So you already made an account on Splinterlands.


You’ve bought a spellbook, and you’re ready to battle and reach the higher leagues to collect tokens and high-value cards.


But you noticed, it’s hard to win cause you still have no idea about the game.


You’ve been fighting on the battles without knowing the fundamentals


Here in this post, we’ll talk about the basics of the game that every new player in Splinterlands should know.


First of all, before we talk about building a deck with a high win rate.


let’s discuss first the cards here in Splinterlands.


All cards in Splinterlands are divided into two categories


There are ‘Summoner Cards’ and ‘Monster Cards’

Summoner Cards represents different elements like fire, water, earth, life, death, dragon, and neutral


Each summoner card provides monsters with buff like increased damage, magic, armor boost, and more


Choosing a summoner and its specific buff is one important part of every match


Okay now, let’s look into ‘Monster Cards’


There are three types of ‘Monster Cards’ Melee, Ranger, Magic


Melee cards can only attack if it’s in the front line.

Unless it has an ability that allows it to attack a card on the backline like this Sneak Ability


On the other hand, range cards can attack from the backline but if it falls on the front line it can’t attack anymore

Magic cards are like range cards. It can attack from the backline


But the difference is it can attack even if it’s in the front line


It can directly damage the health of the enemy card and ignore the shield of the opponent


Maybe you’re thinking, then just use magical monster cards all the time?


but that won’t work, since every fight has a different set of rules


Sometimes there’s a rule that only Melee or only range cards can be used, or all magic monster cards can be banned


So we need our deck to be diversified, but maybe we’ll talk about that in another video


For now, let’s look at the different parts of the cards and how to identify them


So what is the meaning of the numbers in the cards?


Let’s identify them one by one


The number on the upper left represents its mana cost. Every match there’s a maximum amount of mana that you can use.


The number on the right that’s inside the heart, It represents the health points.


When it drops to zero, the card will be eliminated from the match


The number on the bottom left represents speed. The turn order of the cards depends on the speed of each card on the match.


This is also important since if your card is fast, you can easily eliminate your opponent’s card before they take action.


The saw icon on the top of it, represents the melee damage of the card


So it differs if it’s ranged or magic, If it is ranged, its icon is a target, and if it is magic, its icon is a purple smoke


Now you have a basic understanding of the cards


let us talk about the different ways to acquire extra cards


Actually, you will acquire free cards when you buy a spellbook


But honestly, they can’t carry you to higher ranks


Expanding your card collection is the major key to make your rank and win rate higher.


There are three ways to get cards

1 – By Buying Packs

There are packs for sale in-game


You can use credits or DEC tokens that you can acquire in-game to buy these


So to get a higher chance to pull for rare or gold foil cards, you need to have potions


But I don’t suggest buying them because you can easily obtain them via daily chest.


2 – Buying at the Market

This is the built-in market that you can see in-game


Here, you can buy cards and also sell them if you ever acquire a high-value card that you want to convert into tokens


You can search here if you know what you are looking for, and there is also a filter to help you search for something easier


3 – Daily/Season Chest Rewards

You can earn chest by completing the daily quest or in season-ender chests and when you climb up to higher leagues, you will acquire more chests


It can contain cards, card packs, DEC tokens, or potions, It will appear randomly.


if you’re lucky, Gold foil or legendary cards might appear


You can also level up your cards by combining identical cards


While increasing the level of your cards, the more identical cards you need to level them up more


There are different bonus stat given per level depending on the card.


Take note, Your summoner cards also need to level up so you can use high-level monster cards


To combine cards, go to your card and select the “combine cards” icon


Collecting cards and leveling them up is a great way of getting your power rating higher


And the power rating is important so you can access higher leagues and get more rewards


So I hope this video helped you gain basic understandings


About the cards and what are the different ways to acquire them


In my next blog about Splinterlands, I’ll talk about the cards you could buy or rent so you can make a high winning rate deck


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Thanks for reading!