It’s time for another new NFT Play to Earn Game.  Today, we’ll be featuring one of the NFT Projects that South Korea’s leading MCN company +‘SANDBOX Network’ is working on.    

Introducing –  Meta Toy Dragon Z Where you build meta power dragons and earn rewards in the Meta Toy World. 

Meta Toy Dragon Z

The Meta Toy DragonZ is a P2E GAME NFT project based on Generative Pixel Art that promises a precise game economy system and holder governance.   

MTDZ THE GAME is set to be a popular virtual game in the world of Meta Toy DragonZ. It is a game where users collect and grow dragons that are similar to Meta Toy DragonZ (MTDZ). 


Before discussing the game, let’s talk about their successfully launched NFTs first. 

In February 2022, Meta Toy DragonZ sold 9,999 types of NFTs immediately and recorded the top #1 rank in OpenSea Klaytn sales. The floor price this time is 1605 KLAY or 725 USD at the moment. 

As per the team behind it, they aim to achieve more than just PFPs. They recognize that for an NFT project to succeed it must be rare, profitable, and useful. 

That’s why beyond the nfts they are currently working on three games one of which will be ready for alpha testing in June. 

Ancient Kingdom


MTDZ the GAME  is a collectible RPG, an endless adventure of adorable toy dragons to claim the throne of the Meta Toy world.   

It provides opportunities for users to receive rewards and revenue shares. Collect new dragons and join them in a battle to enjoy collectible RPG gameplay and economic activities in a virtual world.   

MTDZ the game primarily consists of the Village, Dragons, and BAttles. And to better understand it, let’s talk about them one by one.   

First, the Village.

The gigantic world of Meta Toy Dragons where players can build a town and produce items. Buildings are deployed in the village through the construction process. 

Army of Chaos Apeiron

These buildings are used to produce or exchange items while some of them are used for mining.  Items that are obtained in the village are then used to upgrade buildings or grow dragons.   

There are many features here but let’s talk about the important ones:   

Coin dozer: which is used to mine $MTDZ. the higher the level, the better the mining efficiency.

Battery fab: A place to produce “batteries” required to upgrade the level of dragons at regular intervals   

But aside from that, there’s the travel agency, subway, and production building. 

The village can grow on its own, getting bigger and bigger.  In order to expand the village, users need to clear a dedicated mission or spend $MTDZ if necessary.  

SpiritCore NFT A

Next, BATTLES.  

As with any other p2e games – there’s PVE and PVP here.  For PVE, we have exploration, daily dungeon, and raid.  

Dragon explorers have discovered eight worlds on their journey, and they need to pass the “boss stage” in each world, where a robust and powerful monster is waiting for them.  

There are eight categorized stages divided into the general and boss stages.  They need “winder” stamina to enter each stage, and they get $MTDZ as a reward for winning the stages. You can earn 2100 $MTDZ Token for each world conquered.

Now for the daily dungeon. Each day, players can enter one of the seven different dungeons and strengthen their Dragon Gems,  pets, and skills while upgrading dragon experience and buildings as well as getting gold and $MTDZ.  

The number of rewards they receive varies depending on the dungeon difficulty. 

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

Raid is the PVE content where they compete with other users for inflicting damage against huge monsters.   

The giant monsters waiting for dragon explorers in each boss stage are the most dangerous threat, and explorers can team up to defeat them and get high-grade equipment, random pet boxes, or enhancement materials as a reward.   

As per the PVP aspect of the game, Users compete against others through battles and earn a lot of $MTDZ as a reward. Players can earn $MTDZ according to their ranking in PVP battles conducted every month. PVP battles are operated on a seasonal basis. 

Lastly, let’s talk about the DRAGONS that plays the main role in the game. 

chinese ancient kingdom nft game

Dragons, the core NFT of the world, are divided into five classes and six attributes. Each dragon has one unique skill and they can be obtained through 

  • 1:1 airdrop for MTDZ holders
  • Lucky draw shop 
  • Reward for stage clearance
  • Exchange   

There are also pet NFTS here whose role is to improve the dragon’s stats. They are divided into five classes, and each dragon is allowed to have only one pet. 

Another NFT here in the game is the Gold Box exclusively available in Open Sea now. Gold Box is a total package for an adventure starter. It includes VIP emblems to empower and win the new dragons, Pass Tickets to earn booster items, and Coin Dozers to increase mining efficiency. 

DOM Token GOLD Token


Regarding their token, not much information is released yet since the listing is yet to be announced. But what we know as of now is that MTDZ THE GAME uses the decentralized BORA chain.  

Players can purchase in-game items and play MTDZ THE GAME through the tBORA token swap.   

Here $MTDZ is a utility token that can be swapped with tBORA, a governance token.  You can obtain $MTDZ by utilizing mining items such as Coin Dozer.  Seasonal top PVP rankers are granted a vast amount of $MTDZ as rewards.   

This token can be used to buy dragons, dragon gems, pet enhancement and Block Factory  facilities. 

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics


To build a stable and player-friendly decentralized ecosystem, MTDZ THE GAME is creating a roadmap as follows: 

Step 1 – The launch of their website, discord, and Twitter – all done 

Next on the list is the minting of the dragon gem NFT, dragon NFT Airdrop and finally the Alpha Test. 

Step 2 is when we get to hear more info about the project through their whitepaper, where I assume much information about their tokenomics will be released.  

This is also where the launch of the play-to-earn mining will happen along with the beta test. And Step 3 the official MTDZ the game starts.   

MTDZ THE GAME will be released on the web initially by the third quarter of 2022 and the mobile version release date is still to be announced.   

If you want to be updated on the exact dates of when these things will happen, make sure to join their discord and follow them on Twitter for news and announcements.  

Ancient Kingdom NFT

Now let’s talk about the company behind this exciting project – Korea’s Sandbox Network.  

Founded in 2015, Sandbox Network is one of the most successful digital entertainment companies in the Multi-Channel Network (MCN) industry, which offers various Web 3.0- based metaverse businesses of P2E games and Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs based on generative pixel art. 

Much information about the company can be found on their website 

Interviews and AMA with Director Han can be found on the game’s official website which I suggest you watch if you want to get to know the project more.   

He mentioned most of the MTDZ developers have been in the field for a long time. No entry-level staff. Most have years of experience ranging from at least 7-8 years. Some peeps are from Nexon, NetMarble, Joycity, and many other places. The developer’s team alone has 30 members.  

sandbox network

With a solid company and partners behind MTDZ, we can only look forward to how they will rise against the many NFT projects aiming to succeed in the long run.  

But definitely, MTDZ is another new game we must add to our to-follow list.  

What do you think about Metatoy Dragon Z? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comment section below. 

But as we always remind you guys, trade at your own risk and invest only on what you can afford to lose.