A new NFT game is making waves all over the world right now.  

Introducing, Luna Rush- an IDLE RPG game based on blockchain technology that lets users engage in the combat arena and profit from battles. 

A play-to-earn game with a focus on exciting game levels and intriguing strategies combined with lovely  Anime-Style graphics. If you want to know more about this project and are curious about why it’s trending, then read on! 


:una RUsh

Luna Rush is an anime-themed blockchain-based game developed by Helios Entertainment. 

Characters in this game are female warriors each with story backgrounds and a set of unique skills. Here you summon your Warriors and train them to become powerful heroes. 

There are 11 NFT warriors in this game each having different strength, weapons and skills.  


Luna Rush Warriors

Players can build their own NFT Characters according to their own preferences.  

There are also 7 types of rarity warriors in Luna Rush ranging from common > rare > elite > epic > legend > mythical > and lastly divine where there will only be 200. 

According to the devs, to start the game one warrior is actually enough but 3 would be the minimum ideal. 


Luna Rush Warrior Rarity


There are 3 gameplay modes in Luna Rush.

First is the Boss Battle, where players can bring 1-3 warrios to hunt the boss.  

There will be 10 boss maps appearing for players to participate in hunting every day. Killing boss number 1 will unlock boss number 2 and so on. and after the boss dies, players will receive token rewards. 


modegameplay luna rush

Next, PVP. 

Here players bring their warriors to the arena to compete with other players. There’s 1v1 and 3v3. 

To increase strength, a player’s warrior must accumulate experience and learn more skills. Winners get more tokens, experience points, and trophies. And just like other blockchain games,  great prizes await those who end up on top of the leaderboard at the end of each season.  

Luna Rush PVP

Lastly, there’s the tournament where warriors will be able to participate once it reaches a certain level. 

There will be different tournament tables giving different valuable rewards to the strongest warriors of Luna Rush. 1 tournament with 32 warriors and a tournament with 16 warriors. 

tournament luna rush


Apart from the game modes discussed earlier like joining the Boss hunt every day or participating in  PvP Battles to earn tokens, players can put warriors and lands on the market to Rent or Sell for more profits. 

Luna Rush’s Sell and Rent system can help you earn extra income.  

If players don’t have enough money to own a Warrior, you can consider renting someone else’s warriors to play for a certain amount of time. Not just warriors, but also lands. 

Sell Rent Luna Rush

Here there are 4 types of land. Each type has different stats, monster types, and quests. 

Landowners can use, rent, or let other players do quests to collect fees. 

And the closer the land is to the special event location, the more beneficial it is in terms of special event playtime.

Note that there will only be 6000 lands in the Luna Rush world. 

Luna Rush LAnd

Another interesting play to earn feature in Luna Rush is through guilds – an organization created by the players. Main Features in Guild are:

  • Guild SHOP – exclusive for GUILD Members
  • GUILD Vault – the guild’s assets store where members contribute assets
  • Guild Quest that will generate many quests with increasing difficulty and rewards
  • Guild War that allows guilds to challenge each other.A great way to make the game MORE exciting. 

Luna Rush Guild


The game has ONLY 1 TOKEN – the LUS Token limited to 350,000,000 issued on the Binance Smart Chain Platform.  

They actually held a very successful IDO last January 4 and has been the TOP 1 Whitelist IDO on BSC and was rated Best Project of 2022.

And as of the now, the value of the LUS token has been increasing steadily.  

Luna Rush Token

If you want to play Luna Rush, you need to get your hands on the LUS Token first. Because you need it to buy the Luna Rush Boxes that contain the warriors.  

Link to the marketplace, the LUS Token the contract address, and the detailed tokenomics on the description below.  



This project started last year. And as of the first Quarter of 22, they have already sold NFTs, had a successful IDO and  has released the web version of the game which is now playable.

Some more things to look forward to in the coming months for this project are, of course, the land selling, fusion warriors, staking, release of the mobile version for ANDROID and IOS devices, and more.

auto-battle Luna Rush

Now let’s talk about the team behind this project. Helios entertainment is a game development and publishing company in Vietnam.

A Team of 20 FULL-TIME employees in collaboration with freelancers and production houses from ALL OVER THE WORLD.  

In 2018, they actually released their first product called Werewolf Voice which has attracted more than 10 million downloads, especially in Vietnam and Thailand.  

Luna Rush Team

With that experience from the gaming industry, now they are more eager to push themselves to create high-quality online games and provide great user experiences.

Happy to report that the team is doxxed and links to their profiles can be seen on the Lunar Rush official website.  

Along with the list of their partners and advisors for the project – linking them with hot games on the market such as  Bomb Crypto, Space Crypto, and more.  

Luna Rush Advisors


As I’ve said in the intro, Luna Rush is making waves now and that is for a reason. 

They have already accomplished many things in a short period of time, the game looks exciting and very easy to play. 

Plus the project is made and backed up by an experienced team in the blockchain gaming industry. So it’s one project really worth taking a look at.  

But as we always say before investing TAYOR and DYOR.  


For more details and updates about LUNA RUSH – follow them on all of their social media accounts linked below. 

What do you think about Luna Rush?  

If you have already invested or tried it, share with us your experience in the comment section below. 


Luna Rush Links:

Website: https://lunarush.io/

Whitepaper: https://doc.lunarush.io/whitepaper

Telegram: https://t.me/lunarush_official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LunaRush_LUS

Discord: https://discord.gg/xdzjQbvYrV


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