Lime Odyssey M Official Relaunch Update

We all know about what happened to the first official launch of ITAM’s Lime Odyssey M last September 6. Sadly, it didn’t go so well.

A lot of fans, including me and my friends, were eagerly waiting for it and got really disappointed. The game had many game breaking bugs and issues, one of which is that the server couldn’t handle all the new accounts logging-in at the same time.

Only I and a few other players were able to connect successfully, and people quickly found out that S-tier weapons are insanely easy to get, which instantly broke the game and devalued the ITAM token, disappointing all the ITAM token investors and holders.

There was more into it than what’s on the surface of the issue, but what quickly happened was that the game servers had to close and re-open some other time.

They made an apology blog 2 days after, and in an attempt to make it fair for everyone…

All the, “lucky” , players who had the chance to try it out and were able to earn S-tier items won’t be counted on the re-launch. Yep, a clean server wipe should happen.

But enough of all those… we’re here to talk about what’s about to happen next.

ITAM has spoken and we’ll be talking about the details of the changes they made for the relaunch.

Lime Odyssey Mobile is scheduled to launch on the Google Play Store on October 11, Monday -which is today!

So expect to be able to play the game today! Why not check it out now, it’s probably already playable while you’re reading this blog. 

ITAM has rebuilt both the game economy and server of Lime Odyssey Mobile, from the ground up.

Now that it has been certified by Google, it will be released by PruneBomb with a limited content at the start.

First and foremost, they want to make sure that everything will be smooth this time. So there’s going to be a series of updates soon that will deliver more and more addition of its game content.

PruneBomb said they don’t want to risk the fun and security of players by rushing things like last time.

Well, we may have been dissapointed last time, but at least it’s comforting to know that they are making the extra effort on fixing those mistakes.

So yeah, that kinda makes me happy and hopeful. Now let’s talk about the important changes.

Dungeon Reward Structure

The game used to allow infinite farming by earning rewards in clearing dungeons with unlimited access.

Now, each entry consumes a dungeon key -and these keys are limited.

Thus, bringing a balance to the ecosystem and making it more fair for everyone.

NFT Item Drop Struucture

The game used to have NFTs dropped from all chapters -easy. But in an effort of keeping the game free-to-play, there needs to be some level of difficulty added for new players

Now, Chapters 1 and 2 won’t be dropping any NFTs for the players. You can only grind for NFTs once you get strong enough and progressed enough to be able to play Chapter 3 onwards.

Starting on chapter 3, NFT items will be dropping at a 4% chance rate.

If you think about it, this actually prevents botters to keep spamming with multiple new fake accounts.

Which makes the game economy healthier!

Server Reconstruction for Security

Hacking of accounts in MMORPGs and all other online games alike, isn’t new to us and in the industry.

PruneBomb soft said that they have rebuilt the game server to properly protect their users.

I think we should hear them out and let them be accountable to their own promises.

Well it’s only proper, to be honest. And I’m kinda glad they brought this thing up.

Now for some upcoming updates…

As mentioned earlier, today’s release of Lime Odyssey M is going to have limited content -it’s like a soft launch, to keep things from being rushed.

So in turn, there won’t be an accessible in-game shop for now and there won’t be any in-game shop activities and transactions happening at first.

And this will be part of the first ones we’re getting in the upcoming updates.

Ruby System

Rubies are already included in the INO packages that were sold from their last sale event, which are now in circulation and are available from

Ruby is the currency used in game in order to acquire dungeon keys and gemstones

You can buy more rubies in-game by cashing in your ITAM tokens.

Itam Tokens and Lom Tokens

If you’ve watched our last video about A Look at ITAM Lime Odyssey M 

Then you should be already familiar about the two Cryptocurrencies that are incorporated in game.

We have the ITAM tokens as the governance token, and we have the LimeM Tokens which are the native in-game rewards token.

Although, it seems that they changed LimeM’s name to simply, LOM Tokens.

Gemstones are going to be important for the players’ game progression.

And both ITAM and LOM tokens are needed in order to get these.

ITAM tokens are going to be used for purchasing Dungeon keys and Dimension Gemstones -by converting it to rubies first.

And LOM tokens are going to be used to get Red, Green, and Blue Gemstones

When purchases are made using ITAM tokens, 70% will go to PruneBomb, 15% goes to ITAM, and the last 15% will be added to the monthly reward pool for the LOM and ITAM metaverse

In case you forgot, yes, ITAM will have more games on their platform in the future -Lime Odyssey is just the first of many.

Equipment and Mercenary Random Boxes

There will no longer be an equipment random box -yeah just forget about it.

This decision made by ITAM and PruneBomb surely means that they will lose potential profitability on their side, but on the other side, which is more important if I may add, this will bring about more scarcity on items, bringing more balance for the game economy, and keeping the values of NFT a lot more stable and profitable for players.

-this was the one major flop they actually did last time, if it all accounts to one issue

BUT! Kudos to them to actually pulling it off with this crucial change.

Now also for the Mercenary Random Boxes, instead of being able to buy them as in-app purchases using local currencies.

Players will be able to get them from using LOM tokens

And here’s a special note -PruneBomb is actually considering converting fully leveled up mercenaries into tradable NFTs

Which is exactly what we all players wanted in the first place -so PruneBomb, if you’re reading this blog -please consider converting your consideration into a reality.

LOM Tokens and Rewards Pool

This one is yet to happen, since the finalized LOM tokens aren’t available yet.

But they have given us a peak to their system on how they plan on keeping the Game Economy as stable as possible with their LOM token distribution and circulation system.

As you can see in their diagram:

LOM Token Diagram

Newly issued LOM tokens will be set at a pre-arranged ratio where 25% will accumulate to the Reward Pool for players

And at the same time, 25% of LOM tokens that are consumed at in-game content or used at in-game shops, like buying gemstones, will also accumulate to the same Reward Pool for players.

And this giant prize pool will be used as rewards shared among players who are winning competitive events, PvP battles, and game rankings.

The game developers of ITAM will be focusing more on improving and keeping the LOM token stable for the game -since it’s their first ever blockchain game.

Who knows what the future holds for ITAM and its community of players, eh?

Only time, and playing Lime Odyssey everyday, will tell…


And that’s it for the Lime Odyssey M Official Relaunch Update.

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