So I keep getting a lot of comments and messages on the channel and my Facebook page asking me what games do I think can last for a long time.


This is especially important nowadays since there are a lot of game projects now that are dropping like flies, and are causing a lot of doubt to other people looking into the blockchain gaming space. 


Well, in this video, I’m gonna show some of the long term NFT games that “I think” can last a long time and provide both fun & earnings to its investors and players. 


Long Term NFT Games Blankos


Before I get started I should make it clear that the games I’ll mention here are listed in no particular order and are my personal opinion only.


I am giving no guarantees that any of these games listed will survive in a few years. 


So take my words with a grain of salt, and don’t just base your investments on this list alone.


With that out of the way, Let’s get started 


Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party Shelf


Blankos Block Party is a Massive multiplayer Online Party Game where you can collect Blanko NFT toys, and play different kinds of games with your friends ranging from racing, shooter deathmatches, vibe collecting & more! 


You’ll also be able to use your creativity with its level builder, where you can design a stage where people all over the world could try and play. 


This is actually one of the first blockchain games that I covered in my channel and I still haven’t changed my mind about liking it. 


Just thinking of going into the junction and playing different games with the gang still excites me. 


Blankos Block Party is a fun game that you should definitely try! 


For more information about this game, check out my video linked below. 


A Look at Blankos Block Party | Should You Play Blankos | Play to Earn Blockchain Game:


Splinterlands Duel


Splinterlands is a decentralized collectible cards game on the blockchain, similar in concept to games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Hearthstone, and magic the gathering. 


You build a collection of cards that will have different stats and abilities and use them to battle fellow players in skill-based battles 


To be honest, I wasn’t that into the game when I first tried it but I have to say it gets pretty fun and addicting as you play through it. 


Splinterlands currently has a strong community that mostly plays for the fun of it, instead of focusing on the earning aspect, and that part there, at least for me, is a very good indication that it can last. 


If you want to know more about the game I’ve made a review about it as well as some video guides to help you get started. 


Splinterlands Video Playlist:


Ember Sword

Ember Sword Battles


If you’ve been following me on my channel or my Facebook page long enough, then you know that this is my most anticipated blockchain game currently being developed. 


Although I play different games,  I still Identify myself as an RPG Gamer, and what can I say? Ember Sword just tickles me in the right spot  


The gameplay, art style, and the lore are just some of the things I like about it,  add to that the non-pay-to-win approach, and the play-to-earn aspect. Then you got yourself a potential Blockchain Gaming Titan. 


*Note: this is not a sponsored post lol*


Ember Sword is still being developed and I’m counting down the days when I’d be able to run around its game world and whack some things. 


You can check out some Ember Sword videos I’ve uploaded linked below. 


Ember Sword Video Playlist:


Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Battles


Speaking of a Blockchain gaming titan, Axie Infinity is the biggest one out there. 


This game can be credited as the game that sparked the recent explosion of blockchain play to earn gaming, specifically in the Philippines. 


The game requires you to own 3 Axies that you can then use for battling enemies at adventure mode or other players at the arena. 


More game modes are still coming soon.


Even with the sudden increase in competition, I really don’t believe that this game going away anytime soon. 


I’ve actually uploaded a complete axle infinity starter guide a while back, so you can get started in your own Axie Infinity journey. 


What you Need to Know Before Playing Axie Infinity | Axie Infinity Beginners Guide:


Gala Games

Gala Games


Now I think this might be unfair since Gala games is not actually a game in itself, but a platform of blockchain games similar in concept to steam. 


They have a pretty good & diverse lineup of games in their roster including a farming type game Town star,   


Mirandus – a Fantasy RPG,  

Fortified – Tower Defense game 

Echoes of Empire – A Space Strategy game 

And the MOBA game Spidertank


This platform and its token can be big in the years to come if they are able to have successful game releases and grow their game library 


To create a Gala games account, you can sign-up with my link below:



Long Term NFT Games Chainmonsters


Chainmonsters is an MMORPG where you catch, battle, trade, explore, and combine different types of monsters and abilities. 


Explore the 3D world of Ancora with your friends and become the best chain master of all time.


Out of all the monster-catching games coming out these days, I believe Chainmonster will be the one to be big. 


There is no subscription required to play the game and can be played on PC, Android & iOS 


For more information about this game, check my video below:

A Look at Chainmonsters | Free to Play Monster Tamer RPG on the Flow Blockchain!


Nine Chronicles

Long Term NFT Games Nine Chronicles


Nine Chronicles is the innovative MMORPG that uses a peer-to-peer blockchain network to keep the game going even if the developers close shop. 


There is no central server to hack or go down. technically, the players make it run and do the work of keeping the network going. 


Making it a very unique project even by today’s standards. 


The game is a standard 2D side-scrolling RPG, and I’ve got to say. The devs must really like cats a lot lol


I think this project is good, and it can last a long time. 


But right now, not everyone is able to play the game since it does require players to have a decent computer to play. 


Big Time

Big Time NFT


Now, this is also a multiplayer action Role-playing game that I am really looking forward to as well,


Honestly, this game looks like it can compete with triple AAA games out there. 


In this game, players can team up with their friends and adventure across time and space. 


Explore futuristically civilizations as you battle your way through history and collect rare and legendary NFT’s 


I don’t have much more information to give for this game since I haven’t had the chance to do a deep dive into it and read more of their materials. 


Well, let’s remedy that.  


Comment down below if you would like me to review it in a future video. 


My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice Alpha


My Neighbor Alice Is a Multiplayer Builder Game. 


In this game, players can buy and own virtual lands, collect & build exciting Items and meet new friends.  


This game is actually geared towards female gamers based on their whitepaper, but hey! I’d like to play it as well! don’t judge me! haha


It is inspired by successful games such as Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, or Harvest Moon which I’ve spent quite a lot of time playing in the past. 


I believe that there is a very strong market for this kind of game.


My Neighbor Alice actually has a pre-alpha test ongoing where Alice token holders are able to access the game to visit the town and meet the locals. 


Watch my video linked above to know more about the pre-alpha


My Neighbor Alice Pre Alpha Access | How to Join & What to Expect:



Lightnite Long Term NFT Games


Lightnite is a multiplayer third-person shooter, with a low-poly & cartoonish design. 


There are different game modes that can be played in Lightnite like team deathmatch or battle royale where you can earn Bitcoin Satoshis and in-game NFT’s 


I like this game and I believe it has the potential to last for a long time since the game can be very competitive and will reward the players who are skilled in it.


It can be a blockchain game for E-Sports that will push players to continually play and practice to get better. 


And because there is no crypto required for the players to buy in order to start playing the game, & the crypto rewards that can be farmed are Bitcoin


There’s no risk for a rug pull. 


Check out my videos about Lightnite linked below


Lightnite Video Playlist:



Long Term NFT Games List


And that’s the end of this post!


Which of the games I listed here do you think can last for a long time? Comment down below. 


This is actually just the first part… 


I still have more games that I think can last a long time. 


What games do you think will be listed in part 2?  


Remember that this is just my personal list, based on my playstyle and preference. 


I think of them as my own bluechip games!


I also have a different list, of games that I think have big potential,l but are quite risky to invest in, let me know if you want a video like that in the future as well. 


Big Time GG NFT Game


Now, this list is not set on stone, and I’m never a perma fan in any project. 


I also do not follow the Trust the Devs Mantra, Most of the teams and devs of the games I’ve listed here are still new to us. 


So in every game or company I invest in, I look at the results and actions, rather than empty words or promises. 


We need to understand, blockchain gaming is still new and is quite different from traditional gaming since it also has an investment side to it, 


Trust shouldn’t just be freely given. Trust should be earned. 


Thanks for reading! 


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