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Hi! I’m Prin Seu the blockchain gamer!


Let me & my team help you get your game’s name out there! and let us help you catapult your game to the charts! 

Build a strong community of players with us and keep your fans and followers updated about everything that’s going on in your game.


We are a group of gamers who are all passionate about gaming, crypto, NFTs, and everything about blockchain technology.

Our Top Channels

We are uploading on different platforms to reach a wider audience. Campaigns will also be launched very soon to further increase our reach and followers. We’re in this for the long haul.

The Blockchain Gamer
Youtube Channel

Our Youtube Channel provides all our viewers crucial information about many different blockchain games and platforms to equip them with the knowledge that they need in determining which ones are great choices of games that can last long term, and which ones are risky investments that are potential scams.

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The Blockchain Gamer
Facebook Page & Group

On Facebook, We are relentlessly engaging with thousands of gamers every day as we continue growing our community of passionate gamers around the world.

Whenever there are new blockchain games that pop up or gain some recognition, here, we instantly share our thoughts and views about them.

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The Blockchain Gamer
Publish0x Blog

 We understand that some people want to consume information in a blog-style format. Publish0x is a Crypto agnostic platform where both authors and readers earn in Crypto. On this platform, we keep our readers updated about various blockchain games. Readers here are crypto/ tech-savvy.

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The Blockchain Gamer

Our Website is our central hub of all our content from videos, blogs, merch and many more. We have a lot more plans and ideas in the pipeline that will drive traffic to the site and more eyeballs in the future.

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Our team follows this strong principle.


We believe that for a game economy to be sustainable, one of the most important qualities of the game is the fun and long-lasting entertainment experience it can bring to its players on top of the potential earnings people can get from it.


Right now blockchain gaming is in its infancy, a lot of gamers are still cautious in entering the space mostly because videos online focus on the earnings instead of the games themselves.


Our approach aims to change that.


We know that capturing the interest of pure gamers is the real mission since they are not just waiting for quick money and will dump their tokens and assets at any given time.


Real gamers will stay and be part of the community for the long term, and we truly believe that Blockchain Gaming is the future of gaming, not only in a few select countries but also throughout the world.


We are fully committed to doing our part in bringing it into the mainstream, and in the process, sharing our own research and experiences with the community.


What We Do?

Blockchain Game Reviews

Review of different blockchain games looking at many aspects from the gameplay, whitepaper & tokenomics etc.

Blockchain Game Guides

In-depth guides about games on how to start, how to buy tokens, strategies, and other things the players might need to know.

Blockchain Game News

Regular updates about the blockchain gaming world in a fun news-style format.

Blockchain Game Review

We will gather information about your game and present it in both video and blog format.


  • Introduction of your game
  • Gameplay
  • Whitepaper
  • Roadmap & Vision
  • Tokenomics
  • How to Get Started
  • Is it Worth it?


  • Video Review (Uploaded on Youtube & Facebook)
  • Blog Write-up (Publish0x & TBG Website)
  • Shilled across all TBG Channels

NOTE: We strive to be honest as possible in our reviews. So if you’re not confident with your project or you’re just a downright scam. Then don’t contact us ✌️

Game Guides +
Game News

Some people may find it hard to understand how to get started in different platforms.

That’s why we also do easy step-by-step guides or tutorials on how to start, how to buy tokens, or how to play the game.

Got anything noteworthy to share with your community or other potential players and investors? This plan also makes sure any news or updates you want will be mentioned in our news videos as well as posted in our blogs and other channels.

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Username: Gainze#0683