Are you a big fan of both games and anime? Wait… you are? AWESOME!!

I am too! Then you most probably love the same games I grew up loving.


Well… it’s time we get back to the good old days.


Remnant Labs NFT


There’s a new fantasy anime crypto NFT game that’s already on the horizon.


Remnant Labs Limited takes us back to these great memories by bringing us… Alter Genesis.


Developer and Game Overview


Remnant Labs Limited is developing an ecosystem of Fantasy Anime Games on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.


If you’re familiar with Polygon, then you know it’s worth celebrating!


Polygon NFT Logo


Compared to the original Ethereum network and even with Binance Smart Chain, the gas fees in Polygon is almost inexistent.


A dollar worth of MATIC can get you to so many places -and I’m not exaggerating.


And in fact, since MATIC fees are so low, Remnant Labs themselves are even willing to cover the minting fees for true Free-To-Play gamers.



Now, as their very first play to earn game, Remnant Labs is giving us Alter Genesis -and this blockchain game is also free-to-play! NICE NICE NICE


It’s a Tower Defense style real-time strategy game that consists of original 3D Anime characters.


And this game’s alpha version will be coming out as a browser game and for mobile by the 2nd Quarter of 2022.


They have a lot of tokens and NFTs here in their ecosystem -and anime lovers are definitely gonna love these NFTs.


Ways to Earn with NFTs and Tokens


Let’s start off with the 3 main ways players can earn within Remnant Labs: 

  • Playing Alter Genesis to earn NFTs and REMN tokens
  • Selling NFTs in the marketplace
  • Staking NFTs for REMN tokens 


So there we have it, those are the 3 ways we can earn REMN tokens 




REMN is the governance token that’s used for the whole Remnant ecosystem.


This means REMN tokens are the life-blood of Alter Genesis and all the other games that we’ll be playing in Remnant Labs Limited.


And this token has a lot of uses: 


REMN Token


We can choose to stake our REMN tokens with APY, and doing so with time-lock bonus makes you earn SHARDS tokens (more about SHARDS later) 


We can also do Liquidity Staking, or we can also BURN them to gain a huge in-game boost for the SHARDS we earn 


2 other uses would be for buying Raffle entries for weekly draws 


And of course, REMN holders get to participate in Governance Voting for treasury use and game balance. 


Shards Remnant Lab




Now let’s get back to SHARDS, these are basically the LOCAL game currency that operates within Remnant Labs 


SHARDS can only be earned by playing games, doing daily logins, and staking REMN tokens 


No, they are not ERC20 cryptocurrency tokens, but they do operate similar to one. 


SHARDS are only made to allow gamers to have an option to trade NFTs and crypto with a more seemless user experience within Remnant Labs. 


So don’t go looking for SHARDS in coingecko or coinmarket cap ok? Haha 



BUT!!! REMN tokens on the other hand, they’re gonna be right there real soon! 


MOST ESPECIALLY because – Remnant Labs will soon be hosting their very first IGO for REMN tokens this coming December! 


No exact date yet, so make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you can stay tuned for future announcements! 


Non-Fungible Tokens


Now let’s talk about the 2 kinds of NFTs that they currently have: Remnant Avatar NFTs & Alter Genesis NFTs 


Remnant Avatar NFTs


As the name suggests, are the very avatars we use in our profile in Remnant Labs. 


Do take note, that these NFTs are in the Ethereum Network 


There are a total of only 5555 of these unique NFTs. 


And these characters will serve as the main protagonists in this Fantasy Anime World


Remnant Avatar NFT


These are the very NFTs that I’ve mentioned earlier, which can earn you Passive Income in the form of REMN tokens when you decided to stake them. 


And just takea  look at this, there’s literally more than a billion possible combinations you could do with them. 


Mark your calendars people! Remnant Avatars are scheduled to be minted on December 16 for 0.07 ETH each. 




The more unique the parts, the better the Farm Power, the better the Farm Power, the more REMN tokens it can farm 


These NFTs will provide certain additional perks for players and the rarer the NFTs, the better! 


There will be more announcements about this soon so you should join Remnant Labs’ Discord Server.



Alter Genesis NFTs 


Now, these NFTs are what excites me even more! 


For the Tower Defense Game called Alter Genesis -we currently have a total of 9 anime characters to start for the 1st Edition. 


In which 8 out of 9 are already seen in the website gallery. 


We have Elke, Yunuen, Kreskes, Stephane, Luljeta, Itzel, Aliya, and Theresia 


These NFTs are NOT directly for sale. They are only obtained by summoning -which costs SHARDS tokens.


Elke Remnant Lab Character


There are 6 levels of rarities for these NFTs based on Frame Rarity: starting with Obsidian, Emerald, Lapis, Amethyst, Gold, and Relic 


There’s also Star Rarity, but let’s talk about that in a later video. 


Obsidian, Emerald, and Lapis NFTs will be the most common ones, and are unlimited to mint in the Polygon Network! 


While the Amethyst NFTs are only limited to 528 mints, Gold for only 72 mints, and the Relic ones are extremely limited to only 12 pieces. 


You can only imagine how much Ethereum that NFT is going to cost. 


And just like the Remnant Avatar NFTs, they can also be staked for REMN tokens, and of course, Farm Power is based on Frame Rarity, Star Rarity, and Edition.


Future Development: The Trials & Roadmap


Now let’s talk about the closest event that Remnant Labs is hosting. 


Introducing The Trials! 


It’s a recurring event where players will work through various puzzles, treasure hunts, and mini-games on the browser. 
And the very first one starts this December! 


FREE Registration will open in Nov 30. And this event will run for 48 hours from Dec 10-11. 


The Trials Remnant Lab


Prizes include spots for the presale Whitelist, NFT Trophies, Colored Dyes, Boxes, REMN tokens, Shards, Rare Avatars, and Badges 


More details about this event coming soon! 


You can see from their roadmap that they are already half-way into full development. 


The Alpha for Alter Genesis is scheduled to be released within Quarter 1-2 of 2022, and the Beta within Quarter 3-4 


You can check their Whitepaper and Roadmap for yourself if you wish to know more details about the game development. 
You can check their links in the description below. 




So what do you think about Remnant Labs and Alter Genesis? Are you excited for this upcoming Anime Blockchain Game? 
Tell us in the comments below.


So what do you think about Remnant Labs and Alter Genesis? Are you excited for this upcoming Anime Blockchain Game? 
Tell us in the comments below. 


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