BCRO Payon

Blockchain RO is one of the most fun AND rewarding Blockchain games I’m currently playing, and it’s definitely worth a try both for seasoned players and newbies alike.

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Anyway, a lot of players are having some difficulties in installing Blockchain Ragnarok game and are asking for a step by step guide.

Don’t worry. I got you fam ­čÖé

Just follow the steps below and get started in playing in no time!

Step 1 – Download kRO Files

Recommended is kRO_FullClient_20210406.zip to prevent issues along the way.

kRO Download File


Step 2 – Extract Downloaded kRO then Patch

Extract the downloaded kRO to your chosen location and patch.

Extract on your chose folder location

Wait for extraction to finish
Run Patchup.exe
kRO Patcher
Wait for patch to complete then start

Step 3 – Download BlockchainRO Installer

Download BlockchainRO Installer from one of the links below:

Mega Upload

Google Drive

Media Fire

Step 4 – Run Blockchain RO Installer

After the download is complete, run BlockchainRO Installer.exe just follow the steps and install inside the extracted kRO files root folder.

Run BlockchainRO.exe
Extracted kRO Files Root Folder
Install inside the extracted kRO files root folder

Step 5 – Launch BlockchainRO.exe

Launch BlockchainRO.exe, let it patch, and press Play Button.

If a popup error Gepard Shield illegal files appear, just press OK and run BCRO again.

BCRO Installation
Wait for Installation
Click “PLAY” once process is completed
Gepard Shield
Press OK if Gepard Shield error appears

Step 6 – Launch BlockchainRO.exe

If a prompt Ragnarok.exe has changed appears, just press the OK button.  Finish patching the different patcher client and close it and run BCRO again.

Blockchain exe
Run BlockchainRO.exe
And your done!
BCRO Log in
Enter your Login details

Create an account via the link below if you haven’t yet