Today, we are going to review an NFT project that’s quite different from what we usually do.  

Now we are going to take a little swim to some uncharted waters when it comes to the Blockchain Games we normally play.  

And for this one, we even have an opportunity to help mother earth by planting a tree! A real tree! With leaves and branches and everything!  

I never would’ve imagined that a real tree will somehow be associated with crypto and blockchain tech. I mean… right?! I’m not kidding, I swear!  

So why don’t we just try to keep an open mind and let’s take a look at how Referral Trees can be profitable in Metaseed. 


Project Overview 

Metaseed is a global decentralized crypto networking community that operates in the Ethereum blockchain space to allow users to build their own little online business venture -in a sense.  

And taking a look at their whitepaper intro, we can see that they are basically completely blockchain & blockchain-complete.  

But what is a Metaseed NFT anyway?  

These are the ERC-1155 NFTs with 7 different levels, each providing different levels of earning potential, which are all used to participate in the social networking platform of Metaseedverse (which is the future metaverse of metaseed). And because it’s NFT, it only has a limited supply of 15,000. 

Ancient Kingdom

The Metaseed platform has 3 main features:  

First being Plant-A-Tree. For each purchased Metaseed NFT, there will be a real-life tree to be planted by somewhere in the world. 

 Secondly, Treasury. All sales proceeds from Metaseed NFTs will be held in the Treasury. Simply to say, The Treasury is the one that facilitates the buying and selling of these Metaseed NFTs. 

They claim that 100% of the sales proceeds will be used as liquidity in the treasury. This is done to guarantee the price floor of the original listing price.   

And lastly, the Triple-Reward System. This is called “triple” coz there are three things here in play: Referral Tree, Guild Tree, and Metaland.  

Now, let’s take a look at exactly how this so called Triple-Rewards System actually works! 

Army of Chaos Apeiron

How to Earn with Triple-Reward System 

So, how do you start earning?  

Of course, the first step is you should buy yourself 2 pieces of NFT Metaseeds from the marketplace: One for the Referral Tree and one for the Guild Tree. Then you need to join Metaseed and deposit them, and then invite friends or family into joining in with you.  

Keep in mind guys that this earning system is pretty much the very essence of networking. So if you are familiar with how Networking works, then this should be easy for you to understand.  

More invitations and referrals = more earnings! 

SpiritCore NFT A

 For the first reward system, we have the Referral Tree.  Anyone can start with a level 1 metaseed. 

This system allows an investor to earn 2 Metaseeds from every 3 Referrals. The 3rd metaseed will always go to the person who referred you. 

So doing the basic math, with your very 1st referral, you would’ve already gotten your ROI.  

And with just 2 referrals in, you would have already doubled your initial investment.  

One cycle is completed every time you are able to get a 3rd referral. And after that, you will have few choices with what you can do with your 2 metaseeds.  

You can either take your profits or hold your NFTs, or you can choose to Upgrade your 2 level 1 metaseeds into a level 2 metaseed and sow it again for the next cycle of harvest! Hence, you becoming level 2 as well. 

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

And there’s something important to note here: as seen on this diagram, it says the Senior has to be at least on the same level as the Junior in order to receive rewards.  

The senior is simply the one who referred you, and you become the senior to those you refer as well -whom we call juniors.  This means if your junior is level 3 and you’re just level 2, you won’t receive the reward that’s supposedly yours.  

And if you are level 2 and you’re senior is still level 1, then he won’t get the rewards that are supposedly his as well. If this happens, the rewards will go to the senior whose level matches that of your referral. 

So it should be obvious that in order to be able to maximize your own potential earnings here, is that you just keep referring and upgrading and referring and upgrading and the cycle goes on until you get to level 7 which is the highest level attainable.  

And you must be wondering, what happens if you get to level 7 successfully? Well… you get to earn this much. 

chinese ancient kingdom nft game

Now, for the Guild Tree. You can think of it as just like the Referral Tree, but on steroids! Each cycle completes when 6 slots are filled, not just 3.  

In addition to the Referral Tree system, the Guild Tree allows investors to earn even more Metaseeds even without making any referrals.  And these extra earnings will come from “spillovers” from the person who referred you, and the others you have referred.  

Here’s how it works, just take a look at this diagram.  
Allan, has referred Slots 1-6 which is Bryan up to Giggs. And the rewards system goes like this. Don and Fred, which is first-line, go to Alan, not Bryan.  

Then Helen, Jen, and Kay who are in the 3rd line, go to Bryan, not Don and Fred. Then Louis goes to Allan once again. 

So to simplify it, there’s like some sort of generational skipping happening with how the rewards are distributed. And this just keeps going on and on as long as the network keeps growing and growing. 

But since the Guild Tree is reasonably larger than the basic Referral Tree, the rewards potential here are a lot bigger. 

DOM Token GOLD Token

And so let’s say that everything goes well for you because you’re the best networker out there. And let’s just say that 1 ETH is equal to $4000. This would be the best case scenario for the 2 level 1 metaseeds you have invested.  

As of now tho, 1 ETH is just less than $3000 so just do your own calculations. Moving on to the 3rd piece of the Triple-Reward System, Metaland. 

In this metaverse, users will later be able to buy, sell, and utilize NFT plot lands called Metaland. But this project is still in development and is scheduled for Q4 of this year. 

These NFT plot lands are also limited to only 15,000 parcels. More details about Metaland will be announced soon, so stay tuned. 

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics


Now that it’s all said and done, there are just a few rules that every interested investor MUST understand. 

Let’s talk about the rules of upgrading. There are a total of 7 levels of Metaseeds with different levels of pricing and earning potential.  

And everything doubles every level of upgrade, both the price and earning potential. Hence, the upgrading system can be done by just completing cycles and upgrading even with just one initial investment. 
Every metaseed that’s planted is considered as burned NFT, coz they are completely non-refundable. So if you are happy with your earnings and you no longer want to reach for further downlines, then stopping won’t really be a bad choice. 

Ancient Kingdom NFT

Each user may only complete one reward cycle from the Referral Tree and Guild Tree and will need to plant a higher level Metaseed to unlock unlimited lower level cycles.  

Users may swap and upgrade their earned Metaseeds to a higher level Metaseed, and enjoy unlimited lower level cycles.  

Users may choose to redeem their Metaseeds in ETH from the treasury, which holds 100% of the proceeds from the NFT Sale.  

Metaseed holders will receive additional Metaland NFTs for the upcoming Metaseedverse. There will also be some leaderboards to take effect in this system soon. 

Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap

Discord Event and Roadmap 

Looking at their roadmap. It seems that they plan to be able to solidify the project by the end of this year.  

Interesting to know that Metaseed is planning to release Guild Scholarships next month. 
And they have more coming soon. So we just have to follow them on their website, Twitter, telegram, and discord so we can stay updated. Links in the description below. Oh! And speaking of discord, before I forget to tell you. 

Metaseed is holding a special event right now in Discord where you can get whitelisted for a chance to win free metaseeds! 

And there are 5 different ways you can qualify. 

You can either invite friends, engage and be active on discord, create a fan art, introduce metaseed to other influencers, or post tweets. 

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box Sale

No doxed dev team for this one. So just as how we always remind ourselves, invest only what you can afford to lose. 

So what do you think about Metaseed so far? It’s really all about playing the game of networking and getting as many people as you can to invest with you.  

If this is your kind of play-to-earn game, then maybe you’re already making some sort of game plan right at this moment. 

If you are, then tell us in the comments below.