In the old-time games, selling in-game items and weapons for  REAL Money is unimaginable. And if you ever try it and get caught, you’d get banned and lose your account – one that you have worked on for a long time. 

Most gamers have always dreamed of being able to sell items in the computer games legitimately for money.  

But now, IT IS POSSIBLE. Thanks to blockchain technology  and NFT’s. 

Runescape Old School

One of those dreamers for RMT or Real Money Trading in games is the CEO and Main Developer of Pepper Attack – an upcoming play-to-earn strategy game living on the blockchain.  

A Game Built by gamers, For Gamers 

Pepper Attack Logo

Pepper Attack is a rare 10,000 NFT collection. And although it looks like another PFP or NFT Avatar Project, Pepper Attack combines artistic NFT collecting with exciting ” Play to Earn ” gameplay.  

It is a real-time strategy game with token-earning mechanics that will reward players for their time playing.  

Pepper Attack is a game that’s actually been in production for over two years. 

Pepper Attack

Embracing the “play to earn” structure at its core, players can earn real, tradable “MYTE” tokens by playing the game,  trading NFTs, buying and selling in the marketplace, or just sending your Mystic Pepper NFT off to mine, bringing tokens back into your digital wallet daily. 


Pepper Attack is an NFT Based Strategy Game. 

Here, owners of the NFT called Peppers will drive the game economy by mining, training, and participating in battle. 

Pepper NFTs are unique, one-of-a-kind tokens that provide real, in-game utilities.  

Mystic Peppers are the first 10,000 Peppers minted during the project’s initial launch.  While more Peppers will be discovered later, only Mystic Peppers can mine & earn MYTE Tokens. 

Pepper Attack NFT

There are five types of Mystic Peppers – Chili, Bell, Habanero, Ghost, and Reaper 

Each of the NFT characters belongs to one of five clans, for example, the Bell or Chili clan.  However, from a gameplay perspective, their RPG-inspired characteristics are much more important.  

Every one of them has hit points, attack power, critical hit chance, defense, and dodge chance.  These traits give the NFT characters utility in the game, allowing players to earn MYTE tokens. 

Pepper Attack NFT

Of course, the higher the stats the stronger a character becomes.  

Some Peppers will be better at absorbing damage, functioning as a tank, while others deal more damage.  These differences per character will likely influence your tactics in the turn-based strategy gameplay. 

These NFTS are available on 

Mystic Pepper Open Sea


Here on Pepper Attack, players will need to use their Pepper NFT characters to battle through missions,  earning all kinds of game items in the process. 

There are several game modes planned for this game: 

  • First, the Adventure Mode. Here, a Pepper can go on an adventure to explore the Pepper World.  While they are on the journey, they may encounter wild monsters and discover hidden treasures.  

Pepper Attack Gameplay

  • Next, there are tournaments.  Players compete in ranking tournaments that give various rewards to the top-ranking players. Rewards will be structured in brackets.  
  • And lastly, PvP Events. Pepper Arena is where the mightiest Peppers battle each other to find out who deserves the Pepper Champion title. 

Note that this current gameplay that I discussed serves as a general introduction to how the game will be once it’s released this year. 

Pepper Attack

This game is designed so that you only need one Pepper to play.  

However, it is recommended to have a minimum of two Peppers, of which at least one is a Mystic Pepper.  This is so that your Mystic Peppers can mine the MYTE needed to make purchases and compete for an in-game battle.  

While it’s possible to earn MYTE with an Ordinary Pepper by playing the game, it will be much slower than mining. 

So if you’re interested in the game, get your own pepper now. 

Mystic Pepper 7362

In case you’re wondering if there’s a scholarship program here, well as of now they don’t have a scholarship program. But they do give away Mystic Peppers on special occasions on Discord and/or Twitter.  

SO if you want to have a chance to get one, actively follow them on Twitter and pay attention to the giveaway category on their Discord

MYTE Token

Now, let’s talk about the currency token of this game Pepper Attack which is the Myte Token. 

MYTE is a super rare metal that functions as a currency that can be used for purchasing,  recruiting a,nd participating in various events. It’s an ERC 20 Token with a total supply of 3 Billion.  

Myte Token

Pepper Attack recognizes that there is a problem with new tokens and coins being issued on a daily basis  – most having speculative prices and zero utility. 

That’s why they made sure Myte Tokens will be different. 

Since it’s the utility token of Pepper Attack, it will definitely be used for most transactional activities in the game.  

What you can buy in the game with Myte Tokens are characters, lands, consumable items & weapons, food, boosters, and more.  

And in the future, they are aiming for MYTE to be used as payment for virtually anything, for example, T-shirts, Art, Movies, Apps and other items and services. 

There are a limited number of MYTE so more demand means a higher price for MYTE. 

For a more detailed look at the token distribution and allocation, you could check out their tokenomics here.  

As mentioned a while ago, these Myte Tokens can be earned in the game in many ways: Adventure rewards, contests & events rewards, also if you have Mystic Pepper NFTS it can produce Myte. 

Myte Token Distribution

But also, you can have Myte Tokens by joining Pepper Attack’s Private and Public sale this Quarter 1 of 2022. 

Private Sale is happening this Feb 2 to Feb 7, 2022. 

Priced at 0.005 Matic per Myte Token 

with a Minimum of 2,000 Myte per person priced at 10 MATIC  

which is equivalent to roughly $15 at this time.  

There are options to buy 10,000 or up to 1 Million Myte Tokens per person Maximum.

The benefits of investing in Epic to Divine Packages is getting a Limited Edition NFT.  

But NOTE that the vesting schedule is 60 days after the beginning of the private sale which is on (March 31, 2022). 

To join the whitelist, click this link.

Myte Token Private Sale

For those unfamiliar, whitelisting guarantees a person or institution early access to a token sale event. 

Typically, traders want to be placed in a whitelist as that puts them at a potential advantage as they can purchase the token prior to a public token sale at which the coin will be sold at a higher price to the public. 

To apply, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old. Not from the restricted countries and complete the KYC.

NOTE that they will NOT personally message you regarding the sale, it will only be accessible on their official website linked below.  


Myte Private Sale


We’ve been following this project for quite some time and we’re happy to see their progress so far.  

As per their website, Pepper Team is financially prepared to function without any external funding.  Regardless of the sales and the market conditions, everything defined in the roadmap will be finished as planned.  

And so far, they really have been on time.  

However, the team is not fully doxxed as of the moment. But they have been proven to be a capable and hardworking team that brought many ideas on the project to life such as the Mystic Pepper NFTs, Pepper Polygon Bridge, and Pepper Mining System. 

Deacon z

But we do see one of their members, Nick in many of their live streams and videos.  

As per the game, it’s too early to say anything since it hasn’t been released yet.  

But the entire project looks promising and exciting though.  

So what do you think about the Pepper Attack? Any pepper fam watching? Or is anyone interested in buying the Myte Tokens? 

Let us know in the comments below.  

And for more information about the game, nfts, and the myte token sale, follow Pepper Attack on their social media channels linked below.  

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