People spend a vast amount of time in virtual environments for both recreational and work purposes, specifically in two-dimensional interfaces like web browsers and mobile phones.    

The project we’ll talk about today brings a new dimension to virtual environments.  It is a fully three ­dimensional world that offers high-velocity,  immersive technology to users,  setting it apart from all other existing VR and Social Networking platforms.    

Introducing, Metacloud – the place to hang out in the metaverse.


The Metacloud is a free-to-navigate virtual social metaverse on the Binance Smart Chain providing 3D and fully immersive experience to its users.    

Its mission is to provide a fair opportunity for a fully inclusive and diverse community to access land and space in a decentralized metaverse.  

It’s a decentralized virtual universe where one can connect with folks globally through the integration of land ownership, gaming, and NFTs.  

Ancient Kingdom

On Metacloud, users and artists can interact, host, create and monetize their art, events, and experiences.    

The platform aims to empower artists, give them complete ownership of their work and help them create the experiences they have always imagined.  

Metacloud offers users a wide range of experiences. Depending on your mood, you can attend live concerts, it up the blackjack tables at exclusive casinos, challenge others to a duel in your favorite sport, or cuddle up with your homies at a bonfire by the ocean. Attendees can select from a wide variety of possibilities, including comedy clubs, music festivals, art gallery premieres, clubs, classes, meetings, and much more. 

Army of Chaos Apeiron

The Metacloud Club is a real-life club located in the party hub of Portugal where parties and blockchain events will take place connecting both the physical and virtual world.   

Their own Club in Portugal, installed with their proprietary systems will merge the two worlds while using $CLOUD tokens for access to the club.    

The technology uses high-frequency cameras and increased graphical input/output which allows for merging the two worlds. 

SpiritCore NFT A

One of the biggest benefits of the metacloud is the money-making opportunities, and there will be plenty of monetization opportunities for those who are willing to create and host amazing virtual experiences.    

VIP access to events will be possible to grant and control. At metacloud, you will be the creator of private or public venues on your own terms.   

Your creative ideas will just be limitless! Pick a color, lighting, furniture,  and everything else to your exact taste.  The builder will be your perfect ally. 

Upcoming events happening in Metacloud is their first music festival happening on December 9 this year at Porto, Portugal and Dec 10, 2022 at Lisbon Portugal 

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

Some things to look forward to here are the art exhibits, NFT galleries & trade shows, Clubs, Festivals, Casinos & Tournaments, Games, Concert Halls,  Shows, Podcasts,  and so much more!!! 

As mentioned earlier, membership to Metacloud is completely free, as is navigating and traversing the Metaverse.    

However, the ownership rights of a specific piece of land give the landowner the option to charge people (including fans)  to enter the virtual property or unlock certain content like music, concerts, games, videos, photos, or live streams.    

In this way, the landowner can earn revenue from what is effectively an NFT, or group of NFTs. Every landowner will be able to charge attendees and/or sell tickets for their special events. 

chinese ancient kingdom nft game

In metacloud, engagement levels and audience participation can achieve amazing numbers.  Attendees engage in shared experiences using stunning avatars, and they are co-present in the same spaces, but with each participant creating memories from their own unique and personal experience. They will be able to dance, talk, share, comment, walk, and much more! 

DOM Token GOLD Token


Metacloud is increasing its efforts to expand its presence as it continues its path to be at the forefront of becoming the best entertainment and multi-experience platform where creators can generate their own content in a democratic way. 

That’s why they have partnered with these projects and institutions like Binance, DEX Tools, SafeGram, Metawise, and more. Their collaboration with a Gaming metaverse like Bit Hotel will enable them to provide users with yet another ever-expanding opportunity to reinvigorate themselves and unleash the passions that drive them.  

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics


$700 million+ have been spent purchasing Virtual Lands in the Metaverses. At Metacloud, you can buy Metacloud Landmarks & build games, casinos, clubs, and more.   

Pieces of land in Metacloud are adjacent to each other, with each division of land having fixed dimensions. The adjacent tracts of land allow for the discovery and establishment of new territories and the ability to build regions of content specifically targeted to a niche.   

The establishment of territories within Metaclouds’s Metaverse provides easy access to highly targeted traffic for content creators.  Conversely, for end-users, it provides the opportunity to experience a wide array of content based on the themes of their choosing.  

Ancient Kingdom NFT

Perks of owning land in Metacloud are 

-the ability to rent out your virtual land
– sell tickets for special events 
– Throw parties and monetize on attendance fees 

Dates and pricing for these lands are yet to be announced.  Aside from lands, here users will be able to create their own objects and accessories to customize their avatars or monetize them as NFT.


$CLOUD Token ($CLOUD) is the native token of the $CLOUD ecosystem. $CLOUD is a BEP-20 token and will be used for all transactions on our metaverse platform. 

It will power the $CLOUD ecosystem by facilitating authorized transactions, powering Metacloud, and value exchange while being used for governance.

Metacloud’s Tokenomics are intended to build a self-sustaining economy based on the $CLOUD token. 

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap

The Presale Round 1 with a price of 0.025$ has already been completed with success. But don’t worry the team has been working with launchpads for the next round and 10 million tokens will be available again at round one price.  

Round 2 will be happening this August on the IDO Launchpads.   

The token will be listed in Pancake Swap plus 2 more exchanges. If you are interested, participate early so you could get them at a cheaper price.  

For more info about it, make sure to follow Metacloud in their social media channels. 

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box Sale


As per their roadmap, their website launched just in Quarter 1 of this year. Along with their whitepaper release and the deployment of their smart contract. 

During Quarter 2, the team focused on fundraising,  business development, and their successful ICO Launch.   

This quarter 3, some things to look forward to are the MVP Launch, NFT Marketplace Launch, Website 2.0, Staking, and more partnerships. 

And finally, by Quarter 4, the Metacloud Alpha version will be launched followed by weekly festivals. 

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box

Now let’s talk about the team behind it. We can’t really see their faces on their website as they’re represented by their avatars but their Twitter and Linked in accounts are provided there.  

The team is headed by Madi Sayeed and Samuel Sullivan who are both highly motivated and passionate about innovation and new technologies.  

Madi has gained over 5 years of extensive knowledge in various blockchain tech sectors while Samuel is also a business owner of a private venture capitalist firm, SS Venture Cap/ Inc.    

Check out their website if you want to know more about the amazing team behind this project.  

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box

Today, Metacloud has grown into a dual platform where artists, influencers, musicians, or anyone, from anywhere in the world who has the drive and creative flair, can own land in our Metaverse.    

Connecting with people globally through the integration of land ownership, gaming and NFTs has been at the core of what Metacloud is.   

There’s still much more to this cutting-edge Metaverse that we haven’t been able to cover in this video so if you want to know more about it, then make sure to follow them on social media and join their discord channel for more information.   And by the way, they are hosting several giveaways there.  Start engaging now and stand a chance to win a Classy Cloud Genesis NFT. 

So what are you waiting for? The METACLOUD AWAITS YOU! 

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