Do you like NFT trading card games? like Splinterlands or Gods unchained?  

Great news!  Here’s an EPIC Trading Card Game that is Free to Play coming this 2022!  

Introducing, Mytheria – Clash of Pantheons 

A world where gods of different civilizations and heroes clash with each other.  

Mytheria Logo

“MYTHERIA: Clash of Pantheons” is a card game inspired by the war of gods from different cultures, vying for honor and glory for their subjects. Mytheria is the chaotic realm where all mythical lore interweaves.  

Beyond typical MOBA-style combat gameplay,  Mytheria contains a collectible trading card game, MOBA, and tower-defense elements.  

More about it’s gameplay in a while. 

Mytheria Clash of Pantheons

For now, let’s talk about its UNIQUE Features: 

First, it’s FREE TO PLAY.  

All new players will be given 40 individual cards that make up the Starter Deck – for FREE! 

But of course, having your own NFT Cards and being able to choose the best ones would be of great benefit to players. 

So if you want to check out the game first before investing in it, then you are free to do so. 

Mytheria gods card

Next, it has several game modes for play to earn..

  • PVE – Upgrade your Gods & conquer infinite challenges. The higher rank you climb, the bigger reward you get. 
  • PVP – a competitive Mode where you test your alliance deck & strategical skills against global players.  Earn MYRA by staying at the top of each Season. 
  • Battle Royale – Chaotic fun against other 7 players. Be the last one standing and claim all the bounty! 
  • E-Sport – Best players in each region can participate in Mytheria’s global tournaments, with a crowdfunded prize pool. 

Mytheria Godforge

And last unique feature of Mytheria, is its CREATE To EARN feature called Godforge – a community where artists can freely express their creativities and talents while also being rewarded with money.  

Here, you can freely display your artworks (for example skins for Gods, skills, national costumes, special items for existing cards, and more) or even create your own characters.   

Mytheria Artist of the Week

Mytheria believes that a large community of artists from different cultures will always come up with quality and valuable artworks to constantly refresh the game,  therefore enhancing the gaming experience day by day. 


Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons is a MOBA Trading-Card game where players battle alongside mythical deities on the battlefield. 

It is a turn-based card game, two players play in each game that lasts 5-10 minutes. 

Mytheria MOBA

Inspired by various MOBA game such as DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Arena of Valor –  the battle arena has 2 lanes with towers at the end of each lane. 

Guardians have a mission to defend their tower and attack the enemy’s towers.  

During the course of the game, you will use cards to summon Gods, Mortals, and Spells to the battlefield,  in order to destroy all enemy towers and protect your own.  

Gods can be strengthened, through the collection of shards.  

Mytheria Trading Card Game

When the COMBAT phase starts, units from both sides will clash in the middle. 

Protect your Tower by blocking enemy from attacking with your Units and trying to attack their undefended Towers. Whoever takes down 2 out of 3 Towers first will win the game 

FREE MYTHERIA and gain victory. 

There are 3 types of cards: Gods, Mortals, and Spells, and 5 tiers of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Immortal. 


Gods Cards, which are very crucial and play a key role in the strategy of the entire deck. 


Mortal Cards, which are troops card fight on the battlefield with gods. 


Spell Cards, a single-use card, which comes with the powerful effect. 


In this game, it is important to choose the right Gods and mortals to form an unbeatable army and help you defeat all enemies.  

And just this month, Mytheria has released the Pandora Packages in Binance.  

Myutheria Pandora Package

There’s the Diamond Package – 50 in total that contains :

  • 1 Diamond chest with a total of 5 cards, guaranteed 1 Legendary or better God  
  • 1 Special Bonus chest that has 1 Zodiac card  

Note that there are only 2600 Immortal Zodiac Cards in the world for Mytheria so its a collectible value.

Mytheria Zodiacs

Next, there’s the Gold Pandora Package (2950) in total contains:

  • 10 Gold chest which contains 5 cards each, a total of 50 cards 
  • 1 Standard Bonus chest with a random chance to receive 1 zodiac card or 1 Pet 

Mytheria Gold PAckages

IGO successfully launched on January 6 

All it took was only 3 seconds for all Diamond Packages and 24 hours for all 3,000 Pandora Packages to be sold out.  

First game ever to reach 10 million trading volume on Binance NFTs.  

Packages are still traded on Binance. So if you want to get one you could check it on the Binance website. 

With these packages, you will have the advantages of:  

🔸  having enough resources to strategize and win 

🔸 Owning extremely rare and cute pet NFTs in the game.  

They are high-quality artworks with a very limited amount available.

Mytheria athena


Last January 23, Mytheria’s ALPHA TEST version was released. 

Where they also held a bug-finding contest for users to directly contribute their opinions about the game. 

Based on the feedback Guardians provided so far, Mytheria team has already gotten to work on  fixing most common bugs and updates to gameplay mechanics and features. 

If you weren’t able to join, don’t worry you are welcome to join the closed beta soon. 

Mytheria Alpha Test

The PC version will be released first. But they say the Android version is now under development.  

Make sure to follow all the social media channels of Mytheria linked below for updates on their next events. 


Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons is developed by a strong founding team who are experts in their fields. 

The CEO of Mytheria is famous as a game artist with over 10 years of experience.  

he has worked for numerous game projects like DotA 2 and Marvel Wars of Heroes. 

Cuong Le

Duc Truong, Art Director, has impressive experiences such as VFX Concept Designer for Starwars, Kong: Skull Island, Concept Artist at Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, RIOT games, and so on. 

Together, the development team has been highly focused on offering players a vivid and insightful world with top-notch graphics,  a place where anyone can find their own version of the Gods’ war that they have longed for. 

Mytheria is also backed by experienced Advisors in the gaming, blockchain, and finance industries including Kardiachain where My Defi Pet and the now-famous Thetan Arena is,  Whydah, Decom Holding, Alpha True, Coincu, Bee Capital, and N-code. 

Mytheria Backers


So far it passed our checklist for an NFT game that is good to play and invest in since the game is well thought of, has a great art style, great team, and backers.

With a FREE TO PLAY option for people who want to try it out first.  

Mytheria offers a unique combination of Play-to-Earn, Create-to-Earn and Conventional Gameplay features. 

And from their achieved initial success, Mytheria looks to be a VERY promising game.  

Mytheria Poseidon

Do you agree with me? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comment section below.  

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