We have featured several metaverse projects here but they are mostly made up of worlds very different from the Earth we live in. 

But today, we’ll talk about a project that may seem like a replica displaying this planet earth, but not limited to the real world.  

Here, you can accomplish and experience what you wish to achieve in the real world and more. 

Are you ready to journey to the future where imagination becomes a reality? 

Introducing – METAVERSE 2. 

Metaverse 2

With everything that has happened these past years, we are more aware of how time and unpredicted issues can restrain people from doing things they love  -like going for a walk, attending concerts, traveling to other places, and more…  

But with Metaverse 2 you can go anywhere – freely – whenever you want.  


What is Metaverse 2? 

Generally, most IT services such as 3D games are considered as Metaverse.  

However, Metaverse 2 created new types of services allowing a variety of original user-generated content,  trading systems using their unique virtual currency,  and industrial activities.  

  Examples of what users can do and what they are trying to achieve on Metaverse 2 are: 

  –  allow users to trade, sell or purchase virtual lands 

  –  create unique buildings for famous artists to hold concerts, or have virtual fan meetings with other users.  

  – Here, users can build personal homes, shopping malls, villages, resorts and trade them. 

  – clothing and furniture can also be made by users themselves which can then be turned into NFTs, sellable within Metaverse 2

Build on Metaverse 2


Here are ways to start in Metaverse 2:

-Visit their official website at metaverse2.com then click ‘SIGN UP

-Read and agree on their Terms of Service 

-Input your email address, verify and assign a unique password.  

-You can also use our code: blockchaingamer 

-Then click SIGN UP 

How to sign up in Metaverse2

Now that you have your account, let’s take a look inside the Metaverse 2 site 

If we click ‘BUY LAND’, we’ll see the Skyview and Map of the Metaverse 2.  

At this moment, only Seoul, Korea and New York is available. 

Other areas will be available on their future updates. 

Metaverse 2

If you zoom in further, you’ll see that the land is divided into tiles. And the flags represent the users who have already purchased that particular land.  

Why are they buying land here? 

Well, because these lands will be the most important asset in this project.  

At this time, you could already earn just by simply buying and selling land.

Metaverse 2 Land  Flags

Now, let’s check how much does it cost to own land here? 

In the marketplace, you’ll see the MOST expensive location costs a whopping  360,000 dollars and that’s because it’s the Theater District.

Those expensive ones are “landmarks” in Metaverse 2 – famous creations or buildings that are very limited and profitable. 

At this point there are only a total of 16 landmarks in Metaverse 2. There’s 8 in Seoul and 8 in New York. 

Landmark Metaverse 2

The benefits of owning a landmark are

  • first it’s viewable in 3D 
  • Metatokens are minable on those lands

I know that’s TOO expensive to invest in but you can actually invest and own a lan here for as low as 0.25$ 

To purchase your own land here, first, you need to deposit a minimum of 10 dollars on your account using PAYPAL. 

MEtaverse 2 Minimum

I already have 3,000 USD deposited so now I’ll buy land in New York.  I’ll choose this one – 90 tiles for 126$. 

The price depends on the location and the resources that can be mined in that area. 

As mentioned earlier, you can earn here just by selling those lands you own – maximum of double the price 

But another feature here is mining resources which is available on mountains, rivers, and sea tiles.   

Buying in metaverse 2

Users may “mine” water, pebble, ore, and oil resources by purchasing and installing a Miner on an owned Tile priced at 1$, lasting for only 90 days. 

Those resources mined may be sold through P2P.  

Collecting them is important as this can be used to create structures that can generate Metatokens. Structures will be NFTs and will be tradable on the P2P page. 

You see, there are many ways to make profit here in Metaverse 2. 

Mining in Metaverse 2


MetaToken is an encrypted virtual currency that can be obtained from Metaverse 2  and will be generated as an incentive for users to purchase land Tiles and create buildings. 

As the native platform currency, MetaTokens are used for various activities for trading and creating clothes and furniture, as well as accessing content within the Metaverse2 ecosystem. 

MetaToken is built and based on the blockchain of Solana.  


How to Earn Metatoken?

Rental Fee – Users or organizations may create their buildings then rent their spaces to other users, for such amount of MetaToken rental fees as they may prescribe. 

Admission Fee – Some buildings/landmarks have features to exhibit artworks or live performances. The owner of the properties can make a profit by setting an admission fee in MetaToken. 

Advertisement – Users can charge advertisers a fee in MetaToken to make profits if they own a building that has a billboard for advertisements.   

For more information about its tokenomics and the Metatoken contract address, you may check out the whitepaper of metaverse 2 on the description below.  

Metatoken Buy and Sell Metaverse 2


Metaverse 2 is created by an experienced South Korean Team which I am happy to report is FULLY Doxxed. 

Their full names and credentials can be seen on their website along with the list of their credible and experienced advisors and partners.  

Metaverse 2

As per their roadmap, there’s no exact date for when updates will happen. 

We only know that the project started last year around September and there is so much more to look forward to in this project  including:

-the Metaverse 2 Editor enables users to trade structures, buildings, and items, 

-Metaverse 2 World where users can create and design personal terrain, structure, city, and building however they want

-Phase 4 – the Avatar and Communication Features plus virtual experience through VR.   

Metaverse 2


As I’ve said, Metaverse 2 is just getting started, and yet it has already made incredible progress on the project like the buying and selling of tiles and resources along with the 3D maps. 

It’s also good to know that the team is very transparent.  We could see all of their faces and accomplishments on the website.

So I’d say it’s worth a try. After all, the minimum deposit needed to start here is just 10 dollars.  

But keep in mind that there are many metaverse projects gunning for the top and we can’t be sure which one will make it big–  so as we always TAYOR And DYOR. 

For updates and news about the Metaverse 2, follow their social media channels linked below.   

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our article.

What do you think about Metaverse 2? Are you buying land here?  Let us know in the comment down below. 

Meta Nano Links:

Website: https://www.metaverse2.com/en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Metaverse_2
Telegram: https://t.me/+RqEXQ6c_xZBiYTk1
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/metaverse2
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/Metaverse2
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metaverse2
Kakao: https://pf.kakao.com/_JMxazb


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