Farmers World is an NFT- powered farming game on the Wax blockchain. 

This is actually pretty new since it just arrived in early July but was officially released last August 1.

Here in this post, we’ll be discussing everything we know so far about this game.

Farmers World was inspired by a real letter in a mysterious land – Amazon.

The devs were attracted by this story and wanted others to know about it. And so they decided to convert it into a game – called Farmers World.


This game is still at its infancy. At this time, the game is more focused on mining and crafting using your NFT Game cards.

There are 3 main resources in Farmers World: Wood, Food and Gold corresponding to 3 tokens:

FWW (Wood Coin), FWF (Food Coin), FWG (Gold Coin).

Tools and health are required to exploit these resources.

And by tools, I mean the Farmers World NFT game cards.

Axe, Saw, and Chainsaw is used to harness Wood Coin.

Fishing Rod, Fishing Net, and Fishing Boat are needed to exploit Food Coin.

Mining Machine is required to extract Gold Coin.

Exploitation yield varies depending on the level of working tools.

During the extraction process, the player’s health declines;  and that’s where Food Coin comes in – to supply energy.

Using the fishing tool, players can catch fish and use that FOOD to maximise their STRENGTH stats – the main requirement for assembling WOOD.

Every time WOOD is collected, your STRENGTH stamina and tool wear will be consumed.

And to repair the tools, you need the gold coin. The gold coin can also be used to buy new tools..

You can farm GOLD and NFTs within Farmers World just simply by mining and playing in the game. Besides, farmers can use GOLD and WOOD to create or smith their own tools

How to Get Started

To be a part of Farmers World, first you need to own a WAX Cloud Wallet account or an Anchor account to login to the game.

Personally, I’m using the wax wallet. 

If you don’t have one yet, just go to to create your account. 

If you have an account already, then head on the farmers world website at

At this time, they still don’t have a mobile app yet but it’s coming soon they say since they have already been working on the Farmers World app for both IOS and Android platforms.

Upon logging in, you’ll see that NFT game cards are needed to start mining.

And I’m not gonna lie, it’s quite expensive to get started in this game especially at this time that the price of their tokens has already gone up..

To get those NFT game cards there are two options, buy the tool cards directly at the market or smith. 

For SMITH just click smithy and you’ll see the list of tools available and how much wood or gold is needed to craft that.

Then to get wood or gold you could either go to to swap your wax for the token you need for that resource or buy those token packs available on atomic hub.

Go back to farmers world and deposit your tokens in exchange for resources then you can use it to craft.

But if want to skip the hassle and just want buy the cards directly, those cards are found on the Atomic Hub. Just search for This is where you can buy farmer’s world items such as tools to help you get started or starter packs.

It’s best if you could already start with an axe and a fishing rod to sustain your farming but it could be very expensive. If you are on a budget you could just start with a stone axe and just craft other NFT cards like fishing rod once you’ve gathered enough resources. 

All tools you purchase from the atomic hub will be stored in your farmers world  chest. 

Click wear if you want to use that item.

Then click mine BUT this is what you’ll see if it’s your first time and you haven’t staked wax on your wallet.

Since this game is on the wax blockchain, it is necessary to stake wax  to make transactions like this on the farmer’s world. Check out our video about staking wax.

But if you have already done that, then the mining process will proceed smoothly and you will receive your reward.

Then the countdown clock will start to count. 

Every time you mine, energy and durability will be deducted. consuming energy and durability depends on each tool. 

To repair your tool, you need gold coins and to replenish energy you need food.

But what if you just have an axe to get started? You can’t fish or mine gold. Well, there are many ways to get that, first option is to buy those coins on atomic hub but if you don’t want to shell out cash or wax you could just convert to coin those woods you gathered and swap that coin for fwf for food on alcor exchange. 

Aside from tools and packs, for those who want to take their farming and mining to the next level, there are also membership cards available on the market which help increase the power and luck of your mining tools that can also mine farmer Coin necessary to smith membership cards in game. 

At this time, that’s pretty much what you do in-game, check-in every hour to mine and gather little by little those resources to earn.

Ways to Earn

Since this is an NFT game that means it’s play to earn. But what do you earn and how do you earn in this game?

First, the NFT game cards you buy or craft, you could sell at the atomic hub

And next, the resources you mine like wood, food or gold, you could convert into coins and exchange it for wax on Alcor

How fast your investment returns depend on the tools you purchase, the movement of the market, your mining strategy, and how much you grind. 

Is it Worth it?

I know what you’re thinking! Here’s another click to earn game… Kinda like alien worlds and R planet which you know we are not a big fan of. Coz it looks more like just clicking and mining with not much fun to it. 

BUT the devs actually addressed it  and said they want their players to both “Play To Earn” and “Play For Fun” and they want to ensure that participants will have delightful experiences aside from merely clicking to exploit resources.

And I’m holding on to their word. 

As I’ve said in the beginning of this video, the game is just getting started and they have many things in store in the coming weeks and months like daily missions; farming pets and battle (PvE), lands and new more features. How it will look like, we still don’t know but what really excites the plantita in me is the crop cultivation coming soon.

As I’ve said in the beginning of this video, the game is just getting started and they have many things in store in the coming weeks and months like daily missions; farming pets and battle (PvE), lands and new more features. How it will look like, we still don’t know but what really excites the plantita in me is the crop cultivation coming soon.

They have said it a few times that they are currently building a similar version of the once-famous  Happy Farm game where players can grow plants, chop wood, fish, and raise livestock and poultry just as real farmers do.  

If they are able to create and deliver with their promise and create a fun and exciting game then this can be good for the long term but if not, it’s gonna be hard to sustain.

At this time though, we don’t have much knowledge about the devs and the company but the game looks promising. We can only look forward to what they have been working on. 

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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