In 2021, the words ‘NFT’ and ‘Metaverse’ took the world by surprise and have since approached the mainstream. Many of us, joined the metaverse bandwagon and invested in NFTs.  

However, there are still some problems in this space, one of which is the lack of use-cases and interoperability for NFTs.   

But what if I tell you that there’s a place where your Axie, Bored Ape, or whatever NFT you have can all come together. 

 Yeap, that is possible in PEPO Paradise a cross-chain Petaverse – uniting PETS across METAVERSE 

Pepo Paradise

Inspired by popular games like Animal Crossing, The Sims, Neopets & Super Smash Bros., PEPO Paradise is a cross-chain Virtual Petaverse that ties these 3 elements: NFT, METAVERSE, and GAME.   

And it has a unique “FEED-TO-EARN” mechanic in a Sandbox environment on Avalanche.  The same platform as Moonopoli, the wolf game fork I reviewed last time.    

For those unfamiliar with Avalanche, it is a competitor to Ethereum that prioritizes scalability. It is a smart contract-capable blockchain platform focused on transaction speed, low costs, and eco-friendliness.  

Ancient Kingdom


As I mentioned in the intro, PEPO Paradise recognizes the problems in the current blockchain gaming and NFT space which are the lack of use-cases, interactivity, and interoperability on NFTs and the N square problem between collaborations.   

The team wanted to give all NFT holders more utility and options to display their NFTs and participate in the metaverse.  So they came up with the cross-chain identity as PEPO.   

Mechanisms like PEPO encourage a new way of thinking about interoperability.  

Because rather than moving assets, PEPO Paradise introduces a new way to prove that we own these assets on multiple blockchains – expanding the NFTs usability. 

Pepo Paradise

PEPO Paradise has created cross-chain funnels with NFT brands they partnered with to allow interoperability – by bringing proof of NFTs from Ethereum onto Avalanche 

NFT holders now have the opportunity to validate and display their assets in the game. This seamless integration allows the NFT owner to connect their wallet to PEPO Paradise and then select which NFT they’d like to deploy on their virtual island as PEPO. 

Pepo Paradise

Their solution comes in 4 Phases:   

Phase 1. Introduce the world to PEPO Paradise& Virtual Pets. The FEED TO EARN Revolution which I will explain in a while.   

Phase 2. Collaborate with third-party NFT IPs, turn them into 3D virtual pets, and import into PEPO Paradise, following their standard in 3d Models and animations.      

Phase 3. Collaborate with Metaverse Partners, and deploy Standardised PEPOs onto their world and gameplay 

 Phase 4. Incubate new IPs and Games into the PEPO Eco-System 

Pepo Paradise

These benefits all the parties in the ecosystem.   

– Players can now use their NFT pets in a lot of cool places.  

– For NFT IP Partners, there’ll be an increasing amount of use-case, with only one integration point.

– For metaverse partners, access to strong NFT IPs 

-For PEPO PAradise, More significant influence in the NFT space.   

It’s a Win-Win-Win-Win Scenario for everyone. 

Pepo Paradise


PEPOs are standardized interactive virtual pets built with the latest blockchain technologies.  Any NFT brand can be one of the PEPOs, including NFTs on chains like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, etc.    

Their technology allows them to perform cross-chained NFT ownership verification. So if you hold an NFT and it is one of their partners, then congratulations!  

It can be one of the PEPOs and you can enjoy all the benefits immediately. But if you don’t have one yet, you can also get your own Pepo within the game.  

They will be launching their GENESIS PEPO NFT very soon called Cheeks by PEPO before their BETA LAUNCH.   

Cheeks Pepo Paradise NFT

Cheeks are the first NFT brand that they’ll incubate within PEPO Paradise and will be the first collection that becomes one of the PEPOs and join PEPO Paradise.    

Each PEPO has unique genetic codes on its attributes, which affects its performance in future minigames, events, and rewards. Same with other NFTs, body parts combination results in almost infinite unique PEPOs. 

Players with Cheeks will be able to participate in the closed Beta-launch and experience the gameplay earlier than others.  Cheeks and their early NFT Partners will serve as the first to lay eggs in populating the PEPO Paradise eco-system. 

 All PEPOs are NFTs under the ERC-721 standard, so players have actual ownership over them.  

Pepo Paradise


Ever played Tamagochi before? 

Well, the feed to earn mechanics here in Pepo Paradise is somewhat like that, aiming to provide a Game-Fi experience to their NFT Holders.    

By taking care of your PEPOs and keeping them in good condition, bonding between the owner and the PEPO slowly builds up over time. And depending on the bonding score, PEPOs drop token rewards, blueprints, lay Eggs occasionally.    

PEPOs with high bonding scores may even drop exclusive NFT items in the ecosystem! 

Ancient Kingdom NFT


Pepos love food as much as we do. To keep your PEPOs happy and lively, a responsible owner should feed their PEPOs with PEPO-food ($PPF). Sometimes they may even ask for a shower or a walk! Take good care of your PEPOs and they will reward you  

STEP 2 Bonding Increases 

All great relationships take time to build, yes, even with your virtual pets. Your bonding score with your PEPOs increases over time if they are well-fed and happy. Feed and play with your PEPOs for better rewards and exclusive content! 

STEP 3 Collect and EARN 

It’s never a one-way relationship with your PEPO. Once your bonding score passes the minimum threshold, PEPOs will reward you with PEPO-Coins ($PPP) to collect! The amount of token reward varies, depending on the current incentive program. 

STEP 4 Hatch and Discover 

PEPOs are generous little guys, especially when they grow up! On top of $PPP rewards, PEPOs are on a mission to reward you further with eggs or even blueprints. Eggs can be hatched for new PEPOs or traded on our marketplace with other items. 

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box Sale


Aside from Pepos, there will also be land NFTs here in Pepo Paradise. And there are two types: Starter Land & PEPO-Land 


The system generates a Starter-Land for the players on their first login to host their PEPOs. These lands are free, but the number of PEPOs deployed onto these lands is limited. Upgrading Starter-Lands increases the number of tiles and PEPOs that can be placed on the land.   

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box

PEPO-Land (ERC-721 NFT)   

These lands are different from the Starter-land, with a scarce supply and actual ownership represented in the form of NFT tokens, and can be upgraded over time similar to Starter-Land, but with greater effects. Players can customize their PEPO-Lands, showing off their rare decorations, setting up farms, and more.    

Landowners also have exclusive access to special events hosted regularly and future gameplay features.   

PEPO-Lands will be available for presale in the near future and can only be purchased on the marketplace from other players afterward, until another PEPO-Land generation event. 

Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box


Pepo Paradise has a multi-token system.   

$PPP Token is the governance token for the project and it’s an ERC 20 Token. Through $PPP, PEPO Paradise will gradually evolve into a community-governed Decentralized Organization. 

$PPP would allow holders to propose and vote on governance proposals to determine future features and/or parameters of PEPO paradise.   

Pepo Paradise Token

While $PPC Token is the main platform currency for Feed-To-Earn, marketplace trading, and other features in the game.  

Supply of $PPC other than the initial liquidity pool can only be generated through in-game activities.   

As mentioned earlier. PEPOs consume PEPO-Food. And it can be obtained through:   

-Farming on PEPO-Land 

-Purchase with $PPP token through our liquidity pool 

-Completing Quests 

Pepo Paradise


Pepo Paradise is developed and Published by FINIFUGU Games.   

FINIFUGU is an award-winning games studio and best known as the team behind the popular casual mobile games Otter Ocean & Too Many Cooks. They create pocket-sized, scalable curiosities for various platforms. They strive to design novel gameplay and marketing scenarios for a broad audience and explore new types of interactive digital entertainment.   

Pepo Paradise Team

Their award-winning games Otter Ocean, Too Many Cooks, and Nood Climbrs were all featured on Google Play Store and Apple App Store globally in more than 150 countries in Best New Game, Game of the Day, Editor’s Choice, etc.   

This established game studio consists of 12 full-time members located in different parts of the world including Hong Kong, London, Italy, Thailand & Taiwan.   

More info about them of 



The project is quite new. They just recently released their discord last month. Some thing to look forward to this first quarter is the Genesis PEPO Presale.  

For the next quarter, we can see the Closed Beta, PEPO Land Presale as well as the IDO and Public Token Sale.  

Quarter  3 is when NFT IP Partnership Integrations will happen plus additional game features which I think many include one or all of this: minigames / Tournaments, farming, PEPO Derby (PVP Racing tournaments), PEPO adventure (PVE battling).

By the end of the year, they are targeting to do the public launch along with the mobile app. VR and AR integration will happen next year. 

Pepo Paradise Roadmap


I must say, the project looks SO cute. The graphics and style are appealing. We can really say that it comes from an experienced game development team.   

And although we can’t see the real faces of the team, we are convinced of their caliber based on their output and many awarded mobile games.  

But what I’m really looking forward to in Pepo Paradise is their ambitious plan to unite pets across the metaverse, expanding our NFTs usability. Imagine seeing Axie, Crypto Kittie and other NFTs in one space.  

Pepo Paradise Roadmap

Hoping they could really ace that part and do it seamlessly and be able to nail partnerships with many NFT projects. 

What are your thoughts about Pepo Paradise? Are you interested in the project? 

We will be giving away 10 Tickets to Paradise Free Mint Spots. All you have to do is follow PEPO Paradise on Twitter. Of course, like and subscribe to our youtube channel The Blockchain Gamer, and share it with your friends too. 

Let them know that more Tickets to Paradise Free Mint Whitelist Spot are also avaiilable in Pepo’s discord server. So make sure to join their server linked below.