My buddy, Prin Seu has a pretty cool collection of Blankos toys and he’s been playing Blankos Block Party since the start of the year (that’s right!) 

And meanwhile, I have spent hours and hours playing Fall Guys with many of my friends since last year, and it’s been a blast.

If you could combine Blankos Block Party’s explosive high energy gameplay with blockchain integration with their NFT collections and the crazy cute fun time that Fall Guys can give 

Then, perhaps, next year would be really LIT when we finally get to play, Mafagafo 

Mafagafo Logo

Game Overview 


Just by looking at the gameplay development footages, and the way the stages and the mafas themselves are designed, – not just aesthetically, but also with the game’s physics and 3D elements and everything, 

I can see that Mafagafo could be very compelling for both competitive and casual gamers. 


And wait till you see just how far their development has already gone 

I just can’t stop getting Fall Guys vibes just by watching these. 

Their gameplay is a favorite of many, and making the game Play-to-Earn with NFTs and Crypto Tokens -while being FREE TO PLAY 

-definitely, shows a lot of promise! 



If you’re familiar with the popular game, Fall Guys, then you probably know what to expect 

We gonna be playing as these bird creatures called mafas 


We gonna be racing thru a multitude of different obstacles 

The races are free for all and it’s gonna be a really fun royal rumble.

Plus, our mafas can actually swim on the water and underwater.


So this is how it works. Once a player starts to play and enters matchmaking, he or she will be matched up together with 39 other players in queue. 

Each game takes place with 40 players. 


Currently, the game has 7 maps -and a single game will always have 3 elimination stages -whose maps are randomly chosen 

Followed by the final stage, which will always be held in the final map. 

There are various game rules that a map can follow -some will be elimination by racing, and some will be timed 

In the very end of each game, there can only be one true champion. 


And of course, the top winners in each game will earn the most mafapoints. 

There will surely be many more different tracks, maps, and locations, with really cool art styles and designs in the future. 

MAFAPOINTS and Game Pass 

Mafapoints are important for purchasing items in the store and from the Game Pass 

-and speaking of Game Pass -yep, this game has it, too. It’s concept is similar to other games’ battle passes. 

Oh but do take note, even if the game is Free-To-Play, its Play-to-Earn feature has to be unlocked by purchasing the Game Pass.

Players can play as much as they want, there’s no need for energy or any of those stuff. 

But, just, no MPs for free-to-play.


Now aside from the main game, there are a lot more elements in this game.

We can do dress ups -there’s a lot of customizable accessories here 

And we also gonna do breeding -well not us literally, I meant our mafas  

Breeding Mafagafo

Oh, and we may not have footage of this yet, but there’s also going to be a game mode for FISHING! (mark mark mark) 

But now, let’s talk about the important part of this game that I’m sure you’ve been waiting to hear. 

Ways to Earn 

So how can you actually earn in Mafagafo? 

There’s a lot of ways actually! Yet, it’s actually pretty simple and straightforward, too! 

But before we talk about them, it’s essential for the gamers and investors to know about 

Mafagafos is now audited by, one of the world’s most reliable blockchain auditing companies. 

Security is one of the most important things every team of developers must recognize and prioritize -if not the most important thing of all. 

So it does put us all at ease just by knowing we’re on safe hands. 

OK, so back to the ways to earn: 

First, is by earning Mafapoints after the player buys the Game Pass 

As I have already mentioned, the Game Pass is required for a player to start earning mafapoints 

Mafapoints will be the currency used for purchasing NFT collectibles in the Game Pass 

So the trick here is that you need to keep playing and win as many games as possible in order to quicly accumulate Mafapoints if you want to buy everything in the Game Pass each season 

Second, is by Genetic Mix. It’s the name of Mafagafo’s breeding element. 

If you have two NFT mafa characters which you can get from either earning or buying, 

You can choose to mix their genetics -or to simply put it, you can Breed them and mint a new NFT -which you can then sell in the marketplace 

Oh and in order to do this, you will need one of these 3 models of Brooders 

In order to have one, you’ll need to purchase one using the game’s cryptocurrency called: MAFA 

Which leads us to the third way to earn: 

The MAFA Tokens -or MAFAcoins as they call it, is the game’s very own tokenomics. 

These tokens can’t be acquired by playing, but can only be traded on the DEX for Binance Coins 

MAFA Tokens are used for buying and selling NFTs in the marketplace. And it’s also the currency needed to buy the Game Pass 

-which is priced at $27 worth of MAFAcoins 

and by the way, you can already go to to buy MAFA tokens 

And this is how you can buy one. It’s pretty easy, you just need a reliable crypto wallet -metamask for one, 

And get yourself some BNB first, of course. 

Development TEAM 

Now, let me just show you the team behind Mafagafo 

Here they are, very very transparent -NICE NICE NICE 

You can also check out their Linkedin profiles if you’d like! 

They also have Advisors as part of the team 

Oh, and would you look at that, they have Juninho Afram himself as part of their Advisor Team! 

And instead of Linkedin he’s got a youtube channel!  

Wanna check ’em out? 

If you’ve been a subscriber in our channel for a few months already, then you probably already watched some of our instrumental covers, and you know that we also love playing music aside from playing blockchain games! 

And as a guitarist myself, I am quite hyped to see Juninho Afram actually running the show for MAFAGAFO 

In case you haven’t heard of him, he’s a Brazilian musician, composer, and singer-songwriter who has played at Rock in Rio, won a Latin Grammy, was nominated for many other Grammys, and has a line of signed instruments that are among the best in the world! 

He is a respected worship singer and is regarded as one of the best Brazilian guitarists within rock. 

He’s part of the Oficina G3 and is very famous for the songs “Espelhos M獺gicos” and “O Tempo”. 

Come on now, don’t tell me you’re not impressed! 

Upcoming Events: IDO Open Sale & NFT Pre Sale 

Now pay close attention to these 2 dates: 

December 7, which is in less than 2 days, and December 17 which is 10 days after that 

On December 7, Mafagafo will be holding an IDO Open Sale 

And on December 17, we have an early NFT pre sale 

These are definitely great opportunities for you investors who believe in the future of Mafagafo 

More details about these will be given to us real soon! 

So stay tuned and subscribe to our channel to keep posted! 

Follow Mafagafo on Facebook and Instagram, and join their Telegram to catch live announcements. 


So what do you think about Mafagafo? Are you interested on investing in their NFTs and tokens? 

Tell us in the comments below. 







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