Calling all the gamers out there -who live and breathe shooting games and love play2earn games. 

I am happy to finally bring you another play-to-earn shooter.

This new upcoming 3rd person shooter isn’t just another Fortnite or PUBG. 

Planet Sandbox

Although it has a building aspect -it’s nothing like Fortnite’s building shenanegans. 

Instead, land owners and NFT investors are able to build their own maps with different landscapes and custom structures.  

Yep, the very maps that we’re going to play in are built by players just like us! 

Planet Sandbox

And guys, this project has already been set in motion months ago, which means their tokens and NFTs are already out, and it won’t be too long for the public beta to be playable. 

So today, we’ll be reviewing the game, Planet Sandbox.

Planet Sandbox Logo

Game Overview 

Planet Sandbox is a blockchain sandbox shooting game that is a combination of world building and real-time competitive game modes. 

Battleground is just one game mode, and there’s gonna be other PvP modes soon. 

Battleground is just like the popular battle royale survival mode that gamers like us has already grown to love. 

There can only be one winner in the end, and it’s gonna be an all out war between all players, trying to be the last man alive within a shrinking zone by gathering weapons and ammunition -taking all the advantage they can get just to win. 

Planet Sandbox NFT Game

Players can choose to either build their own worlds or join intense fighting modes using NFT weapons and accessories. 

Or why not do both, right? I’m sure even map builders would love to engage in battles themselves. 

The NFTs you can get here could be weapons like these, or lands, a car, a drone, among other things. 

If you own an NFT item, like a weapon for example, then what’s gonna happen is that… 

Planet Sandbox Gameplay

When entering the game, you will be directed to the location of the NFT gun boxes you have equipped before the match. 

The special thing is that only you will have the ability to open this inventory and use it during the match. 

The game also features many different characters.

Scorpion Planet Sandbox


There are 2 tokens that runs the economy of Planet Sandbox: $PSB and $PULV. 

And, these tokens, well… the whole project actually, is based on The Binance Smart Chain Network. 

So what are the usage of these tokens? 

Planet Sandbox Token

The $PSB can be used to trade NFTs in the marketplace. 

To start building a world, you will need $PSB to buy everything you need from land to custom items such as buildings, vehicles, weapons, and also for owning your own shop. 

PSB is the governance token of planet sandbox’s tokenomics and will soon be integrated in their own metaverse. 

Players can also choose to stake PSB Tokens to earn more with an APY. 

PULV Token

The other token, which is the $PULV Token, is used to purchase consumable items such as bullets and gasoline. 

The project’s vision is to create a metaverse built and controlled by players. It can serve a wide variety of players. 

PSB tokens are currently already available for trading in exachanges like pancakeswap -just make sure you’re in The Binance Smart Chain. 

While the $PULV token can only be earned through game incentives such as achievement, daily login, leaderboard or loot boxes.

How to Earn 

Good news! Planet Sandbox is free to play and free to earn! 

There are many play-to-earn games nowadays that offer free-to-play gameplay, but the thing is, in order to actually earn, the player needs some sort of investment. 

But in games like Planet Sandbox, even if you have no initial investment, you can join the game labeled with the role “warrior” and fight other players, participate in game modes, beat other opponents and receive game incentives through the quest system, and getting free loot boxes. 

The game is obviously heavily skill based, so there are also nice rewards for players topping the leaderboard. 

Having multiple ways of earning for a play-to-earn game is really healthy for the game economy, since money is going to keep circulating. 

And this is definitely good news. Just take a look at this chart and see how the Game Economy works. 

Planet Sandbox Game Economy

Players can earn as Planet Sandbox land owners. 

You can be the owner of a land, build your own world, build a game mode for others to participate in and profit according to the participation. 

So this basically means, if you create better landscapes and better playability, then you can attract more players. 

And the more players come to your land to play, the bigger and more sustainable your passive income can become.

Planet Sandbox Lands

There are currently 5 types of land NFTs that you can choose from, and these depend on their planet’s terrain. 

There’s the Toxic Waste Land, Mountain Land, Grassland, Dessert Land, and Artic Land -or should I say Artic ICE, since there’s probably no actual land underneath the thick ice. 

Aside from being a land owner, you can also be a shop owner, selling consumables such as ammunition, gasoline, character skins and lots more stuff. 

Additionally, if you already own a shop or land, you can run for a place in the Planet Council of Players. They are the people who will decide the general laws, taxes and fees of all lands. 

Planet Sandbox Marketplace

And lastly, as I’ve mentioned earlier, even non-gamer investors can still earn in Planet Sandbox just by staking 

And this is their Staking Program: 

We have 4 staking pools with different lock periods and APR. 

You can choose either 15, 90, 180, or even 365 days 

With APR of 13.20%, 15.30%, 22.50%, & 32.46%

Planet Sandbox Staking

Development Team 

Introducing the Core Team behind Planet Sandbox. 

Starting with their CEO and Co-Founder, Minh Nguyen 

And the team’s 3 executive advisors: 

  • Eric Su, CEO of Exnetwork Capital 
  • And the Founder of Basics Capital who goes by the name Larry 

Partners, Backers, and Current State 

Here are the many backers of Planet Sandbox, 

Their partners, and current state.

And here’s the interesting part, Planet Sandbox has also partnered with DeathRoad -which is another blockchain game on the Binance Smart Chain Network that has its own Metaverse. 

And, DeathRoad is a metaverse racing game! Not much more detail that’s available about this yet, so subscribe and hit the bell icon so you can stay updated once more info gets out. 

Who knows, maybe something big is coming our way! 

And follow Planet Sandbox on their discord, twitter, and other socials too in order to stay posted and learn even more about the game for yourself. 

Oh, and later today at 2pm UTC, there’s gonna be an alpha test phase 2 tournament with a prize pool of $5000 worth of PSB tokens and 40 Santa Scorpion NFTs 

And in order to get a chance to participate, you only need to hold at least 200 PSB tokens in your wallet. 


So what do you think about Planet Sandbox? Are you interested on investing in their NFTs and tokens? 

Or maybe? You’re pumped up when I told you about the tournament? HAHA I guess I’ll see you later, then. 

And may the best man, or woman, win! 


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