Mir4 Review

MIR4 is a new MMORPG developed by WeMade Corporation from South Korea.

The game supports 12 languages in 170 countries around the world.

The game world is massive and is crowded with players and NPCs delivering much in-game content.


The game’s storyline is actually set as the sequel to the game that the same company launched back in October 2004, The Legend of MIR3 – which was hugely popular in South Korea and China.

MIR4 has a play-to-earn feature and yet it can still be considered as a gacha game in many parts. To describe the game on surface value, Mir4 is part-blockchain-integrated and part-traditional.

To be perfectly blunt, just like many other MMORPGs and similar mobile games, MIR4 is heavily incorporated with a pay-to-win system that is already familiar to a lot of us.

Though I do not prefer it, I am ok with it, as long as the whales won’t get too huge of an advantage over the free-to-play counterpart.

Yet, if you really think about it, if the game offers play-to-earn features, just like in other blockchain games, the more you invest, the more earnings you can potentially have.

Since MIR4 is also a blockchain game, then investing in it may not be such a bad idea after all.


Sadly, this is hugely the reason why MIR4 has been receiving so many bad reviews on Steam. -aside from the afk grinding mechanic, and the mobile gaming nature of its gameplay.

Understandably, most gamers from steam are not fans of Gacha Games, and there are still many players who don’t understand how play-to-earn, Blockchain, and NFTs work in games.

But allow me to enlighten you guys on why MIR4 may actually be worth your while.

Gameplay & Basic Tips

Mir4 Gameplay

Before you get to enter the game world, you will first have to choose one from four classes. Don’t worry if you want more than one, you can actually play multiple characters in a single account.

On surface value, we can easily say that the Warriors are the tanks, Sorcerers are the Glass Cannons, Taoists are the crit machines, and Lancers are the specialists.

And just look at this game’s Character Customization.

There are just so many things you can customize. Ain’t that pretty?

Mir 4 Character Customization

Right off the bat, when you start playing the game and keep making progress in the first few hours, there is so much stuff to do in this game that would surely keep players busy for a long while.

As of today, thousands of players grind in the game on each server and it’s obvious when you see it.

You can play with friends, from clans, fight Bosses in Raids together, and there are also a lot of PvP elements inside the game.

In this game, players can fight a big variety of monsters, thugs, mini-bosses, and bigger bosses.

The game also starts with an interesting storyline about saving a princess with the help of your master and other NPC friends.

MIR4 involves a lot of grinding, which is a given feature for RPGs and MMORPGs.

The famous Auto-attack feature is not absent in this game. Players can grind exp and items even when at work or just simply AFK.

But there’s more, the game took the auto-attack and auto-tracking to the next level by actually allowing players to do Auto-missions.

Mir4 Missions

In MIR4, you can basically keep grinding your game in the background, and in case you die, you can also turn on “auto-return when resurrected”

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. Auto mining is also a feature.

Mir4 Menu

Along the way, as you keep leveling up, you will gain access to different features, and Starting from Level 20, you can finally ride mounts and join raids.

Reaching this unlocks the player’s ability to access the in-game marketplace for trading items, armor, and weapons with other players using the Gold Currency.

Mir4 Options

Now most importantly, reaching level 40 unlocks access to Play to Earn with both Crypto and NFTs
(more about that later).

So yes, the game devs designed the game in a way that new players get to test the waters first for the first few days of playing and see if the game is to their liking before they can start mining crypto in-game.

Interestingly, I think it’s a good idea. It does remind players not to get invested in anything too early on without making sure or trying things out first. Hehe…

Mir4 Dark Steel Mining

Another very important point that you need to take note of, is that right on the top left… yeah, it’s kinda small… you can see there the PvP MODE selection.

If you’ve already started playing, you may have already experienced getting attacked by other players out of nowhere.

That’s because, in this game, PvP can be triggered almost anywhere at any time.

Let me show you…

Mir4 Character Status

Right from the beginning, it’s set to peaceful, that’s why we’ve never really hurt anyone… yet… but we can change it right here.

Setting it to lawful allows your character to attack other players who have been hurting other players

-except when they’re in your party or in your clan or friends list.

Hostile already makes you bad. Since you’ll be attacking all other players as long as they’re not part of your party, clan, or friends.

Carnal… Ok, so you just wanna pick a fight on everybody you meet. Ok then.

I did die a few times to other players just because I used to be always set on “peaceful.”

So I think for me, “Lawful” would be my go-to choice -since I won’t be hostile to other players, but my character will be able to fight back against nasty players who will try to harm me.

Mir4 Equipments

Another important aspect of the game is inventory management.

You will soon notice as you keep playing the game, that the 150 slots of inventory space is quite small, and paying Gold to enlarge its capacity isn’t really very economical.

It’s just one slot for 10 gold. So keep in mind to manage your stuff properly.

Or you could just dump your extra baggage in your Private Warehouse which you can find in the Bicheon Castle.

Mir4 Character

If you’re in a pinch, selling is a quick way to do it, but selling won’t do too well since a lot of these items and pieces of equipment are important for the CODEX -where you can trade in stat specific sets of items and equipment for some permanent character stat boosts.

Keep that in mind as well. Still, it’s better to leave most of your stuff in the private warehouse.

How to Earn?

Mir4 How To Earn Wemix Wallet

Like I said earlier, the first-ever “long-ish-term” goal for every new player is to be able to reach level 40.

Coz, this unlocks the ability for the player to finally be able to smelt Darksteel into DRACO tokens and connect your WEMIX wallet address in-game

–allowing you to withdraw or deposit DRACO and trade your tokens for WEMIX tokens, which can then be traded for Korean Won in Bithumb, and then finally converted into Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin, Tron, and any crypto that’s available in Bithumb.

Mir4 NFT

Another play-to-earn feature as announced is that the characters themselves -yes, the very people we actually play as are soon going to be NFTs which players can sell and trade with real money.

The game’s integration to blockchain is still very new, and since the game seems promising, I am hopeful that the devs can develop more ways to earn in the future.

And, adding more equipment as NFTs, of course.

Just a Few Notes

Oh and here’s just a few notes you might want to take away.

Mir4 Game

You may have noticed that there’s an auto-translation integrated in-game -and in my opinion, it works really really well.

I was able to talk with other players typing in Chinese, Arabic, Korean, and Japanese.

I just thought it’s a pretty neat feature that deserves to be noticed.

Another note…

As of the making of this video, the price of the DRACO token is still not listed in Coinmarket Cap and Coingecko, but you can always check it’s status from: https://mir4draco.com/price

Mir4 Draco Coin


And that’s it for now! There’s still a lot of things left to talk about MIR4.

The game’s player base just keeps growing and who knows what the future may hold.

We’ll be expounding next time about MIR4’s play-to-earn feature.

We’ll also talk about how to transfer crypto from your Binance Wallet and convert it to DRACO tokens using Bithumb and Wemix.

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