Hey guys! In today’s article, we’ll talk about a game created by MMO hardcore gamers, for gamers.  

If you miss FF11, Everquest 2, Dark Age of Camelot, and more generally group-based MMORPGs, well this game is for you. Here, players will be able to own the land & bosses in-game through NFTs and get some in-game quality of life benefits. 

Introducing the 2D MMORPG world of Era Spheres! 


Era Spheres is a 2D hardcore MMORPG  with hand-made pixel art and animation.  This game is on Solana set in a Dark Fantasy world.  

Enter the world of Era Spheres, an engaging GameFi MMORPG that harkens back to the online gaming culture of decades past. True to its roots, Era Spheres rewards players who collaborate in their fights through the twisted landscape of the Sphere.    

Here users will fight for the very survival of humanity in collaboration with other players. Explore the action-packed overworld and crawl through dark dungeons and raids searching for rare loot that has intrinsic value in Era Spheres’ native currency! 

Ancient Kingdom


Era Spheres is bringing back the Holy Trinity of MMORPGs! Play as a Warden, Spellcaster, or Prodigy as you collaborate to overcome dynamic in-game challenges. Here, players cooperate to repel monsters, level up their skills, and rediscover long-forgotten magics. Collaborate with other players, combine Sphere Magic, and fight for the very survival of humanity!   

Now let’s talk about each of these classes: 

The Warden plays a big role in staying alive in Dungeon or against Boss raids!  Wardens take an Oath to protect humanity and the Spheres against hostile creatures. Utilize various attack moves to protect teammates and deliver bone shattbone-shatteringering damage alike. 

Spellcasters are the bread and butter who cut through the hordes of enemies by using all sorts of powers and rituals. In other words, you don’t want them angry.

Trained from an early age on matters of the World, the Titans, and other creatures,  Prodigies manifest the Sphere’s magic to heal rather than destroy. 

Army of Chaos Apeiron

Each class boasts unique skills that make collaboration the best way to pass through the lands of Era Spheres safely! While you can quest alone, you risk the dangers of the unknown that lurk in the shadows of the Spheres.   

As you slay beasts and engage with the world of Era Spheres, your character will grow in level. Simultaneously, you’ll unlock attribute and skill points that allow you to customize your character in dynamic ways.    

Attribute points allocate automatically by the game itself.  Skill points work differently and require player interaction. 

SpiritCore NFT A

Players will find two dynamically engaging ways to interact with the world of Era Spheres: 

Traverse the overworld as you fight your way through the chaos, finding rest in settlements filled with engaging and diverse NPCs, shops, and human players. Players can engage in quests, exchange items, farm the land, and more!    

The second is to strike back against the beasts by participating in the engaging dungeon crawling and raid system of Era Spheres! Initially, raids consist of three players who collaborate to clear set raid parameters, allowing for a multitude of combat scenarios.   

But be warned! When you die in Era Spheres, you lose some of your in-game gold which will be redistributed to the owners of the lands on which you died and to the Era Spheres Treasury. 

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron


Era Spheres not only allows players to earn while playing but offers opportunities to stake a perpetual claim in the gameplay environment itself. Owning a piece of land or a boss monster in the form of an NFT entitles the holder to 80% of SPHERES lost by adventurers within that area or dungeon!  The remaining 20% of SPHERES are proportionally redistributed to all who Land NFTs. 

Aside from that NFTs will have in-game bonuses. Players who connect their wallets while playing will benefit from these bonuses when they’re in the relevant in-game area. 

Land & Boss NFT sales will be eligible for purchase at the end of this year and tradeable on NFT marketplaces. 

chinese ancient kingdom nft game


The project will have two main utility tokens.  

The main game Token, $ERA, has several characteristics that make it a crucial component of the world of Era Spheres. The main governance token will be used for staking, and governance, and will have holding and in-game utilities.   

Spheres are the secondary token. Players will be able to use and earn spheres tokens in-game and they will also be tradable on open markets. A buy & burn mechanism, as well as a strong token economy, will make sure the SPHERES token sustains its value over time.    

For more information about their tokenomics, check out their official website at https://eraspheres.com/ 

DOM Token GOLD Token


Work on Era Spheres began in Q4 2021 when the research phase of the project began. They launched their social media early this year along with the onboarding of their advisors. 

Quarter 2 is where they launched their official game teaser video.  But one thing we must look forward to this time is their upcoming IDO.   

Make sure to follow them on their social media channels so that you’ll be updated on the infos about it. 

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics

Now Let’s take a look at the vibrant personalities that help make the magic happen!   

Era Spheres was founded by Florian Hermet, the CEO of Nodeseeds,  one of SolanaPrime’s early investors. With a deep passion for games and people,  Florian serves as the team’s fearless leader.   

Next, we have Vincent Metallo, their Lead Game Artist.  With an extensive history as a game artist, Vincent has undertaken successful game launches on the multinational online gaming platform Steam and has another title, Last Moon Game, releasing soon! Vincent’s passion for games and rich industry experience makes him a significant asset to the Era Spheres team. 

Ancient Kingdom NFT

Then we have Jon Brant, the Lead Game Developer. His rich industry experience blends the tactile motions necessary to facilitate an exciting gameplay experience with the pixelated charm that defines the world of Era Spheres.   

And Gerold brings significant networking experience to the Era Spheres team, facilitating the MMO part of the Era Spheres MMORPG.    

Aside from the ones I mentioned, there are plenty of other great people working on the project –advisors, designers, CMs, artists, devs, and more.   

Era Spheres boasts a healthy and growing list of talented team members and advisors who share the vision to bring this exciting MMORPG to life! 

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap

What more can I say?  Some play-to-earn games feel like a chore list rather than a game. Era Spheres focuses on both play and earning, offering players skill-based mechanics that test their abilities and reward them accordingly.   

This is why you’ll be stoked for Era Spheres!  The three-class system will have you remembering why you loved hardcore MMORPGs in the first place! The immersive and engaging lore offers a rich gameplay experience that satisfies both blockchain-based and traditional gamers’ appetites. 

So make sure to keep an eye on the Era Spheres social media channels for upcoming announcements,  dates, giveaways, and reveals! And for the details of their upcoming IDO.    

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