and 2-handed swords under “melee.”

For ranged types there would most likely be a bow and perhaps a crossbow, etc.

Each of these subtypes will be equivalent to an individual skill that you can level up from 0 to 100.

The more you use a specific weapon type, the quicker you can advance your skill levels associated with it and unlock new abilities.

So, yes, for gamers who love grinding so much, you’ll surely enjoy grinding your skills in Ember Sword.

Free-to-Playability & Pay-to-Winnability, NFTs, and LANDS

Ember Sword Free to Play

The game will soon launch as a free-to-play browser game and eventually as a cross-platform game -which is a big plus!

Not only is it free, but it’s also going to be very accessible.

There are no NFTs required for gamers to start playing Ember Sword.

Ember Sword Graphics

As for what the game developers revealed to the community, players are going to have the opportunity to buy, sell, win, and craft NFTs in the form of weapon skins and character skins.

Yes, all weapons and armors are all going to be cosmetic.

This means, both the whales and free-to-play gamers are going to be on equal ground with no unfair advantage over one another.

Welp! In my experience, player aesthetics and weapon skins aren’t exactly game-breakingly advantageous when it comes to combat. Hehehe…

Ember Sword Characters

You are allowed to switch to any type of weapon in the game, no matter which class you pick…

-which is a trick I just said, coz another thing that’s important to note is that there will be no classes to choose from when starting the game -which sets it apart from most MMORPGs.

Everybody’s a freelancer, so players are basically free to do whatever they want. Just as how the developers want the game to feel.

So knowing all this makes Ember Sword even more exciting for competitive gamers who do not rely on getting better gear and leveling up stats just to have an advantage on both PvE and PvP.

I mentioned earlier that the game universe is designed to be player-driven.

This is because the plot lands of the game are going to be owned by the players themselves.

That’s right, aside from cosmetic NFTs, we also have Digital Real Estate right inside the game!

The devs intended for the game to be non-repetitive and full of adventure within the community of gamers.

By pushing this decentralized game design, the game developers are able to create an engaging player-controlled universe.

Ember Sword Lands

Unlike other games, all the decision makings for the game are made solely by the devs.

They call it a “theme-park experience,” wherein players basically just sit back and go with the flow. But not in Ember Sword.

Ember Sword landowners are the ones who’ll decide how to evolve and manage the game world.

The developers of Ember Sword claim that:

“because of the landowners, every player will get to experience a world that is ever-changing and truly alive, instead of one that grows boring and stale over the years.

“It’s going to be a world that adapts to the players at any given time, and one that is not just controlled by one group of game developers, but by thousands of players.”

Isn’t that exciting?

Lore of Ember Sword

Ember Sword Lore

Now, let’s talk a little bit more about the Lore of Ember Sword…

The world of Ember Sword is set on the moon of Thanabus. This world is split into four nations.

In the region in the Northwest lies Ediseau. It is the seat of power for the Republic, ruled by Arch Claudius.

Ediseau was once a humid forest until the historic Catastrophe transpired.

Ediseau is now a snowy frontier that is mostly covered by icy tundra and high mountains.

Ember Sword Sevrend

In the Southwest, you will find Sevrend -a land intensified by shades of death.

A region ruled by a mysterious guerilla general known only as “The Wisp.”

What was once a huge land of lush jungles was burnt to ashes when the historic Catastrophe exposed the very mantle of Thanabus.

Now, Sevrend’s jungles are overgrown and enclosed by hot air and poisonous fauna.

And deep in the middle of the land is a wasteland of ash and rocks with bottomless fissures and cliffs that keep spewing fumes and flames.

Ember Sword Duskeron

To the Southeast lies Duskeron -a huge, hot, and dry, desertland.

Beneath the giant heaps of sand lies many ancient historic technological artifacts buried by disasters.

Noss Scarrow, the current Trade King, is the one keeping the peace in this land filled with scavengers and traders.

Ember Sword Solarwood

Lastly, to the Northeast we go to Solarwood -the land that thrives with vegetation, rivers, and oceans.

Solarwood is made up of lush and vibrant forest lands with plenty of meadows and farmlands in a very humid climate.

So far, Solarwood stands out as the most livable place of all four regions.

Dalcor Kritana, a man loyal to President Arch Claudius, oversees the lands of Solarwood.

Land Territories

Each of the nations will consist of 3 types of territories: Kingship, Wilderness, and Outlaw.

Ember Sword Outlaw Territories

The most dangerous of lands, but also most rewarding, would be the Outlaw territories.

They are founded on the edges between two Nations.

Here you can gain rare resources and fight high-level monsters. Players can also attack each other here, so watch your back.

It is also in these territories that you will fight for control over Outlaw camps, which can reward NFTs for you with rare collectible cosmetics.

Ember Sword Kingship Wilderness

Wilderness territories will be mostly PvE-oriented. They’ll be rich in resources, monsters, and NPCs.

Players are allowed to attack other players in this area if they belong to another nation.

It is in both territories of Wilderness and Kingship where Open-World Bosses can spawn.

And these bosses can drop very rare NFT cosmetics.

Kingship territories are strictly PvE. Here is where players go to expect plenty of resource collection, NPCs, quests and etc.

Kingship territories are going to be controlled by the community through ownership of plots of land.


Ember Sword Updates

And that’s it for now! We’ll be keeping an eye on future updates about Ember Sword.

The game’s future sounds very promising since it is designed to attract players from the non-blockchain gaming world.

We believe that the game is gonna keep bringing in gamers from the mainstream games and platforms until Ember Sword becomes a mainstream Blockchain game itself.

There are so many more things that are left to talk about Ember Sword.

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