Today, I’m excited to share with you a FREE TO PLAY 1v1 tactical strategy game coming this 2022 – ICONS OF THEIA

Icons of Theia Logo

Icons of Theia is a decentralized platform whose goal is to make everyone’s life a little bit happier through gaming.

And their first game coming this 2022 is a FREE TO PLAY 1v1 tactical strategy game that they describe to be a cross between League of Legends, Fire Emblem, and Chess. More about that in a while. 

First, let’s talk about it’s story. 

Icons of Theia is set in an alternate world called Theia.  

Theia is home to many diverse factions, all fighting over control over crystals which have mysteriously appeared across the world. 

“THE CRYSTALS’ are large crystalline, floating structures that give a FEW select humans enhanced abilities and powers, to a point where they are considered to be demi-gods. And these powerful individuals are called the Icons. 

Whoever controls THE CRYSTALS has immense power over the fate of the world of THEIA that’s why alliances were formed between factions setting plans, vying to dominate and preserve the crystals while keeping them far from their enemies’ reach. 


As I’ve said earlier, the game is yet to be released next year but the aim for the gameplay is a mix between League of Legends, Fire Emblem/Final Fantasy Tactics and Chess.  

Imagine controlling characters with unique abilities and moving them across a board – like Chess and Fire Emblem – with the goal to destroy the enemy base and win – like a MOBA! 

Icons of Theia borrows ideas from many different genres to produce a unique set of circumstances that differentiate the game from others that exist today and make the strategy nuanced and intricate. 

Here, players take turns moving their characters called the “Icons” on the map, attacking the enemy, and fighting for neutral objectives with the eventual goal of destroying the enemy’s tower which sits behind enemy lines. 

And to spice things up, there will also be guilds and faction wars in the Icons of Theia. 

A player can start a guild and create a unique name, crest, and align to a specific faction.  

Each guild also has an upgradeable guild hall, which is used to earn specific bonuses and benefits for its members. Some examples include XP boosts, better odds at rolling special cosmetics as well as more token payouts for winning battles. 


Being built on the blockchain, Icons of Theia will allow players to fully own their game assets. These game items will be Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs. 

First, we have the ICONS. Each having its own unique attributes, abilities, aesthetics, and backstories.

These NFTs will not be cryptographically generated. Instead, they will  Icons of Theia with around 20 playable Icons and continue to release 2-3 each quarter. Eventually, character creation and approval will be assumed by the community itself. 


Similar to popular MOBAs, dedicated users will eventually have at least one Icon token of each Icon character.

And one interesting attribute of this ICON Token aside from Title & Tags, Level & XP is the SAVED GAMES – where users can save this game ID onto their ICON Token creating a rich history of the games this token has played in.

The goal is  for this to mimic a signed sports jersey. 

Second NFT here is the SKINS which will be ERC 2981 tokens. That will allow users to differentiate their Icon’s aesthetics in-game.

At the beginning, the team will be the first ones to create unique in game skins but will open it up to third party artist to create unique content and earn royalties off their work. 

Third – the SIGILS kind of like the ICONS’ Tattoo that will represent their powers.  

Sigils have three core components: 

  • Inscriptions – the visual representation of the Sigil 
  • Enchants – Similar to League of Legends’ runes or Pokémon items, these enchants do impact gameplay 
  • Embeds – that provides ecosystem bonuses when the sigil is used in game. 

Icons of Theia Sigil

And last but not the least is SIGIL Forges for crafting Sigils. 

A Sigil Forge earns XP based on the items and operations that it crafts and performs. 


Icons of Theia has two innovative reward systems to attract and retain an engaged user base – Play to Earn and Create To Earn which I have mentioned awhile ago.  

Icons of Theia Play to Earn

Rewards come in Theia’s two Fungible Tokens: Essence Token (in-game) & Crystal Token (governance) 

  • EOT is the native currency powering the in-game economy and the ways to earn it is through playing games, account leveling, quests, guild and faction wars.

These will be used for purchasing ICON NFTS, SIGIL Forget NFTS, creating Sigils, Unlocking and Upgrading Sigil Enchants. 

  • COT on the other hand is the governance token that additionally powers this meta-game economy. Users will do various activities in game and earn Crystal Tickets for them.

At the end of the 24 hour window, the daily Crystal Token amount is distributed amongst ticket holders. And it will be for embedding sigil, upgrding embed sigils, Staking & participating in governance. 

If you’re wondering if there will be a public token sale, well there’s NONE.

The team aims ICONS OF THEIA to be a fun and rewarding game not a stock, memecoin, or rug pull therefore they have decided not to hold public token sale that can attract short sighted investors s looking for a quick buck/pump and dump that might ruin the project.

Instead, Icons of Theia will have a private sale of $COT to strategic investors Q1 2022. 

For more information about their TOKENS allocation and schedule, you check out their whitepaper linked on the description below.  


Icons of Theia is currently in development and they have divided their roadmap into 4 phases. 

Currently we are still at Phase 1 NFT Art already created and working on the game protype for Q1 of 2022. They are planning to do a first sale of ICONS AND SKINS by January so mark your calendars. 

Icons of THeia Roadmap

They are targeting to launch a closed alpha game on Q2 , open beta on Q3 and game public launch by the end of the next year. And so much plans beyond that. 

But as with all creative endeavors, that date can definitely change depending on how development goes, so make sure to follow Icons of Theia on all their social media channels to be updated. 

Icons of Theia Roadmap


I’m happy to say that the team is FULLY Doxxed.

Actually the team recently pivoted from DraftBuff, a vertical social community for esports, to focus full-time on Icons of Theia. 

Icons of Theia Team

DraftBuff was live for almost two years and had a lot of success in the esports space, with over 150K users and a 4.7+ star rating on app stores.

After two years building a successful social app, now they are applying what they’ve learned to build the Icons of Theia community. 

You could check out the team on their official website where you’ll see links to their twitter and linked in profiles as well.  

Draft Buff

Icons of Theia is also backed by Hashed  – one of the leading blockchain  venture.s in the world whos investments include Axie infinity, Blankos Party, the Sandbox, Decentraland and more! 



Aside from the fact that the team is fully doxxed, what I love about Icons of Theia is how we both agree that for a game to be successful it has to be first and foremost – fun to play.  

Icons of Theia COre Values

Based on their whitepaper alone I can see how they have thought of every aspect of the project from the lore to the Icons and factions story, to the play and create to earn mechanics – Icons of Theia is built with the community in mind.

They want ensure the gamers feel empowered and rewarded for being an active member of it.

And not only that they want skill to be the primary factor for whether you win or lose in game NOT the pay to win system.

That’s why they created it FREE TO play as well so that regardless of geographic, financial, or physical constraints, anyone will be able to play the game.  

Can’t wait to see how these plans will turn out by next year! By now, there are still questions yet to be answered like what platforms will it be available on, which network, exact dates of NFT Sale on January – so again make sure to be the ones to first to join this community for updates regarding the project.

Links are provided below.

Thanks for reading our blog.

Regarding the NFT Giveaway –  to celebrate the announcement of Icons of Theia’s official game they  are rewarding early players with exclusive Character Packs and Skins, which will be made available for pre-sale in January.

Click this link to join this giveaway:

Icons of Theia Giveaway

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