Are you a huge fan of RPGs like Suikoden, Persona, and Final Fantasy?

There’s just something intoxicating about these turn-based games and their grinding element.

I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is, but it’s good enough that I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves them.

A lot of NFT games have already become playable this year and there are some RPGs among them as well. 

But next year, another one will be joining in the blockchain party -and this one is fully 3D rendered from the world to the characters and to the items. 

Presenting: Fate of Saga 

Fate of Saga NFT Game

Game Overview 

Fate of Saga is a new free-to-play play-2-earn Tactical RPG which has both PvE and PvP elements. 

It basically involves one player’s own team vs a team of NPCs or another player’s team if he so chooses Team Battle Mode 

Every player will be able to control six characters and in each turn the player can choose an action from 5 different acts. 

A game finishes when a team exhausts all of his characters. And each battle is only expected to last within 3 to 5 minutes. 

The NFT characters, weapons, fashion equipment, and companions that you can mint, own, and trade are very much upgradeable assets. 

We’ve all been playing a lot of Final Fantasies, Tales, and Dungeon Quests. 

And anyone who’s familiar with JRPGs and regular RPGs knows this: grinding makes you stronger, and grinding for stats raises the overall value of everything you have. 

Fate of Saga NFT Character

This means the more you play and progress in the game and the more you upgrade your NFTs, the higher its value becomes when sold in the marketplace. 

And this discussion leads us directly to talking about ways to earn in Fate of Saga. 

Fate of Saga NFT Weapons

How to Earn (NFTs) 

There are four categories of NFTs available in Fate of Saga. 

Characters, Weapons, Fashion, and Companions. 

And these are all 3D NFT assets, as you can clearly see. 

These NFTs are tradable in the marketplace -and that’s just one way of earning. 

Gonla1_12 Fate of Saga

Each player gets a free hero to start with since the game is Free-to-Play and requires no initial investment for a player to start earning FOFS Coins or Fate of Saga Tokens just by playing and participating in battles. 

FOFS Tokens can be traded for other tokens on DEXes like PancackeSwap and it can also be used to mint more characters. Although this process takes more time. 

If you choose to invest in the game, then you can get some FOFS tokens and ATOR tokens to purchase some FOFS Boxes which can either be Characters Box, Weapons Box, Fashion Box, or Companion Box. 


The first phase of the game includes 10 playable human characters. 

There are 5 classes and 5 different rankings for our NFT Characters. 

Hero, Fighter, Defense, Archer, and Support Class. 

For ranking, there are Common, Rare, Special, Special Rare, and Super Special Rare. 

Aka Fate of Saga NFT

NFT Weapons 

On the other hand, our NFT Weapons have 6 classes: Sword, Kinfe, Gun, Arcane, Shield, and Knuckles 

And, five levels of rarity as well: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. 

Fate of Saga NFT Weapon

NFT Companions 

Each NFT Companion can have one of these six elements: Fire, Water, Electricity, Air, Light, and Darkness. 

Well, no Earth apparently… 

These NFTs have the same 5 Rankings as the Character NFTs. 

How to Earn (Tokenomics) 

There are many ways to acquire FOFS tokens: 

One is by trading in DEXes like PancakeSwap. 

Another is by playing the game and participating in in-game events like PvP Arena, Raid Boss, Special Dungeons. 

And, you can also stake and farm more FOFS tokens on the website and on the Binance Smart Chain Network 

FOFS Token

DO TAKE NOTE that $FOFS token is the subordinate token used in Fate of Saga only for specific purposes. 

And the total max supply is uncapped, however, its supply is regulated by a burning mechanism. 

Atoric Token

Atoric, or otherwise called as ATOR Tokens, is the governance token of the game that belongs in the Binance Smart Chain Network as well. 

$ATOR is minted and earned through in-game quests, events, and staking $ATOR 

It’s also available in DEXes, and it’s used as governance in community voting. 

Atoric is needed for purchasing and upgrading characters, weapons, runes, and companions. 

Atoric Token


So what do you think about Fate of Saga? Tell us in the comments below. 

Me? I think their website is really cool, and the game they are promising is quite beautiful. 

We do have info about the Dev Team, however they aren’t fully doxed yet. 

But we do have a lot of info about the game and we basically have enough knowledge to know what to expect. 

Just always remember to TAYOR and DYOR. Trade at your own risk, and always do your own research other than reading this blog. 

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