Just last month, we featured Pepper Attack – an upcoming NFT Based Play 2 Earn strategy game on the Polygon Network that combines NFT Collecting with exciting gameplay.   

And today we’re thrilled to share with you updates regarding this project and some information about the much-anticipated game release coming this April. 

So if you’re part of the Pepper Fam or if you want to be one, then stay tuned!  

Pepper Attack Logo

Just a quick summary of what Pepper Attack is. 

It is a blend of a real-time strategy and role-playing game, with token-earning mechanics that will reward players for investing in their NFTs.    

Players can earn MYTE tokens {Pepper Attacks in-game tokens) by collecting, battling, and mining. MYTE is used to purchase in-game characters, items, and lands in the Pepper Attack metaverse.   

For a more detailed look at Pepper Attack, its gameplay, tokenomics, and more. You may check out our previous Pepper attack article.

Pepper Attack



Pepper Attack enjoyed an incredible level of success during its “Palentine NFT Key” sale last February.    

Every Key NFT provided the buyer with an up-front 4,000 MYTE bonus. And in addition to that, each mint of the NFT also gave the holder a  chance to play the “Fluky Maze” game – a fully decentralized minigame that Pepper Attack has already launched promising around half of the key holders an additional random amount of MYTE, ranging from 500 to 100,000.   

It’s about players going into a maze and finding treasure while avoiding monsters.  



The Fluky maze game enlisted the aid of one of the game’s new characters “Purira”.  

To assist players in search for treasure. Purira is the newest pepper announced to enter the game, as well as the first “Lady Pepper”.   

“Purira” has been added to a list of other Peppers Classes that include the Chili, Bell, Habanero, Reaper, and Ghost. 

10,000 “Mystic” Peppers have already been released and we talked about them last time, and lucky for those who got one of these Mystic Peppers they have the exclusive ability to “mine” additional daily MYTE. 



If you weren’t able to get one, don’t worry, Pepper Attack recently announced the launch of the NEW and Collectable “Pepper Hero” NFTs, a collection of 6000 generative NFTs living on the Polygon blockchain.    

Owners of these NFTs can play and compete in the Pepper Attack open beta game in April.    

These new 6000 Hero NFTs will be available for minting at a “beta” cost of only 0.015 WETH each. So in today’s price 0.015 weth is around $45 

They will be for sale exclusively on the Pepper Attack website on a “first come” basis on March 27th, and then for secondary sales on the OpenSea website, the world’s largest digital marketplace for non-fungible tokens. 

Gameplay Lightning Apeiron

As per their team, they keep the tradition of putting a good price for an early minter.  This will not be the price for their future NFTs. 

There are 4 rarity levels: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary,  which will determine the growth rate of Peppers. 

Stats are randomly generated upon minting, and can also be boosted with in-game items. Besides, there are also 7 stat rarities including Attack, Energy, Vitality, Evasion,    

 All rarities and stats will be revealed 24h after the minting date. 

Like the 10000 “Mystic Pepper” NFTs launched in 2021, Hero Pepper owners will have the ability to use them inside of the Pepper Attack metaverse in the full release as well. 

chinese ancient kingdom nft game

This will be the first release of this new pepper type and will be the basis for all gameplay in the future.    

Many different pepper types are planned and will be diverse in both appearances as well as the skills they possess. 

Both Mystic and Hero Pepper owners can collect in-game currency, participate in the Pepper Attack ecosystem, earn token rewards for playing the game, and more.    

As I’ve mentioned in my previous article, the game is designed so that you only need one Pepper to Play.   

So if you’re interested to get one to play the game, mark your calendars for March 27 and make sure to follow Pepper Atack’s social media channels too because the good news is, they are hosting an NFT Giveaway on their Twitter page. 

DOM Token GOLD Token


If you want to be among the first to own the NEW playable Pepper NFTS  then join their giveaway because they will be distributing 30 NFTs to lucky winners.    

The top 10 entries with the most points will get a Pepper NFT each.  And 20 random winners will each receive a Pepper NFT.    

So hurry and click this link to join the giveaway.   

Owning a Pepper Hero will give users an exclusive invitation to help shape the creation of the game in the open beta, starting in early April. 

Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics

Looking at their roadmap, we can expect big things to happen for Pepper Attack in the coming weeks and months. And I must say, the game and the art have improved since the last time we featured them. 

Love how the Pepper Team is making the game better each week and giving updates on discord regarding the project.  

And although they are not a doxxed team, we can see that they are really dedicated to the project and is active on Pepper Attack’s discord answering questions and communicating with the community called the Pepper Fam.   

To be notified of Pepper Attack’s releases, NFT launches, updates, and changes, sign up for their newsletter at pepperattack.com . This way you’ll be first in line to learn of their updates and offers, live streams and announcements.