Hey Blockchain Gamers! Today, I’m excited to share with you a Brand-new play-to-earn (P2E) game inspired by Darkest Dungeon that combines NFT technology with strategic-turn-based gameplay.   

A 2D pixel fighter-themed role-playing game, developed in Unity and will be launched on the Polygon Network.  

Introducing, Krypto Fighters – a new revolution of NFT Games. 


Krypto Fighters is an NFT-based game where players can collect, trade,  recruit, rent, train, and lead a team of fighters in an innovative,  strategic turn-based gameplay inspired by Steam’s Darkest Dungeon.   


Krypto Fighters would not exist of course without the fighters themselves. Here characters or fighters are an NFT with a unique ID backed by the game’s blockchain.  

And unlike other NFTs, Fighters are not just profile pic NFT but it has a wide utility. Aside from it being a collectible because of its beautiful and unique 2D pixel art, also gives membership privileges to its holders along with staking benefits and of course in-game utility on the play-to-earn modes.  

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Each Fighter can be one of eight distinct classes, each with its unique set of skills, abilities, and combat roles during battles.   

Fighters will acquire one to three random talents that cannot be modified, depending on rarity.   

Now let’s talk about them one by one:   

First, we have All-Roundera class with excellent supporting skills that are versatile.   

Bodyguard –  a front-line defensive Fighter with an emphasis on survival. Bodyguards have the ability to support and defend their teammates. 

Duelist is always up for a challenge! She can quickly deal damage from any location and is a Fighter with the most counterattack skills out of all the other classes. 

Stalker is the master of strategies and powerful support for his team.  He specializes in rear-end assaults, traps, and DoT attacks.   

Acrobat who’s hoping to master all the martial arts technique. 

Army of Chaos Apeiron

Trickster is a class with a combination of support abilities and damage abilities. She is the best at recovering her team’s spirits and has a strong spirit and disruptive skills against her enemies.   

The Destroyer is a heavy hitter and receiver. He has a lot of rages and vengeful desires burning deep inside. Destroyers can attack one enemy or intercept two enemies to inflict wounds and obliterate everything in front of them.   

And last but not least, the Brawler is a vanguard class with a good balance of AoE damage and durability. Her powerful fists and versatile skills makes her a valuable asset to your team. 

SpiritCore NFT A

Fighters can be gained in one of two methods.  To begin, the marketplace will be seeded with 25,000 “genesis Fighters” that players will be able to purchase through randomized loot boxes. And additional Fighters are generated as a result of the game’s ecosystem.   

Aside from Fighters, they will also release LAND NFTs soon.  Of course, part of their project is a fighter’s metaverse. 

Here, users can purchase plots of land in Kryptopolis where owners can have the freedom to customize and develop various businesses, such as building stadiums, hospitals, or gyms to generate long-term revenue. 

Now’s let’s talk about the gameplay!   

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron


Krypto Fighters is a turn-based fighting game where players recruit fighters to battle. Team-up 4 Fighters and assign them to different positions.  The positioning of your characters is critical.  

Characters on the front lines are usually attacked first, although certain abilities let you shuffle positions or target specific enemies. With the best strategies to eliminate all the enemies, victory shall be yours!   

Similar to the stress mechanism in Darkest Dungeon, The Gut System here –  which reflects each character’s willpower, is important in the game.   

Willpower is drained every time a Fighter misses a hit, receives too much damage, or sees one of their allies fall in combat.    

If the Fighter loses too much willpower, he or she will become weary and unable to battle. 

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There are three different game Modes here in Krypto Fighters: 

Adventure Mode (or the PVE mode) 

Train up Fighters to defeat the bosses in each location along the journey. Upgrade Fighters and journey as far as you can and earn tokens and EXP after winning the stage.   

As for the PVP, we have the Battle Arena and Tournament: 

Battle Arena where players battle against other players to be enlisted in the Hall of Fame. Where they can earn tokens after winning each battle.   

And Tournament (or Special Event) Tournaments are battle events that will feature the best teams! The highest level and most challenging competition of Krypto Fighters where players can gain special rewards and BIG prizes. 

DOM Token GOLD Token


There are 2 tokens in the Krypto Fighters game’s ecosystem: 

KF Token is the primary currency for trading in the MArketplace and JAB Token which is the reward token in-game. 

Krypto Fighters Tokens (KF) are BEP-20 cryptocurrency tokens that will be deeply tied into the game’s ecosystem.  

Aside from it being used for trading in the marketplace, KF Holders will be able to participate in governance voting allowing them to shape the future of Krypto FIghters. 

And here is how it’s planned to be distributed: 

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics

As per JaB TOKEN, it’s the secondary token used for coaching, upgrading, fusion, and purchasing gacha boxes and in-game items.  It is designed to empower the play-to-earn reward system.    

JAB has an infinite supply but is also used in several ways as described in the picture. You can earn it through PVE and PVP, Quests and Events, MArketplace, and mini-game rewards.   

The team behind Krypto Fighters has already learned from the OGs of play to earn games like Axie Infinity, that’s why they have already made plans on how to improve and make their coins sustainable. Such as creating demand and usability for the tokens, limiting supply, to making the First 2D side-scrolling MMORPG Metaverse.   

For more information about their tokens, it’s ulitilies, and vesting schedule. You may check their detailed whitepaper on the kryptofighters.io 

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 Roadmap and Team

The projects have just started this year, and this quarter 2 some things we could expect are the NFT Presale, the Launch of their NFT MArketplace, and the game demo. The alpha test will begin on next quarter along with the smart contract audit, public sale token listing, and public launch. And much more features will be introduced along the way.   

Now let’s get to know the team behind this new project – which is Maxma Games based in Bangkok, Thailand.  

Maxma Studio is a tech start-up company assembled by a group of gaming enthusiasts who aim to create high-quality NFT games that will bring real entertainment and value to the players.  

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap

First, we have their CEO Jesada Hongsi with ten years’ experience in software development and as a tech lead at the consulting company, Accenture, Jesada now leads Maxma in realizing the company’s core vision: to create the world’s best 2D pixel fighters’ NFT game.    

Natr, their game director brings with him years of experience in the gaming industry as a product director at Igloo Studio. His previous works include Bounty Brawl and BNK48 Star Keeper.    

And their Blockchain Director, Vuddy has served as CEO of Multiverse Expert, a company specializing in blockchain solutions, since 2019.  Now, he is bringing his blockchain expertise to Maxma to help successfully grow  Krypto Fighters. 

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A full list of their team members’ picture and roles are provided on their website.   

However, their personal linked in accounts and social media platforms are not posted there. Hoping we could hear more from the team, see a list of their partners and advisors and get to know them better to put future investors at ease.    

But hey, Krypto Fighters is a NEW game, they’re just getting started. And you’re lucky to be the first one to hear about this amazing project.    

If you are interested in Krypto Fighters and you want to be updated on their latest news and announcements then check out their social media channels provided in the description below.    

And the good news is they are active and are constantly hosting giveaways on their discord channel. Every week they will be distributing more than 10 Holo Bars, 15 Gold Bars, and 40 Microchips – all are nfts which when combined, can craft a fighter’s ticket nft that can be minted into random nft fighters. 

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box

And make sure to join their gleam event where you have the chance to win a whitelist spot for buying Genesis NFTs on their presale. 

You simply have to join their discord, follow their official Twitter account and share it with your friends who might be interested in Krypto Fighters too. 

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